Hank Hill (Unknown Ckey) player report

CKEY: Fishytheflopping

Discord: azi2320

Offender’s CKEY: N/A

Offender’s In-Game Name: Hank Hill

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2023/09/08

Round Number: 45754

Rules Broken: Rule 3 - Do your job, Rule 1 - You must Roleplay (Naming Conduct)

Incident Description:

Hank Hill in the mits of a hostile dragon assault decided to sit around not doing anything to defend the station, While HOS and other officers + Det I believe were murdered and eaten by the dragon he sat around in the brig, he also didn’t listen to Captain’s Orders. (As Captain I ordered him to grab a gun and fight because he was just lazing about not doing his job) When the dragon assaulted the brig he just said ‘I’m not fighting that’ and let the captain get murdered by dragon and just went to Evac.

The name ‘Hank Hill’ is a main character from popular TV ‘King of the hill’, unsure if this happened to be a coincidence or they were doing it purposefully but I just thought I’d add it on my report.

Additional Information: Nothing much else to say.

Honey why am I on a space station filled with angry people.

To be honest trying to stay alive when sec was doing leroy jenkins one by one against the dragon
would call in for their own logic to kick in and stay alive.

I don’t think every sec is a doomguy rushing straight into action.
as for the naming conduct its not too bad id say as I think Hank is part of the random name gen.

Security’s responsibility is to protect the station and it’s crew, it’s why they’re there. Your supposed to be the doomguy with a shotgun, you signed up to fight traitors, nukies, heretics, malfunctioning AIs, etc. You sat their and let your captain die.

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aint that the LRP meta?

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That’s like 80% of security being an LRP bastard to all Antags and being called shitsec while you feel like an utter baddass for running at a dragon with a combat shotgun. When your fighting a dragon you don’t got time for RP (This goes for hostile dragons)

But its a RP server and fighting carp dragons,morphs and swarmers just fucking aint fun

Then don’t play a security role, picking security you are saying to everybody on that server that I am ready to fight antags, I’m ready to enforce space law.

You’re not obligated to suicide into a fight you can’t win as security. It’s an RP server, there’s more ways to interact with valids than dying trying to bum rush them.


Why are we debating lore in a player report, shoo, no peanut posting.

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