Haliris admin report (march 15th)

CKEY: auce

Your Discord: fresh#0194

Offender’s CKEY: Haliris

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant):

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): March 15, 2023

Round Number: 43156

Rules Broken (if relevant):

Part of Admin/Mentor Conduct Broken (if relevant): Ticket Conduct (condescending, insisted my feedback/input was irrelevant and that I shouldn’t talk anymore)

Incident Description: In this round, my character was the Cook and had spent the entirety of the round making special and rarely made meals for the crew, carefully arranging them and RPing with the crew as they dined, having a good time. A morph spawns, beelines to my kitchen, eats all of the food I prepared and then leaves. I am upset about this, so I ahelp and Haliris responded more or less that I was salting and to stop complaining. Naturally, I disagreed with this and had my round ruined, so after the ahelp I went to cryo, where I was immediately attacked by abductors. Rather than wait the 10 minutes and then head to cryo, I decided to just ghost. I didn’t feel like playing anymore from the morph attack and given that the admins didn’t want to help solve the issue, I don’t think there’s any wrongdoing in ending my own round. Now, Haliris decided to message me again while I was ghosted to scold me for ghosting. As I was attempting to explain myself, Haliris abruptly ended the ticket and left a note on my account.

As I was trying to say in game: I do not see the meaningful difference between immediate ghosting and waiting 10 minutes for the abductors to do their thing and then walking to cryo, in terms of gameplay. I didn’t mean any harm or hold any malice towards the abductors, I just didn’t want to play anymore after the morph interaction. It really sucks that Haliris was uninterested in discussing this further in game.

Additional Information: As I was trying to say in game: I do not see the meaningful difference between immediate ghosting and waiting 10 minutes for the abductors to do their thing and then walking to cryo, in terms of gameplay. I didn’t mean any harm or hold any malice towards the abductors, I just didn’t want to play anymore after the morph interaction. It really sucks that Haliris was uninterested in discussing this further in game.

I’d personally really appreciate not being dismissed and spoken down to.

Round ongoing

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Relisted and 15.

I didn’t want to have you salt in the ticket since I deemed it unproductive, and I processed your issue as set by policy.

I’m sorry if you didn’t feel taken care of or appreciated, but there isn’t much I can do from my position.

I’m not gonna argue about the virtues or vices of morphs in a ticket.
Don’t ghost right after being caught by antags or security.
That’s all there was to discuss here.

I don’t agree with your characterization that I was “salting” in the second ticket, I was attempting to explain the situation.

This report is about your conduct and condescending remarks.

Please tell me specifically what those “remarks” were.

That was the first ticket.

And I took your explanation into account when making my decision to just write this incident on your record and tell you to not do that again.

Is it the protocol for the admin who is being reported to handle the report itself? I don’t really feel like I can speak when you’re continuing to talk down to me, and I can hardly imagine you’re unbiased here.

I closed my client long ago, I don’t have access to the logs.

Let me refresh your memory then:

	Line 12212: [2023-03-15 20:30:28.895] SAY: Auce/(Flebe Tyronian) (DEAD) "Haliris why did you close the ticket I was still talking" (Brig (89, 175, 2))
	Line 12271: [2023-03-15 20:30:48.399] ADMIN: DSAY: haliris/(Raw Prophet) "There was nothing left to discuss" (Research and Development (134, 123, 2))
	Line 12315: [2023-03-15 20:31:03.308] ADMIN: DSAY: haliris/(Raw Prophet) "Don't ghost after being caught by antags or sec, it's simple" (Experimentation Lab (151, 120, 2))

That was all that was “discussed” after in dchat.
On to the tickets now:

Ticket 1
	Line  9982: [2023-03-15 20:17:57.001] ADMINPRIVATE: Ticket #7: Auce/(Flebe Tyronian): Morph just undoes my entire shift of chef casually, feels pretty lame
	Line 10056: [2023-03-15 20:18:18.320] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Haliris/(Raw Prophet)->Auce/(Flebe Tyronian): That's what morph does, morph eats stuff
	Line 10147: [2023-03-15 20:18:43.894] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Auce/(Flebe Tyronian)->Haliris/(Raw Prophet): meh, pretty boring and lowrp. Just singled me out and ate the whole table of food I worked on the entire time.
	Line 10322: [2023-03-15 20:19:32.540] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Haliris/(Raw Prophet)->Auce/(Flebe Tyronian): Alright, anything else to report?
	Line 10355: [2023-03-15 20:19:42.373] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Auce/(Flebe Tyronian)->Haliris/(Raw Prophet): Nope
Ticket 2
Line 11387: [2023-03-15 20:25:40.817] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Haliris/(Raw Prophet)->Auce/(Flebe Tyronian): Hey, I know you had a rough round, but why did you decide to just ghost as soon as the abbductors caught you?
	Line 11442: [2023-03-15 20:26:00.643] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Auce/(Flebe Tyronian)->Haliris/(Raw Prophet): Was planning on cryoing because of the morph, didn't feel like sticking around
	Line 11487: [2023-03-15 20:26:16.282] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Haliris/(Raw Prophet)->Auce/(Flebe Tyronian): It made you look like salting, and denied the abductors of some interactions
	Line 11539: [2023-03-15 20:26:34.345] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Auce/(Flebe Tyronian)->Haliris/(Raw Prophet): they attacked me pretty much the moment our ahelp ended, i was going directly to cryo
	Line 11628: [2023-03-15 20:26:59.853] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Haliris/(Raw Prophet)->Auce/(Flebe Tyronian): Still, you ghosted, don't ghost at critical moments like these. It paints you in an awful light
	Line 11780: [2023-03-15 20:27:55.671] ADMINPRIVATE: haliris/(Raw Prophet) has created a note for Auce: Ghosted right after they got caught by adbuctors, allegedly they wanted to cryo anyway because their round got ruined by a morph previously. Was told to not do that, it paints you as someone salty looking to deprive players of interactions/gameplay.
	Line 11819: [2023-03-15 20:28:08.248] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Auce/(Flebe Tyronian)->Haliris/(Raw Prophet): tbh i didn't mean to affect anybody else's fun, I'm just upset re: the morph and didn't feel like playing anymore. You folks didn't see it as an issue so I felt cryoing was appropriate. Was I supposed to just sit there and wait the 10 minutes and then cryo afterwards?
	Line 11985: [2023-03-15 20:29:10.136] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Haliris/(Raw Prophet)->Auce/(Flebe Tyronian): Yes, it would have made your intentions crystal clear. Is it silly? Irrelevant, don't deprive antags or security of gameplay, sometimes you have to lose

For context, you were attacked in bar, and ghosted immediately after you got hit by the baton, the players involved reported you for this behaviour.

I’m not processing anything, I’m merely calling you out on misleading statements that damage my reputation as staff, I’m not surprised you evaded my question about what remarks I made that were supposedly condescending. If I were truly out of line, you would have remembered what I had said.

I refused to entertain your salt, so now you are trying to get headmins into this. Again, I’m sorry you are upset and had a bad round, but there’s not much we can do about it.


Dude, it’s a super bad look for you to accuse me of evading a question, you’ve been plenty condescending and dismissive in this thread alone. Frankly, you’re the one damaging your reputation.

I just took time to adress honestly, backed with proof, the complaints you could legitimately have raised against me, that is literally the opposition of being “dismissive”.
I asked for you to back up your simple claim and you didn’t.

There is nothing left to discuss, your intents are pretty clear here.

You have literally maintained there is nothing left to discuss the entire time, I think it’d be great if you just stopped replying. I don’t owe anything to you here, insisting that I quote logs that I physically cannot access is not a reasonable request. As you stated many, many times over, you’re not interested in discussion and don’t care about my opinion anyways.

It sucks when a project you worked on gets destroyed by a antag, but that just happens sometimes during a game. A morph eating the entire kitchen of food is pretty realistic (in-game speaking) and really isn’t against the rules. You could’ve made more food, but decided to try to get the morph in trouble for fulfilling their roll. They could’ve talked with you before hand, but morphs do have an excuse of having an infinite hunger that could remove any reason from their mind.

You aren’t getting a response you want because it’s not worth the energy to argue about something that is somewhat common sense and is just a fact of playing a game with antagonists. They are going to ruin a shift, but that largely is up to YOUR attitude than the antag. My advice is to plan for your plans to get ruined, because it doesn’t look good when you react to others playing the game in this way and try to drag it to the forums.

Im going to be dealing with this one soon™, after i’ve had a proper nights sleep.
Im fairly sure the bickering here has gone as far as it needs to and further, so i’ll be closing the thread untill i deal with it to stop any further useless bickering.

If there is something of importance that will turn this entire report sideways and i need to hear it before proccesing this, contact someone else with authority in the mean time.
I Severely doubt it though.


Alright lets get cracking

First, lets deal with the meat of the report - supposed unprofessional behaviour in the tickets.
I wont be posting the Tickets again, as haliris already did. Ive confirmed they’re acturate like that.

None of the responses there are condescending, or even just unfriendly.

In the first ticket you reported a morph… for eating things. Got told that that is, infact, their purpose. Asked if theres something else, to which you responded in the negative. Thats the end of that ticket.

In the second ticket you’re being bwoinked for ghosting upon being caught by ayys. Hal even went out of his way to approach you somewhat softly with your rough round, instead of going “Ey fucker, whar are you doing?”
Explained to you that its not okay to do.
Not exactly handled with a silk glove that ticket, but they dont have to be.

Admins are not required to have endless run-on discussions with you. Infact i discourage them doing that. Its good if someone can be made to actualy understand what they did wrong, but an admins word is law. (Rule 0.2 and 0.3)

If you have a disagreement with a decision, appeals and staff reports are the place to air them not tickets and dchat.

all in all
I see no miscounduct here.

Now let me adress the incidents themselves.

Like i already implied, a morphs job is eat shit. Tough luck.

As a low-importance rolle like the cook you have evry right to go cryo whenever, so if you’re feefees are upsetti thats infact a verry smart decision to make. All good on that front.

Less okay, like haliris also correctly judged, is just ghosting when nabbed by antags.
Its not like they grabbed you in the cryo room, that’d have been a diffrent story. They grabbed you in kitchen, and had no way of knowing that you intended to leave.

I understand that one tends to make sub-par decisions when upset, its natural and normal. So noone is faulting you to much i’d think. But that changes nothing in that it wasnt cool to ghost like that, and you got the talking to that was required.

There is verry much a meaningfull diffrence in gameplay in you cryoing after the abduction or just ghosting, because the ayys machine only counts souled bodys, so by ghosting you’re cucking them out of an earned equipment point.

In terms of roleplay and shit, ill concede that for the case of ayys it make little diffrence since you’d proabbly be sleeped anyways.

If you realy couldnt stand waiting another few minutes, the proper thing to do would have been to ask the admin to offer you up to ghosts and hope someone takes the body off you hands.

Lastly, i want to give a few responses to the things said in this report.

Like hal said, nope it aint. However admins being reported are free to come defendthemselves as much or little as they please. Just as player being reported in player reports are. And why wouldnt they?

But… but you did evade the question?

You seem to be under a false impression of what kind of relationship players and admins share.
It is US that dont owe YOU anything.

We dont owe you any of the transparancy we provide because we want to. Or the ability to file reports like this.
And we certainly dont owe it to you to discuss shit with you. We endeavor to make correct judgements, and hearing all sides is usefull. But when something is obviously and blatantly against the rules, it is not productive for us to spend minutes on end argueing with someone about how its actualy okay. Hearing someones reasoning is good, but reasoning cant un-break some rules. Your oppinions on how the rules should be interpreted ARE infact irrelevant.

because we’re nice we give you the possibility to come make reports like this, because it is absolutely thinkable that an admin is way out of line on a judgement.
But even in those cases, making a report or appeal is the correct way of handling the situation. Not argueing in the ticket.

Which isnt the case here of course. Haliris judgements were correct.

TLDR - You are not entitled to argue about judgements in-round. The judgements made were sound, and conduct acceptable. Thank you for the report.