Hall of Antag/ghost roll Accomplishments

Come brag about your achievements, high IQ plans that worked, dumb ways you’ve completed your objectives, and general brags about things you’ve done being lucky enough to be a antag/ghost role


Not my achievement but I got to witness a comms agent successfully drive the station insane enough that it nuked itself. By sending PDA messages, they convinced sec and AI that cargo was going to revolt and become Cargonia, and Cargo that sec was gonna beat their shit in for no reason/thought they were going to revolt and planned on gulaging the QM. Cargo then actually did become Cargonia and people in other departments started taking sides, eventually climaxing into the captain requesting the nuke codes and them being given. The station exploded, only to find out that the game mode was greenshift and that a comms agent had caused it all.


My actual achievement is a couple of things I’ve managed to do by pretending to be a friendly, changing teratoma. I have turned 5 people into gondolas (including a CE) by killing a gondola anytime I saw one and grinding the meat, and injecting it into foods and drinks I would give out. I’ve managed to get about all the heads to smoke cigars if injected with plasma, injected plasma into batteries and replaced batons at sec with those batteries, and I got a clown gluaged once for giving him pies I had secretly injected with sulfuric acid and he pied the captain and HOS back-to-back.



Context: I was a tot. I my job was to steal the Blackbox and 30 Research.

I somehow managed to accidentally cause the SM to explode which let me into engineering so i could steal the Blackbox. I just stole a hardsuit after saying i was going to save someone.

I wasnt even medical personnel, i just told the nearest engi to give me his hardsuit. Then i threw it away after i was finished.

The research disk was even easier, i literally ask the RD to just let me into research and i took it, no questions asked.

This was after i intentionally started a slime outbreak.

Stupid that it worked so well.

Edit: I was playing the gimmick Psych role so guess what i had access to.


I became slightly overpowered after completing all contractor kit contracts


As a virologist I have set up explosives with proximity sensors to prevent a cure to be made, 10 seconds later I trigger my own explosive and die.

I think I misunderstood the thread


Had a couple good antag accomplishments lately. None were particularly amazing since I redtexted but they were fun.

Recently battled the Captain in turn based combat for his medal and then after he kept being healed we did stun battles in the holodeck where I used an actual sword instead and stabbed him to death.

Traded all my TC to make all the Cargo Techs antags so I could do Cargonia. We got tons of guns and armor and then we couldn’t open any of the crates and got steamrolled by sec who avoided our traps by smashing through walls.

One time a while ago I was incursion and a cargo tech was a teammate, so we got him a sword and mailed him to the HoPs office. Next day delivery assassination.

Oh and of course the one time I actually greentexted when I did the syndie dream team with Sulla (RIP). Hacked the mules to disable safeties and shoved pAIs in them. Mowed down security with ease. Many people died. One of my favourite antag moments.

(syndie dream team pictured here)


Had a lowpop round where I rolled traitor chemist with steal objectives (cap’s medal + hos gun), and was setting up the engine due to there being no engineers. Turns out, the head of personnel (acting captain, oozeling) gave me an overpressurized can of plasma and it blew up on me.

This threw out all my plans for gimmicks and my uplink, which got destroyed in the blast. The shuttle also got called due to, you know, the supermatter being compromised. So I did what a chemist does best - mix hellfire in doses of 15 to 100 units.

First guy I got was the pacifist brig phys who saw me try to thermite into captain’s quarters due to the acting captain bolting most of the doors (minus the bridge side door) shut. I saw him get husked as he was dragged into medbay which was just sad to see.

I went for the head of security’s gun instead which would’ve been more benefitial to me than a medal incase I got spotted again (+ cool coats!). Acting captain and a very much armed and armored QM (funny thing, they had bulletproof armor which was fuck all helpful against me) strolled into brig right after I decided I should probably get the gun charged before I do things with it.

Ensue combat in the Metastation dorms with zero gravity, no lights, and with me flying in random directions due to being unable to weaponize fire against the oozeling acting captain and having to rely on fire extinguishers. I managed to get acting captain into crit which caused QM to try and retreat into an escape pod (there was around 5-3 minutes left for the shuttle to depart at this point - bless heads not knowing how to change alerts). I literally just shot her and kicked her to death as she tried to put herself out.

I stripped the head of personnel, made a mad dash (flight? glide? idk) to the captain’s office, stole the medal, and slipped into the evac shuttle bridge with around 10 seconds left to depart. Felt fucking gratifying to pull off.


Damn, and no TC use, very impressive!

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In the words of one of your pAI MULEs that round:

You talk a lotta shit for someone in squishing range.


to make a long story short
as a malf ai. after i kill cap in self deffence at my sat. i get in touch with an ally to get the corpse off my hands
but before we even get to do anything hos brig phys and 2 parameds are already clawing at my door

1 fight later im down 1 borg. all intruders are dead but more keep pouring in demanding answers

and then… i start bullshiting over comms like my life depends on it

somehow… my bullshiting succsesfully tricked all of sec and some crew that i am an innocent bystander and a victum of… cap, hos brig phys and 2 medics dying in ai sat to 2 borgs and a traitor…

i then proceeded to assist my ally and borgos whilst actievly killing those who come…

i keep bullshiting… they keep buying it more people keep dying

in the end id call it my only
task failed sucseffully
speech 100


I made an admin spawn a .png image of trollface after I LOOC’d “*me does a trollface” to myself after convincing the HoS to arrest the Chemist and getting the AI to (almost) murder the virologist by abusing a law loophole as a tcomms agent


Oh fuck I think I was HoS that round
Were you that chemist who blew themselves up with meth and got brigged for like 3 or 5 minutes

The quickest I’ve ever completed objectives as a antag was 5 minutes. Me and my blood brother just had two things to do, steal a unused slime core and a sliver of the SM. My BB was a engineer which got the sliver and adjusted the SM setup so it wouldn’t delam. I was the curator and got three slime cores from science to display at the museum, with me and my BB having one just in case.

Was close to being my easiest antag round too, but that goes to the time I had two assassination targets and a “die gloriously” objectives. Enough of my targets went into cryo that it just marked them as complete. After that I got a syndicate bomb, removed its payload and put it into the training bomb, and then set the timer and let it run its course. Took out the entire sec force and HOP, this was also during fastmos so even more died from the resulting wind and atmos loss.

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I don’t want to brag but I’ve lasted more than 5 minutes as lavaland hermit.

I had a good round as Survivalist. Literally spawned next to the derelict gateway. Took that to the station, tried like 3 different times to get anywhere else (kept getting fucked by access, though hilariously the explos and crew tried to lynch a completely different person thinking they were me).

Eventually stole the science shuttle and then crashed it on lavaland 4 times till it hit the beach biome. Hung out there for awhile till someone recalled, then built a little farmstead in a survival pod out in the wastes.


My own achievements that i’m really proud of :

Rolled pirate. The other pirates are beginners, the pirate captain barely understand how to play the game. We dock on a solar, and the captain + the other crewmember suddenly decide to bail on me & leave me alone, while all of the crew was coming for my ass.

I manage to, with a single combat shotgun+ammo box against 5 people with eguns, cap&2seccies included, win & take them all out, all while screaming for backup.
The pirate cap docks at the wrong solar, so i give up, and decide to just, take over the station with cap id, killing a bunch more of validhunters/seccies on the way.
I end up getting killed by honkmother staff’s 10 min long stun & slip, but it was the most robust moment i’ve had on ss13.


Rolled traitor. Put the codewords in chat as I always do.
For once, three other people decide to join me. All standard objectives.

Then, an idea pops up. Traitor conga.

The rest of the round was spent with .357 + a few extra tools for all of us, literally just congaing into places and doing drivebys on unsuspecting people, till the shuttle has to get called. We even got joined by a borg (that we emagged)


ghost role, someone ahelped to leave as antag, After a bit of ahelping, i ask to please get a full uplink, because, like, that guy’s naked and tot, with only a single sniper rifle with some ammo - which i wanted to give back.
Surprisingly, they do ! Even letting me keep the sniper & extra penetration ammo (thanks admemes)
I get an holopara, & thermal vision from genetics.

Walking around, trying to find things to do - I hang around brig for a bit. Then, I see it. My opportunity to shine.
@Serket , aka edward irish, is getting executed. Holy shit. We shout codewords at eachother, implying i’m coming to save his ass asap. Edward gets the message, and, along with the lawyer (who was just doing his job), he proceeds to stall the execution while he’s already strapped to the electric chair.

Meanwhile, i’m rooshing. Getting a shitton of bluespace crystals, a few bsbs, rushing a pod for the hardsuit, then bailing into space rushing to the execution chamber. I took a fair bit of time however, and, with the thermal imaging glasses, i see like, 3 secs & hos & a lawyer in there. Not wasting anytime, the plan is put into execution.

The HoS enters the chamber to give edward the lethal injection shortly after I arrive. Taking position, I shoot. Enough to crit HoS as he scrambles to escape, with a stray bullet hitting edward. Rushing along, i proceed to teleport into the chamber, and, while being covered in disabler beams (as seccies scrambled to try and open exec rooms), I unbuckle eddie boy, force him into a bsb, teleport out & into perma quickly to remove his cuffs and give him some spare oxygen.

We proceeded to teleport into the armory, quickly, to get his stuff back - which he does.
The rest of the round was spent fighting together against the incursion, which I died to really quickly in the fight thanks to a sleepypen full of curare. eddie, invigorated, proceeds to literally murder all of the incursion in my honor. It was fucking epic.

It went so bad for sec that the lawyer responsible for the delay made a forum thread asking if he was in trouble now, lol


For the non me hall of fame -
Edward is surprisingly robust and quick to cooperate if he’s an antag too. Mf saved my ass more than i can count.
Axel always does dumb and fun gimmick, and is also surprisingly robust when it comes to it.

I remember once, cult round, nearly all of the cult is dead after the summoning went incredibly wrong (maxcap).
A single guy proceeds to just/ reuse the rune, after spamming shards & invocations, to summon narsie, before the shuttle even docks. All alone. It was pretty fucking epic.

Spockye, i remember that mf on a nukie round.

like, 10 people stacked onto each other in this pic, while he had a fucking bear trap on his leg.



when the timestop provides an opening

one of my first BB rounds had me (a jani) and my BB a med doc

we needed an SM sliver and the hypospray

I convinced the hop (which was a paperwork hop ew) that I wanted to learn engi and I snagged the sliver quickly.

my BB wanted to hack into the CMO’s office so I conveniently dropped my insuls near the maint next to their office.

The spray was not in the locker however. My BB then reassured me that they had a plan.

The next minute the CMO was yelling over comms that the medical budget was being held hostage.

I was laughing and asked my BB if they needed help, and was told to come to dorms.

Sec then dragged my BB out, I told them to fucking stop being shitsec over the budget and they let him go.

He got it later and we celebrated as the shuttle docked. We were also the only BB’s to greentext.


become a larva in a derelict station
wander about searching the shuttle
its the tiny 3x5 sec pod
hide under a chair
seccie comes back
metal gear music intensifies
dont get caught
escape in darkness
commit blitzkreeg


This happened yesterday

Rolled malf AI mid-round. goal is to assassinate an atmos tech and a security officer.
I get a medical shell, and I emag it with the robotics console

Stop by security to check things out.
My target is a chain smoker
Idea: Inject a bunch fire chems into his cig stash
As I’m doing this, someone talks on the syndicate chat and apparently, everyone else could hear it
Sec immediately yells that I’m malf and try to kill me.
Both of my targets die in the attack to the AI satellite.
Task failed successfully, proceed to be a doorknob until shuttle arrives