Headgear Strap Idea

I was thinking, would it be a decent game mechanic to have helmets and headgear, which are not strapped or locked onto your head in some way, to fall off after enough damage is dealt to them, or specific kind of damage.

For example, fire will not knock your helmet away no matter what, brute force or gushing air pressure would though.

Security helmet, engineering hardhats and headgear of such would have straps via alt-click to nullify this.

This idea came to me after seeing that TG helmet which gives sentience to monkeys, and thought, wouldn’t it be funny if you were fighting a sentient monkey but after hitting his head with a baseball bat in defense, would make him non-sentient.

The above could be merged to be a replacement for xenobio sentience potions, and with addition of this mechanic, would not be overpowered and at maximum act like a distraction and not an army.

Welcome to more optimised ideas, think this through, I don’t think this sounds all that bad on paper.

new schizoposter in town

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Upgraded straps:
Applicable to ALL headgear and Most masks.

Effect, Takes longer to strip both helms and masks, increases tolerances on aforementioned removal mechanic. when applied to masks like Gasmask (oldie, plain, Explo Sec-mask) makes them face-hugger proof.

When applied to Clown mask, 50% chance to “faceplant” and spread lube on the floor when slipped or pushed.


Sorry but your entire concept is dogshit, i was aiming to give antags an advantage not the opposite, especially facehug-proof, thats just disgusting.

Make that upgraded straps thing a tot item :thinking:

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so what? an upgraded strap would be a tator item? It’d have to be bundled with something because otherwise, both your and my suggestions combined wouldn’t be worth even a fully loaded toolbox’s cost of 1 telecrystal. It’d probably just be some Vendomat item in general storage and SEC’s for 15 credits or something and so it’d need to also be useful to non-tators

potential pack to sell it in would be “anti-strip kit” a kit that comes with an attachment to make all functional attire harder to remove externally. upgraded Zippers to jumpsuits/under suits. Bespoke fitting kit for oversuits/EVA gear, bonus minor speed de-buff to anyone but the person who applied the kit. Enhanced laces + clips for shoes, also adds boot storage to shoes without said storage normally. Bespoke Glove kit, makes gloves harder to remove.

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