Head Of Security using contraband report

In-game report:


Your Discord: Colonel Sanders#3126

Offender’s CKEY: I forgor

Offender’s In-Game Name: Ryan Rhinehart

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): November 19th 2021

Round Number: 34151

Rules Broken: 1.3, 2

Incident Description: Ignored attempts at roleplaying to bonk the valid (Space Ninja) and take its gear to use, while encouraging his officers to do the same

Additional Information: i am salty

You were roleplaying in maint through a radio in the dark, (well because i was asking questions so partly my fault) , hos didnt know this and just shoot you with xray because we got report of kidnaping.

Edit: This one i cant confirm but i think the AI said you were hostile, as high as we all that shift people consistently reported you as dangerous individual.

If this is the round I believe it is then I can’t do anything with this due to partial involvement but I would like to point out that the round ID ‘34151’ does not exist.

Edit: To be more specific it does not exist on Sage, that round ID was used on Acacia.

34150 I believe is the actual round id, either a typo or im stupid. if thats not it then I forgor.

As far as I can see in logs AI told HoS that you we’re hostile and there were loads of other threats being dealt with like xenos and swarmers just before you got killed which makes your killing understandable, so have to reject this report. Nobody used your katana except for you as far as logs go.