Heepox Antagonist banned by WilsonPH

CKEY: Heepox

Admin’s CKEY: WilsonPH

Ban Type: Antagonist

Ban Length: 2 Weeks

Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/): 2023/04/09

Round ID: 43520

Ban Reason: Long history of antag rolling via cryoing.

Appeal Reason: I show up to lowpop i mill around for some time i dont want to take a job slot incase someone else wants to join as that job i took and cryo after messing around instead of disconnecting

Additional Information: do i need to ahelp every time i cryo to explain why i cryo now? also i went on goon around this time for multiple br rounds


Here’s your history of the past 3 months of cryoing. I’ll go through these in a bit and see in which ones you actually cryo’d early.

And here’s the mob login history for the past 3 months

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seemes pretty balanced as i look at it
also one of those early ones you are looking for was to go to beeshipstation event

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The list
42214 - login at 01:11:27.042, cryo'd at 02:56:11.854
42223 - login at 16:43:08.850, cryo'd at 17:37:05.410
42242 - login at 21:01:55.456, cryo'd at 22:26:47.045
42265 - login at 09:27:24.197, cryo'd at 10:09:42.455
42267 - login at 12:53:57.179, cryo'd at 13:38:15.279
42269 - login at 16:35:30.743, cryo'd at 16:56:50.695 (20 minutes)
42270 - login at 17:52:50.952, cryo'd at 18:27:53.218
42283 - login at 16:20:02.841, cryo'd at 17:14:58.621
42349 - login at 22:38:30.792, cryo'd at 00:09:42.766
42339 - login at 06:08:39.457, cryo'd at 06:33:32.367 (25 minutes)
42346 - login at 18:21:01.365, cryo'd at 19:17:12.474
42362 - login at 22:23:12.208, cryo'd at 23:09:42.169
42363 - login at 00:40:53.199, cryo'd at 01:19:30.834
42890 - login at 13:29:49.290, cryo'd at 13:49:39.317 (20 minutes)
42921 - login at 19:09:05.253, cryo'd at 19:55:13.255
42924 - login at 22:37:14.509, cryo'd at 23:09:54.454
43096 - login at 15:15:57.077, cryo'd at 16:39:27.777
43101 - login at 22:57:48.982, cryo'd at 23:52:29.371
43103 - login at 00:49:51.977, cryo'd at 01:40:29.508
43198 - login at 22:55:57.952, cryo'd at 23:27:36.954
43278 - login at 03:10:12.457, cryo'd at 03:37:23.061 ( 25 minutes)
43384 - login at 05:42:21.298, cryo'd at 06:26:09.997
43393 - login at 15:51:25.633, cryo'd at 16:24:18.765
43409 - login at 13:51:40.553, cryo'd at 14:04:23.534 (Bee ship event)
43490 - login at 14:19:03.103, cryo'd at 15:24:28.774
43516 - login at 05:27:56.387, cryo'd at 06:02:21.505 (25 minutes)
43520 - login at 11:32:01.363, cryo'd at 11:59:01.550 (25 minutes)
43526 - login at 16:36:18.456, cryo'd at 17:25:27.622

So, six instances of you cryoing in under 25 minutes in the past three months
I rest my case
Most curious thing? None of these were antag rounds.

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So six out of 326make that 5 since i went to goon to play br rounds on that last one


it’d be verry important here to know how many rounds were played fully in the same timespan.
Pulling that shit 6 outta 6 rounds played would be awfull, but if its out of a larger amount of rounds played - shitt happens


Posted the wrong metric here. Mob login also counts for spawning in as a midround antag or using a ghost spawner and several other things. Here’s Access : Login, which counts you logging into the game (which can still happen several times during the round if you re-connect)

Still pretty balanced for over 3 months of rounds
Also i dont cryo if i have to leave as antag i ahelp for admins to poll my body to ghosts


So would this metric be 6 cryo rounds out of 147 joined in 3 months? Even if you cut that to say 75 or 100 rounds accounting for rejoining sometimes, that really doesn’t sound like constant antag rolling behavior unless he’s rolling antag super often during those other rounds.


nearing halfway to ban being over so bumping.


Over tomorrow…
Last bump before its over.


Apologies for talking this long to get to the appeal, I was constantly doubting what to do and asking other staff for help, any of them can verify.
Now, unfortunately, I’ll be denying this.
Why? While antag rolling is a tricky thing to prove, you’ve left the impression that you’re doing it not on one staff member, but on three of them.
We’ve witnessed many a round where you aimlessly wandered the station, not really interacting with people or trying to entertain them, and then cryoing because you were bored. And that does smell of antag rolling.
Moreover, after Haliris placed the previous antagonist ban on you, you’ve stopped playing for its duration, but resumed playing once its duration was over. Which does say something, doesn’t it.

I can only apologize again for taking this long, I did not want to rush a decision but I ended up putting it “for later” for too long.