HARRIS-152/thee_flame_prince Quality Assurance Docket

Welcome to the Quality Assurance Docket for your station’s HARRIS-152, a quick-fix installation for any of your engineering, medical or leadership needs. Some fun information for you: HARRIS-152 was previously a human employed by NanoTrasen who had their consciousness uploaded to a pacifist-like IPC in response to the human’s behavioural problems.

I play exclusively on Golden for now. I enjoy the freedom it grants me to help teach new players the ropes. While I enjoy RP, being able to sit down and do a job is enjoyment enough for me at the moment. I would love to incorporate some feedback into my play style to ensure that it’s fun and interactive for everyone involved.

Just a heads up, i usually dont roundend antags ( especially when i have a chance to ally them). Worst case scenario, you get borged or revived just to be turned into a catgirl and let loose with all your gamer gear incinerated.

I killed you a couple of times ( when you were a heretic most of the time) and every time you immediately succumbed and ghosted before i had a chance to revive you. Next time, wait a bit longer and you wont be permanently removed from the round with your antag round wasted. Last time it happened i was about to repair and ally with you ( i was contractor that round) but you just peaced out on my ass.

Other than that you are an ok gamer, never had issues with you ( beside you trying to stop me from getting AA every time you roll CMO or CE).

you might have me confused - I’ve never rolled antag before.

Damn you sure? I remember you running around with burning blade and tableport armor which made the last fight a damn chore.

If that wasnt you then carry on with good work, nothing to feedback.

yeah i’ve had all antags turned off since I’ve joined Bee. Only time I was an antag, I ahelped and got it taken away because I don’t like playing antag lol

but yeah, i take acting captain “seriously” enough that i try my best to secure spare and disk, as is required of me, and performing the necessities as act capt.

How the everloving shit did you never roll antag? I usually have to ask admemes to remove heretic/ling/traitor from me.

you can turn off all of your antag options in setup character screen, including mid round

does not matter, i have them turned off. i get them anyway.

Correct he is. When not enough people have antags turned on, the game will force remaining antag roles upon players that have them turend off



fuck you 20 letter limit and actual wording shit, this is a forum let me meme



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thank you.

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