Hangy: greggy eggy report


Title: Gregy_Eggy Player Report

CKEY: Brother_Hangyul

Your Discord: Hangy#5040

Offender’s CKEY: Gregy_Eggy

LRP or MRP server: MRP

Offender’s In-Game Name: Silent Minority

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 16/07/2021

Round Number: 31371

Rules Broken: R3 Do Not Grief

Incident Description: Randomly started throwing shit at me for no reason as a mime, stole my hat for, again, no reason with no RP, ate it, destroying my only headwear I have as CMO, then when I started batonning/punching their leg (for slowdown) to try get it back (I wasn’t aware it had been eaten at the time) they fried my baton, then threw oil at me. I had to escalate to laser scalpel since I wasn’t aware they had eaten my baton instead of yoinking it. Also, previously in the round, replaced the brig entrance’s tiles with uranium tiles for no reason. Not an antagonist. Was passively softgriefing all round whilst using the mime role as an excuse to do so, as well as their moth species. Player B.O.R.G.I.E can vouch for the uranium tiles.

Additional Information: mimo moment

Proof of them admitting to griefing:

additional additional information: make another account fool

not admitting to griefing. responding to sulla wyatt saying ooc beef is cringe.

n1 randomly throwing shit at you for no reason as a mime : you had a hat. i was a mime moth. it had to be eaten

n2 you were punching me. i destroyed your way of hurting me in self defense.

n3. uranium tiles dont cause any mob damage. its a prank that possibly scared a security officer. didnt harm anyone. AND borgie can attest that it was hillarius he said it him self.

n4 eating a fucking hat isnt softgriefing


Now it’s possible this changed with the radiation refactor… but aren’t these radioactive?

They didn’t used to do enough to worry about unless you spent a really long time on them, but they definitely did irradiate

This seems like an IC conflict at a glance, but it also involves behavior which is potentially problematic in the long-term.

Mimes, Clowns and other gimmick are supposed to entertain the crew and break up the monotony. There is some room for minor self-antaggy things to accomplish this, but your end goal should not be annoying people for only your own amusement but instead for the amusement of others as well.

Swiping and eating random clothing is definitely within allowances for a gimmick-role moth though, especially if you are attempting to break off from the conflicts this starts rather than escalating just to robust someone and further fuck with them (Mimo). Just don’t swipe, say, jumpsuits which cause people to drop everything, and remember that by starting conflicts you are opening yourself up to suitable IC retaliation

I would like some more elaboration on what was thrown and why though.

I dont know if this a relevant information or not, but the mime did tried to jump on me with laser scalpel and oil (i was chemist while Hangyul is cmo so the reporter here was my boss)

So i saw a borg draging a locker, while saying suspicious stuff (“this isnt suspicious locker at all”, not exact word as i already forgot) in medbay, so i follow him to ask because i thought the borg kidnapped a patient or something, then suddenly the mime jumped out from the locker.

I think he got a laser scalpel on one hand and oil (Cooking oil i think cause stuff on it turned brown) , and i think he fucked up because i was hit by throwed scalpel first, then i move back and he miss the oil and fried the scalpel he throwed earlier instead, then we just staring at each other for a bit, and the mime went back into the locker and draged away by borg (this is around 3 minute into shuttle docking i think) then i reported this accident to cmo , whom told me to arrest him at all cost (i dont have dissabling stuff so i didnt, you will see grenades with water and potassium in my inventory, thats for the blob earlier but i was too late to use em)

In the end log can confirm what i remember is true or not, or maybe i misunderstand the mimo action there

A vintage berret was thrown onto CMO head so their hat gets dropped

I fried the laser scalpel so it can’t be used against me. I didn’t mean to throw it on you I threw it to the left of me and you were to the right of me. At the moment I threw it you moved onto me so we swapped possitions and the scalpel hit you

The Borg was saving me from the murderous cmo.

And about the uranium tiles. The Geiger does go off but even after 5 minutes of standing surrounded by them , the Geiger counter or health analyzer didn’t report any radiation on me

relevant radiation info from a mentor who has tried to turn the free golem shuttle into a gorilla-generating rad zone before:

uranium floor tiles are easily some of the worst sources of background radiation. they frequently drop back down to 0 ambient radiation and usually cap at sub-100 even in a room completely full of them. to get a significant amount of radiation using uranium materials, you would have to surround the room in uranium walls as well (which produce much greater quantities of radiation).

it’s certainly more radiation than there would be otherwise, but irrelevant for the purposes of healthiness.

this is something that is not logged and I’m not taking anyone’s word.

Mimes and clowns have a pass for minor grief and throwing shit (that I can only assume wasn’t hurtful), stealing hats and then batons falls under it.
This is the stuff we generally allow during the round as it creates minor conflicts that should be resolved by security. Your headgear isn’t that important.

Why can’t you just call for security for once?

I don’t think it proves anything other than this report is made out of salt and you starting the beef on looc isn’t helping your case either.