Hammerkoopa banned by albertblackwell

Admin’s CKEY:
Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Opened a can of N20 then disconnected when PM’d, authed by kerbin. Appeal on forums, perm ban.
Appeal Reason:
Altho i did opened the can of N20 it was not with malicious intent, and i did reply to the admin PM with the following message “tbh i wanted to freeze myself with N2, i think i got the wrong canister” all while my character was passed out on the floor due to the gas. Its my third round ever so im still wonky with the roles i get. i would of understand a ban of a few hours for messing around, but a perma ban seems a bit excessive. I am however sorry for for the whole situation and i will do my best to properly learn my roles next time
Additional Information:
I got a message that my connection was interrupted and i tought i was having a lag issue so i disconnected to go back in, i dont know if that message appears when you are banned or if it was just bad timing for my internet connection.

didn’t get any response at all, r u sure?

also, perma is for when you disconnect during the PM.

Im pretty sure! I didnt reply immediatly, but i saw the purple text on the chat with my responce once i did, shouldnt of been more than a minute. And i guess the disconnect was just bad timing on my part, didnt knew, sorry again for any inconveniences

So… whats the condition of my appeal?


I spammed Alberts’ discord a bit so he replies. If he doesn’t by tomorrow-ish, I’ll take over it.

Why would you do that, though?

Iii have no real answer tbh, i was having a hard time understand the atmospheric engineer role so i decided to screw it and off myself while seeing what the game could do

Well, they ain’t taking it so that means it’s mine now.

You know that

  1. Guides exist
  2. this shit (opening a canister and filling a room with a gas that knocks you out and will kill you in the long run) counts as grief since it can and WILL affect other players
  3. Just… common sense. Don’t open stuff you don’t know how they work.

I admit i was being stupid and i should of just looked up a guide. Even if it isnt an excuse griefing was not my intention and im sorry for all of these newbie mistakes

Alright, I’m not home rn, but I’ll tell another admin to unban you.

Don’t do this again,mkay?

Promise i wont, thanks