[Haliris] Admin Report

CKEY: JayHays

Your Discord: JayHays#9494

Offender’s CKEY: Haliris

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 01-03-2023

Round Number: 42092

Part of Admin/Mentor Conduct Broken: No rule break that I know of, I was told I could make a staff report if I wanted higher staff to weigh in on issue

Basically I am unhappy with how Haliris has handled the player report against me, my ban appeal, his lack of communication, and furthermore my frustration of not understanding why I am command banned

A player report was made against me here: JayHays Player Report
On January 3rd I received a 3 day server ban and a 30 day security + command ban and immediately messaged Haliris on discord about it and received no response so I put in an appeal here: JayHays banned by Haliris - #16

You all can read the appeal but basically there were a lot of misconceptions regarding what actually happened that round and I tried to make it clear in my last response to the thread. Haliris basically shrugged this off and said I still misunderstood space law and combined that with my bad note history and OOC behavior** to arrive at the point of denying my appeal. (**My poor OOC behavior was from a different round, where I called the Captain a “brainlet” because he had pushed and inadvertently helped malf borgs kill me, and had nothing to do with my appeal whatsoever).

I can understand a security ban even though I think 30 days is overkill. I understand I have recent notes on record, but I think the gravity of the situation does not warrant being barred from all security jobs for that long. (I put a traitors brain inside an MMI and demonstrated poor understanding of EOTC in the process, see my appeal for more info)

Moving on… I do not understand the reasoning for the 30 day command ban, or any command ban after already receiving a security ban. Haliris says in my ban appeal: “I think you should lay off the high responsibility roles for a bit, stay on the sidelines and observe what others do right and do wrong for a while.” The issue here is not me being in high responsibility roles, the issue here was my interpretation of space law in that moment, which is arguably a security issue, even if I was playing HoS that moment. I have 400 hours playing command roles on bee while displaying some competency and with (relatively) few issues. The last command ban I received was a one week ban almost two years ago, and it was because I was testing fighting mechanics on SSD people while I was the HoP. (I was still new to the game back then and didn’t realize SSD people are players that can come back). This is the ban I am questioning the most, and am most upset with as I frequent roles like HoP and CE all the time and play them the most.

Following the appeal I reached out to Haliris on discord twice on two separate occassions to ask if he could further explain his reasoning behind the command ban and received no response

I believe I received a very harsh and possibly overzealous punishment from Haliris, who I feel was quick to pass judgement on me in the player report by saying “I didn’t even try” and who has not been receptive to talking about this with me outside of the one short response on my ban appeal. I understand I am not entitled to a response through discord from Haliris, but I feel its at least a courteous thing to do. I do not believe Haliris showed good discretion in my punishments most of all so I am looking to the staff leadership for another opinion here

Generally Command and Sec bans are bundled together, especially for failing to follow SoP/Space Law.
And I think it’s reasonable - if you can’t follow a specific set of rules then we can’t expect you to follow a similar set of rules.

It would be nice if I could hear from Haliris on this one

You are generally insistant and disagreeable, I have handled your issues as policy asks.

I have been dealing with several issues in my personal life, and a significant backlog here on the forum, which is why I frankly just forgot about your dms which looking back on, look more like you wanting to argue about your report and appeal than anything else.

I frankly have issues grasping why you’d involve the headmins into this, especially because the background issue is frankly simple.

Either you are lying or then you understand why HOS, a command role, coupled with your bad history, would justify booting you off from all command roles for a that time.

Looking back on things, everything I could have done would have led us here, there was nothing to talk about further.

It was a frankly simple issue that warranted a frankly simple punishment, IMO. I took a dead traitors brain and put it into an MMI. Could I have done better involving other parties and adhering to space law? Yes absolutely. What would have likely been a 3-7 day security ban for the average person got blown out of proportion with a 30 day sec+command ban because I have a lengthy note history, and I am tired of note history being used as a valid excuse for an absurd punishment when the only other major security related note I have was for telling crew to hunt down a traitor RD which resulted in a 3 day job ban. I’m not some repeat offender who is clearly showing malice or going out of the way to screw with people, yet I feel like I’m being treated that way, every single time my note history is brought up. Yes I’ve made a lot of mistakes over my lengthy stay here, but I genuinely do try and get better with each one!

For the above reasons, I don’t agree with your judgement here and you’ve barred me from playing literally my favorite roles for 30 days because I made a mistake as the HoS, so I would like some different opinions regarding the ban length applied

Aight cool
case closed then, right?

The TLDR here seems to be you’re cranky because ban to long.
What you’re supposed to do in these types of situations is appeal.
getting a judgement slightly wrong or whatever isnt a break of staff conduct, we’re all just human.

As for the ban itself
→ length can be argued in an appeal for all i care if you aint done that yet -
but it is verry much common practice to hand out comand+sec bans for people fucking up as HOS.
the HOS is a member of command, and a part of security.
So if you fuck up as HOS, you get banned from command and security. Fairly intuitive if you ask me. Espechaly with how heads in general can also act as enforcers in their own departments, and are meant to enforce SOP on their underlings.

I’m not aware of any rule break but I was told by Fresh I could make a report if I were to disagree with how an appeal of mine was handled so thats why I made this

The ban is too long yes, that is my main gripe

It was denied

Sounds to me like the judgement was deemed accurate then.

You are not entitled to second oppinions.
But, if that is the case, then i suppose he shall be the one to take care of this one instead of me.

Alrighty. Also here, I heavily apologize for letting this report sit for so long. I’ve just completely burnt out on admin reports back then. Let me tackle this now.

Now let me directly get to your most major point in this report here.

If you play hos and misinterpret space law then that is generally part of a command ban as well. Because every other head needs to have a above average knowledge of space law as well. They are heads after all and are not noob friendly. Ontop of that the captain as an example needs to be a very good knowledge of space law.

Related to your record. You had received your last command related ban on the 20th of november 2022. Then you received two notes related to bad command behaviour in december (14.12 / 26.12).
Haliris banned you on the third of january.

The main point here is, that you broke our command rules again after just coming off a note related to bad command behaviour. We force our admins to escalate punishment if it happens in rapid succession. Looking at your notes, the two notes inbetween the bans should’ve actually been bans as well, escalating your original ban from november. They weren’t. If this was a server ban, then I would’ve understood your concerns because jumping to a month server ban is not great. But in this case here it was “just” a command ban.

Albeit a bit harsh, I don’t see any misconduct or bad faith interpretation by haliris here. The ban was in and of itself valid, you did break space law as the HOS and thus as a head. And you have had a previous bad record for command behaviour.

Thank you for the report nonetheless though.