H1d3yourkids banned by ro5490

CKEY: h1d3yourkids

Admin’s CKEY: ro5490

Which server did the ban happen on?: Sage

Ban Type: Perma

Ban Length: Perma

Ban Date: 01/17/2021

Round ID: 26156

Ban Reason: Joined with a banned name, DC’d mid ticket after changing their name in Admin Prison.

Appeal Reason: I wanted to change my name but had no idea how to do so, I thought that I had to leave the game and open character edit to change the name. I had no idea leaving was a bannable offence

Additional Information: I’m super new to the game so I’m still figuring out how to do even basic stuff, my friends all play on the server so its a bummer that I got banned already

Top tip, dont use a black character with a blaitently racist name.
You’ll almost always be taken for an alt-account griefer, and might get permabanned for it.
as you left mid ticket and didnt say anything more than

“why am I in prison?”

before disconnecting, I assumed you where one of these.

I’ll lift the perma, however please change your ingame name to something more RP friendly, and make sure you read through our rules.

im black irl tho, still thanks

Thats fine, however we have a strict policy on naming and certain words that get filtered
Using that name is a filter bypass unfortunately.

Lots of griefers over time have used blatantly racist names/characters to band together and cause havoc, so thats why this gets seen this way so often.

You’ve been unbanned, feel free to re-join.

thanks :ok_hand: :+1: