Hackole banned by JonnySalami

CKEY: Hackole

Admin’s CKEY: JonnySalami

Ban Type:
Server ban.

Ban Length:
7 days.

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 04/12/2022

Round ID: 37355

Ban Reason:
"“OOC in IC Insults, Generally caustic”, additionally, “Recent notes”.

Appeal Reason:
Unjustified length and severity of ban, given circumstances that I will be going into.

Additional Information:
Belthesar_Linguini, from the player report (link: https://forums.beestation13.com/t/james-gregory-player-report/17603/10), personally admitted that I had attempted parlay and to get sec involved (as a side note, I attempted to get command/sec involved twice, attempting to resolve this IC).

Let’s get into the full story.

I load in as a botanist and some guy (The james fellow, only other botanist) is in common claiming he needs something or another. I go into common and say something along the lines of “You don’t need shit” which is actually factual seeing as botany department comes with much of what you’d need to start with. I would argue that this initial line was my only real wrongdoing. After that, the guy walks in and, me, being new to this updated /tg/ botany (last botany i’ve done is like 3.5 years ago), ask him some questions about it and the hostility escalated from words to actions on his behalf extremely fast. I will strongly note that I took really no physical action against the guy for the entire match, meanwhile, as a list, he did:

  1. Grabbed an inducer and only charged the dispenser enough for his chems
  2. Grabbed the power cell OUT of the dispenser so I couldn’t use it (I later ran off and grabbed another power cell, so he just started picking random parts out of it so I couldn’t complete the machine, while claiming that the machine was for him and him alone)
  3. Pushed me around onto glass tables, nicked my beaker full of mutagen so that i’d have to run off and go grab another
  4. Harvested my plants on cool down so I couldn’t get to them, as well as purposefully preemptively harvesting some plants so that the stats would be wrong
  5. Repeatedly escalated the IC tension even after I tried multiple times to resolve it (calling out to the HOP twice, getting sec involved, then getting mocked in OOC afterwards for bothering)

5.5. Related to the IC tension, this guy really goes right for the throat. Lots of vaguely coated r-words being thrown about. Pretty offensive considering i’ve got a family member with a learning disability, I took it pretty personally.

  1. Actively attempted to disrupt whatever I was doing - IE, I made 60 wood flooring and tried to spruce up the botany flooring, at first I was crowbarring floor tiles and he would place them back behind me as I went, then once I managed to get at least some plating exposed and wood flooring down, proceeded to take a crowbar and tear it all up, ruining the wood.

In fairness and for completeness, I will detail the IC (NOTE- THESE ARE THE PHYSICAL THINGS I DID, paragraph afterwards will detail the banter) methods I used to counteract this bullying.

  1. At one point when I was running off for parts he had nicked off the dispenser, I took the board with me so he couldn’t nick it before I got back
  2. Pushed him around a bit myself
  3. Slipped him on some banana peels and used the laugh emote at him
  4. PDA’d the hop twice to get him to do something about him

launch padding from 5.5, I got pretty upset about the situation and probably got a bit too into the IC banter. He really struck a weak point by going after the kind of intellectual disabilities that ive personally had experience with and I went after him in arguably a similar scummy way, calling him a fairy and a space Autist. I also implied that he was probably afraid of real life women.

To summarize, however, I believe that me getting a week ban when primarily this was instigated, over-escalated, and continued on by him is unjustified. Presumably we received the same ban length but I think that my reaction IC was fairly reasonable all things considered, seeing as I attempted to parlay not once but twice once I realized this was going out of hand and then also attempted twice to get sec involved. To reiterate on that again, Belthesar_Linguini in the link above does outright admit these facts. I think a week ban is atrocious for the reaction I gave him. You probably would give a week ban to a security officer that randomly harm batons someone to death, and yet all I did here was react to the escalation, attempting FOUR SEPARATE TIMES to deescalate the situation.

I’d also like to take a quick moment to address the “recent notes part”. I’ve, to my knowledge, received two notes. One of which I have an admin complaint up which I invite you to go read and see my side of the story. The other was for an IC name issue which I obeyed the admin to a T and changed my name (Still copped an appearance ban for it, admin in question for that note was JonnySalami as well).

By the way that the player report was concluded, it seems like banning me was a fast afterthought and I doubt much time was thought into how long I would be removed from the server. That being said, I’m not nearly as “caustic” as this guy was, and the fact that this was a server ban and not something like a IC mute, warning, or something else especially considering my non-extant history (Same can’t be said for the other guy, according to the player report linked above) really drives home that this was a hasty judgement with less than adequate thought going into it (Similar issue to my admin report, I again invite you all to go read that.) . I am treated the exact same way as this other guy who is just absolutely vulgar and on a hair trigger despite the fact that this guy has a years long history of this stuff apparently.

His actions showed a complete and total break from roleplay, what kind of station employee would go around and sabotage their own department because of some mild initial banter? Additionally, I doubt a company like nanotrasen would hire such an unstable individual. I may admit some break from perfect roleplay on my end but, unlike him, I at least attempted (four separate times) to reassert roleplay and resolve the situation peacefully without it turning into the mess it has. Evidently interacting with him whatsoever was a mistake and I will rectify that once I am back on the server, instead I will opt to ahelp this kind of stuff before it becomes a tangled mess.

I’m not going to absolve myself of 100% of the blame here, but there’s no way someone can reasonably look at this situation and say "Yeah that botanist that was getting bullied by words AND actions deserves a weekban for saying mean stuff back. I implore you to take a look at the situation again and reassess what punishments are appropriate.

As a final passing note, I apologize immensely for the wall of text. If you read nothing else, I ask you to read 5.5 from my list of actions he took against me (Located under paragraph #1) and understand where my actions were coming from.

Thank you.


Says on the ban. 37355

Good input, I appreciate you helping my appeal be more complete. Updated.

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Actually that was me and on further review I realized that was my mistake.
I thought the prior note you had was for any name with “Cappy” in it. Instead it was for just “Cappy” with no surname. I apologize and will remove my ban.
I don’t have anything to do with the rest of this appeal though. Good luck.


Thank you for taking the time to write an appeal, I certainly see you put a lot of effort and thought into it - if it is any comfort, we actually did speak a bit when you ahelped in 37355 about the other player, whom received a 4 month ban.

Knowing you and your abductor partner, and later the other abductor team were absolutely rolling the crew, I waited to issue the ban until you died in the AI chamber shortly before round end. Good try on abducting the other abductor and the AI, too bad negotiating with the borgs didn’t pan out.

I’ve just finished replying to another ban appeal, so likely will not be able to get to this one tonight or tomorrow (errands after work) - Friday for sure by the latest will have a resolution.

In terms of notes, you do have some secret notes written by other admins - these are primarily used to document interactions with the player, experiences with ticket conduct, and other uses such as “watch out for X or Y behavior.” One of which notes negative experiences with you in a ticket, specifically pointing out how hostile you were - this was not written by me.

That, my own experience with you, and the logs I saw were factors. Particular items of note were the OOC in IC, and some of the language used.

I am willing to explore lowering or lifting the ban in general - In another post I did see you were also in the game.log file, and did a quick read of your logs from that particular round. In those logs, you were much better.

Thank you for the response. That round with the abductors was wild, by the way, I had collected something like 5 abductor batons from the other teams, pretty funny.

The secret notes isn’t a shocker. I will make a point of explaining the hostile interaction (at least, the interaction I believe it was). It was in relation to the appearance ban which, one post before yours, was revealed to be an unfortunate accident. I had gotten a bit heated because I had still gotten appearance banned after I had followed previous administrative instructions on human naming conventions.

Work definitely takes priority over space man adminning… It does a lot for me just to know that you more or less recognized my points. Appreciate your volunteer efforts, thanks.

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I also looked at the logs for 37354 - better there too.

In the future please:

  • Don’t bring OOC into IC
  • Try not to follow shitters in escalating into nastier language

As a challenge to you as a player, please consider:

  • Using custom emotes with the m key - you may grow to like it (Think of how many variations of middle finger you can send someone while leaning against a wall)

I’ve lifted the ban since I would have shortened it to about 3 or 4 days, and you’ve already done the time.

Have a great weekend, and enjoy (but don’t forget to go outside and enjoy spring as it starts)