Hedemod/ Hajduk Ban Appeal


Admin’s CKEY:Albertblackwell

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: BeeStation Golden For Beginners!

Ban Type: Temporary

Ban Length: 7 days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):12/8/2019

Round ID:10003

Ban Reason: Grossly over escalated killed some guy for walking into him killing another guy and shoving him

Appeal Reason:First of all the reason is not correct i did not kill some guy for walking into me, first i killed the chemist that attempted killing me, after criting him i tried to pull his body out of the chem lab to the morgue but on my way there this random assistant started as admin noted shoving me even though that i was convinced that he was hitting me while i was dragging the chemist to the morgue.
Besides all of this i believe that getting a week ban for apparently misunderstanding somebody is unfair, i know that this is BeeStation and it has its own rules that have nothing to do with other servers but not so long ago i got banned for killing somebody in the shuttle on paradise station for 2 hours while i am getting a whole week here for misunderstanding on a server that is advertised as low roleplay/ chaotic.

Looking at the ban yeah one week is too much and I’ll reduce that down to a day or something like that, however during the ahelp you admitted that it was your own fault for the over escalation and why in the first place did you think it was appropriate to kill the assistant instead of calling sec or warn him to go away?

I still think that a whole day is too much for just killing a single person something like one or two hours would be more appropriate, i was not Griefing the station or mass killing, i am pretty sure that i told him to stop and the reason why i did not call the security is because i was injured myself and risked dying to somebody else that could have attacked me and security generally does not answer calls on radio its simply chaos, people were still murdering and trolling because of the 10k round Anniversary so i could really not count on it too. And i “admitted” because i did not know what else to say in the moment i already told you what happened but it seem like you were not satisfied enough with what i said.

The only reason someone would get a 1-2 hour ban would be if they didn’t read the rules.

A day for killing someone for trying to stop you from killing someone else is quite lenient, or at least from my POV. Even if you are new-ish (I think you are? Unsure.), a day is just something you can use to take a break.

I did not read the rules and i am really new to space station 13, started playing it last week.

I’ll give you a day ban if you can promise me this, you will go and read the server rules and if I or anyone else catches you pulling this kind of stunt off again then we’ll ban you for even longer. I think that sounds fair.