Hawks-The-Eyes and Kur-Reet player report

In-game report:

   Title: Hawks-The-Eyes and Kur-Reet player report
   CKEY: Mat05usz

   Your Discord: Mat05usz #8583

   Offender’s CKEY: No idea, but judging by OOC after the round one might've been Brille65, but I'm unsure.

   LRP or MRP server: MRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Hawks-The-Eyes and Kur-Reet

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 03-30-2020

   Round Number: 14025

   Rules Broken: 1, 3 (I think), 4 and 8

   Incident Description: Massive shittery by two roboticists on greenshift round, they made Durands with full weaponry, shot at people and subverted AI to decrew me and security.

   Additional Information: It all started when robo(Kur-Reet) just closed shutters in front of me when I just wanted to grab shielded eyes, as I was engineer, he didn't let me finish sentence, just closed them. I opened door panel to see it's protected, so decided not to remove these since I had no welding protection. When I was about to depart robo came out, chain flashed me, then started pushing me against wall multiple times causing damage, because I was still under the effect of flash and left me. I was pretty angry so decided to remove their door for the harm they caused, yes maybe not very MRP, but he did way more harm to me than that could do, so when I came back, I decided to only remove window, which was with shutters anyways. He came out with welder on, and I, knowing  he was aggressive towards me, ran away while throwing plants at him to slow him, then suddenly his second co-worker comes (Hawks-The-Eyes), with circular saw and starts running after me, I have not done a single shit to him and I haven't seen Kur-Reet telling him anything (possible metacomms? or maybe just departamental solidarity, I don't know), eventually he got me with saw, critted heavily and brought to robo, instead of medbay. Then security came, arrested them, cap took me to medbay, and after that they decided they gonna just kill sec and me, uploaded laws that made me not crew and harmful and did the same for security.

just quoting so it’s in paragraph form instead of a single line so people can actually read it

Edit: wow that’s true shitty behavior. I agree, that needs to be looked into.

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thanks, thought about doing that but got a little distracted

Here’s the sequel:

I dont feel like saying the same here again only because this guy needs his 5 minutes of Attention, so feel free to check out the other report
Men i love this Forum code

Uploading laws to decrew a person and security is grounds for a nice ban, but you also made durands and shot randomly at my direction, when there were people around. Also you critted me for not doing a single harm to you.

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both banned

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