Hangyul's guide on not being shitsec and how to not be Hangyul

So, you wanna play security? You’re either a thristy powergamer or a fucking machoist, since playing security is just begging to be robusted. Here’s some help on how to not get bwoinked fourty minutes in.

Where to start:
Always, ALWAYS play some other role before playing as security. It doesn’t matter what, just get some game experience. You don’t need to be a PVP genius, just know how to play the bloody game. Once you feel like you’re ready, hop on a Brig Physician; you’ll get to know the brig, brigging procedures and a bit of combat, since officers love to use you like a damn combat medic. Once you know the ropes, become a detective but don’t fucking use your gun for arrests dumbass, that shit’s loaded with lethal .38 rounds. Do your job, scan for prints and just go to the bar. Once you unlock officer, go do that and work your way up. If you get bwoinked, go back to officer or brig phys. DO NOT BECOME ME. Guides to jobs, brigging procedures and such are below.

Guide to Jobs:

Brig Physician:

As a Brig Phys, stay in the fucking brig. Treat injured prisoners, officers and basically be a paramedic. Don’t go outside of brig without orders; don’t be an officer, fucking do your job. When you inevitably get dragged to combat, bring medkits and a disabler; focus on healing instead of killing. It’s a really simple job, don’t fuck it up.


YOU ARE NOT AN OFFICER, DON’T GO AROUND ARRESTING WITH YOUR FUCKING LETHAL GUN. Scan traitor items, broken doors and bodies for prints, find a match and get dat fukken traitor. Literally just collect evidence, don’t be an edgy validhunter, but go kill when needed. Only robust security and the HOS orders you to kill dat fukken ling? Kill the fukken ling. Your revolver is understimated, but don’t treat it like a bad gun. Four shots is all it takes to softcrit; pair it with a flash or pepperspray for an easy win.

Security Officer:

STOP ASKING THE WARDEN FOR LETHALS YA PRICK, YOU DO NOT NEED THEM. You start with a disabler and flashes, that’s all you fucking need for arrests. Don’t ask for a laser or energy gun “just in case”; you get your lethals when there’s a confirmed fucking threat. Get ambushed by a traitor? Stun, cuff and beat to death. You don’t need your fucking shotgun or laser gun to deal with simple arrests. Just fucking cuff bad guys, help your department execute antagonists and for the love of god don’t harm baton. Always be in help intent unless you’re fighting cultists, revs or gangs. Guide to arresting will be in the later stages.


DON’T LEAVE THE FUCKING BRIG. Guard the armoury and the brig with your life, and don’t carry the fucking armoury in your backpack cunt. You start with two lethal guns and one non-lethal, that should be enough. Set up turrets in the armoury, reinforce the brig and set up barrier grenades at the entrance. You’re basically the second-in-command; act like it, be mature and ensure your boys get home safe. Set people to arrest, set brig timers, make sure baddies don’t escape and, again, guard the brig with your life.

Remember: IT’S NOT SHITSEC TO SHOOT PEOPLE WHO ENTER THE ARMOURY. Obviously don’t shoot the captain, the HOS, officers, security personnel etc, but if somebody who you didn’t let in enters the armoury, GUN THEM DOWN. Disregard if it’s a cult round and you’re arming people up.

Head of Security:

You are not the law, you are not a one-man army, you are not God. Direct your officers, buy supplies for the armoury, arrest people with your fancy gun and for the love of god don’t carry the fucking armoury in your backpack. You have one extra-lethal gun, an energy gun and flashbangs. You really don’t need anything else. Try to stay in the brig or in safe areas when not arresting people; greyshits and antags love to kill you, so stay safe.

During any sort of conversion gamemode, you are the first and last line of defence. Mindshield cargo, order fancy guns, arm up the good parts of the crew and kick down the doors of the enemy. Ratvar? Autorifles. Nar’Sie? Shotguns. Gangs? Lasers. Revs? Flashbangs and lasers. Be vigalent and be prepared, keep your officers safe and most importantly keep the captain safe because they’re unrobust as shit.

Brig Procedure:

  • Bring prisoner to brig and get into a cell. If they’re a potential traitor, broke in with a certain set of items or otherwise need something taken away, remove it. Search bags and pockets, consfiscate contraband and place it in evidence storage. The shit you confiscate is not yours to take or use, especially traitor items. Set the timer and prepare to set them down.
  • Buckle them to the bed, flash and begin to uncuff. You can still flash whilst uncuffing, keep them stunned to avoid them escaping.
  • Once uncuffed, leave and shut the door. Flash one last time and keep them there.
  • When released, give them back anything not confiscated and throw them out of brig. Do not let them loiter.

Use this procedure for normal brigging or permabrigging. When permabrigging, fullstrip and put them in prisoner clothes. If sending to labour camp, just put them in the teleporter and LOCK THE FUCKING TELEPORTER. Insert prisoner ID, set points and you’re done. If permagulag, just keep them cuffed, fullstrip + prisoner grab, go to labour camp via shuttle and throw them into the camp. Leave asap.

Traitor Items and Powergaming:

Let’s say you just killed a traitor and in their backpack is tonnes of gamer gear; a stechskin an e-sword and a minibomb. Don’t fucking take that shit, put it in evidence storage or in the armoury. DO NOT USE IT.


As a security member, you need to be flexible. If a sleeping carp user is devestating the station… maybe it’s time to pull out the esword. If a lone op with an eshield is fucking you up… maybe use the stechskin. Never use Traitor items as a substitute for anything, even when you’re killing / lethalling somebody. Only use them when absolutely necessary.


That’s about it. Don’t spam lethals. Ballistics work best against antagonists. That’s about it. Never become me. Don’t. I’m by no means shtsec, but I am not at all bestsec. I’m tryna fix my problems but who knows if I will. If you need an example of what not to be, look at me for a mild example and look at Notmegatron for a really fucking big example.

Cutecacodemon says hi.


How does one doesn’t know that help intent baton to the head and cuffs is enough

Your problem is the state of constant frothing rage whenever you get any kind of responsibility.
It is kinda funny, ngl.

You need to learn how to slack off just enough not to get in trouble.

A surprising amount of officers.

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Playing as sec is like playing an FPS game for me; I’m happy when I win, angry when I lose.

But what’s winning as sec? And what’s losing as sec?

Winning as security is one of the following:

60% or more of the antags are dead, in custody or failed their objectives.
There were less than ten crimes committed by non-antagonists.
At least half of the security team survived.

Losing is:

59% or less of the antags completed their objectives.
50+ crimes were committed by non-antagonists.
The Head of Security is dead.
More than half of the Security Team is dead.
The station is badly damaged or destroyed.

Your rage begins when you die or the clown slips you, don’t lie.

When I die? Immensely.

When the clown slips me? Not anymore unless I was in the middle of doing sec shit.

That’s the problem.

Winning is: you live, at least some loyal crewmen manage to evacuate under your protection or you manage to take at least some of the traitorous bastards down with you.

Losing is: you die like a chump, not managing to get even one enemy, or evacuation is thwarted and everyone is fucked.

Anything more than that is bonus points. Don’t aim for bonus points. Just smugly enjoy them when you get them.

Just surviving as sec in general is considered a win for me.

Winning is: Not being sec

Losing is: Being sec

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Autorifles are good against almost any antag but lasers against clockies tends to be a lot more efficient IMO, mostly because of brass armor’s ass-tier burn protection and the amount of transparent shit in the clock city

any sort of easy-reload gun is good when raiding since you don’t need to stop and recharge; just grab a mag and reload, then get back to brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Tryna fix myself, I am sorry for past issues but I am naturally quite competitive.

Thanks, this is a helpful guide! Tell me, when playing as HoS, is it better to be on the front lines risking yourself but robusting antags or should you stay back a bit and coordinate/inform your officers? Or sohuld you try and do a bit of both?

edit: I mean during dificult situations like blob or cult, not like random assistants greytiding

Really, pretty decent guide. Now maybe if that worthless piece of crap St0rmcaster could learn this along with how to be a good admin, things would get better.

During blob, you need to quickly coordinate officers then quickly run as fast as you can to the blob. You want every single man armed with at least one laser gun because blob grows incredibly fast and is incredibly dangerous. Keep all of your men armed and ensure you keep firing until you destroy the core; you need to fight on the frontline constantly, seeing as you have the best guns and the best armour.

In general, during armed conflicts, you need to coordinate for about 3 minutes then arm up and go to town on the enemy; during blood cult you arm your men with shotguns (combat if you can, order them from cargo) then get one of your own, get to the cult base / nar’sie gathering and fight like your life depends on it; stick together with your team, don’t let up and keep shooting. When a game-ending antag appears, you always risk your life; that’s the job of security at the end of the day.

For clockcult, you’re much more focused on coordination. Mindshield cargo, stick together in brig, order autorifles and shotguns (There are no rechargers in Reebe, so you need to bring guns that have mobile ammo) and ensure your team is prepared. A siege such as this doesn’t need you to fight until the time to actually raid Reebe comes; engineers can deal with cogs and robotics will build war-mechs. Just stick together, arm up and when the portals open just start blasting. Some clockies can turn near-invisible, so just shoot anything brass and humanoid until it stops moving and is horizontal. Make your way to the Ark, shoot Ratvar to death and you’ve won.

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You left the AI un-mentioned.

How so? Should I put tips on how to be Security AI or how to beat a malf AI?