H1d3yourkids banned by hollandaise

CKEY: h1d3yourkids

Admin’s CKEY: hollandaise

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: both

Which server did the ban happen on? Sage

Ban Type: game ban

Ban Length: perma

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 01-21-2021

Round ID:26298

Ban Reason: “Wordlessly received a methnade off of a chemist and (again, wordlessly) bombed the SM together, then suicided into the now exposed SM and disconnected.”

Appeal Reason: two things, 1) my partner was the traitor so it wasn’t really breaking RP to attempt to bring down the station. 2) I did not disconnect, I remained in the game until the round restarted and nobody even mentioned to me that I was in trouble

Additional Information: I’m not even asking to lift the ban immediately, but at least drop it to like a week ban or something. I was just helping my partner (who was the traitor) complete his task, if this is something that isn’t allowed then that’s my bad, I’m still relatively new to the game. Not to mention that the attempt was unsuccessful as the space station remained up an running for close to an hour after the bombing occurred. Also, why aren’t Jah and Hugh J Amos banned too? they were the other bombers and they were playfully punished in the in-game prison while I was handed a permanent ban. I just find stuff like that to be unfair treatment.

the ban is for metacomms with the other chemist not just because you bombed the sm as a non traitor

metacomms? Just to clear things up, I was handed the grenade by the traitor, I had no communication with the chemist.

But why did you bomb the SM?

the traitor asked me and the cook to help him take down the station. If this isn’t allowed then I’ll admit that I frigged up, but I still think a perma is pretty brutal (especially when the cook got off scot-free)

Tell whoever invited you to play this game that they’re an asshole for not explaining the rules to you first.


yeah cooperating with traitors is a pretty bad given that they are, you know, traitors. The part you bombed, the SM, is a big shiny rock that magically powers all of the station and goes boom when fucked with too much.


Alright, I was unaware It was against the rules to help the traitor. If there is any “list of rules” on this website please redirect me so that I can give em a read

P.S: Permanently banning people for miniscule infractions is a perfect way to make an already dying game die quicker. (Not claiming that my bombing of the SM was a “minor infraction”, but in the past I was permanently banned for my name and nothing else.) It would be far more effective to let people know about these rules before permanently banning them, especially in a game that has a lot going on and is slightly more confusing to new players than the average video game, y’know?

Nothing about this infraction is minuscule. People with opinions like yours aren’t wanted here. Your friends an asshat for not explaining the rules to you. That chef will get banned if he’s not a tator. Your tator friend should get banned for metacomms too.

Metacomms is talking to people outside of the game say” system or other systems of in game communication

You were a non antag, so you don’t bomb shit. You do your job

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you clearly didn’t read my whole reply (namely, the part where is say “not claiming that my bombing of the SM was a ‘minor infraction’”

My point is, I remained in the game for the whole rest of the round (Which I believe ran close to an hour, the bombing occurred before 10 mins into the match) so why didn’t anyone mention to me in game that I was in trouble? they did it to hugh and jah, so I’m the only one they singled out. Like I said I’ll own up to fucking up and if I gotta wait through a week, or hell even a month ban before I can get back in, fine. but why a perma? our attempt wasn’t even successful?

Metacomms and blowing up sm as non antag. Just the Metacomms is a major issue.

It’s a perma because it was grief.

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The reason these types of bans are so harsh is because it reeks of two friends coming on to metacomm grief the server with alt accounts while one of them just happened to roll traitor.

There is also a rule button in game which you can press.

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I can understand how it come off that way, but I promise you that this was not the case.

I WILL admit to metacomm… I was completely unaware that this was not allowed and since I know now I wont do that again (me and hugh were in a discord chat)

Hugh and I were both cook the round before and did nothing malicious since we have no intention of “griefing” the server, its one of the few that we play on so why would we? The problem stems that hugh got the traitor role in the next game so we decided to work together on his traitor objectives.

As far as I was concerned at the time, I believed that I was playing the game the way it was meant to be played y’know?

I’ve since read the rules on the forum so I don’t really need to hear it from y’all anymore. All that I’m going to leave with is: I’ve just now informed myself on the rules and I’m sorry.


Hour and a half ban yo read rules , you’ll get unbanned in no time

Bro the rules are on this website, you just go back to the main page and click: rules.

Btw you seem like the kind of player who would just want to fuck around with the game itself and not want to roleplay much. Sage is a roleplay server, where people play pretend that shits at least happening in its own world, so you might wanna go to golden, mentioning real life stuff is technically not fine there too, but atleast you wont be bwoinked every two seconds for gaming.

Alright I’ll give a summary of what happened with logs.

Firstly both the chemist and you were nonantag:

[2021-01-21 08:00:37.218] h1d3yourkids \ Halbert Jones \ Station Engineer \ NONE \ ROUNDSTART
[2021-01-21 08:01:06.890] GooseyGooser \ Drip Goku \ Chemist \ NONE \ LATEJOIN

Here are the only say logs of the chemist, before he makes 4 100u methnades:

[2021-01-21 08:08:41.951] SAY: GooseyGooser/(Drip Goku) “whats up” (Apothecary (147, 123, 2))
[2021-01-21 08:10:48.838] SAY: GooseyGooser/(Drip Goku) “i dont know how to make space lube” (Apothecary (147, 123, 2))

Here are your saylogs at this point:

[2021-01-21 08:13:20.115] SAY: H1D3YOURKIDS/(Halbert Jones) “my bad” (Starboard Primary Hallway (150, 130, 2)) – [This was after you threw a metal foam nade in the kitchen]

Him assembling the grenades:

[2021-01-21 08:15:22.478] GAME: GooseyGooser/(Drip Goku) inserted the large beaker () into the unsecured chemical grenade
[2021-01-21 08:15:34.661] GAME: GooseyGooser/(Drip Goku) inserted the large beaker () into the unsecured chemical grenade
[2021-01-21 08:15:59.482] GAME: GooseyGooser/(Drip Goku) inserted the beaker () into the unsecured chemical grenade
[2021-01-21 08:17:08.464] GAME: GooseyGooser/(Drip Goku) inserted the large beaker () into the unsecured chemical grenade

Then 13 minutes pass and you both suddenly go to engi together with no words said anywhere (this is also the first we see of Jah and Hugh J. Amos:

Engis (InComPotent is an engiborg) asking who let 3 non-engis in:

[2021-01-21 08:27:26.915] SAY: (Adan Roadman) “whats going on”
[2021-01-21 08:27:32.739] SAY: (Adan Roadman) “whys there a cook in here”
[2021-01-21 08:27:32.823] SAY: (InComPotent) “not sure”
[2021-01-21 08:27:43.185] SAY: H1D3YOURKIDS/(Halbert Jones) “dont ask me”
[2021-01-21 08:27:46.869] SAY: (InComPotent) “r not sure”
[2021-01-21 08:27:53.479] SAY: (Hugh J. Amos) “i dont know”
[2021-01-21 08:28:07.127] SAY: H1D3YOURKIDS/(Halbert Jones) “im an engie im supposed to be herer”
[2021-01-21 08:28:07.488] SAY: (InComPotent) “i think everyone has congragated because of everyone cbeing here”

[2021-01-21 08:28:23.491] SAY: (Adan Roadman) “they dont need to be here”
[2021-01-21 08:28:28.888] SAY: (Adan Roadman) “just gonna say that”
[2021-01-21 08:28:35.523] SAY: (Hugh J. Amos) “i thought you let them in”
[2021-01-21 08:28:37.364] SAY: (Jah) “okay ill leave”
[2021-01-21 08:28:37.875] SAY: (Adan Roadman) “cause i dont have confidence in security”
[2021-01-21 08:28:41.091] SAY: (Jah) “escort me”
[2021-01-21 08:28:42.289] SAY: H1D3YOURKIDS/(Halbert Jones) “i dont know who they are”
[2021-01-21 08:28:44.842] SAY: (Jah) “please”
[2021-01-21 08:28:46.572] SAY: (InComPotent) "leave the radsuit though

Jah leaves at somepoint and didn’t do anything bad.

Then all of a sudden you prime a 100u methnade in the SM chamber (which you somehow got of the chemist wordlessly):

[2021-01-21 08:29:24.343] GAME: H1D3YOURKIDS/(Halbert Jones) primed a chemical grenade containing: (large beaker 1 : Methamphetamine, 100);. (Supermatter Engine (114, 69, 2))

And about a second after the grenade is primed you run into the SM crystal:

[2021-01-21 08:29:25.619] GAME: H1D3YOURKIDS/(Halbert Jones) has died (BRUTE: 0, BURN: 0.5, TOX: 0, OXY: 3, CLONE: 0) (Supermatter Engine (113, 67, 2))

The resulting explosion:

[2021-01-21 08:29:29.338] GAME: Explosion with size (1, 3, 6, 0) in (Supermatter Engine (113, 67, 2))

The chemist who came into engi with you then starts his bombing and gets killed in the process:

[2021-01-21 08:29:35.370] GAME: GooseyGooser/(Drip Goku) primed a chemical grenade at Engineering (0, 0, 0) containing: (large beaker 1 : Methamphetamine, 100);. (Engineering (113, 72, 2))
[2021-01-21 08:29:37.667] ATTACK: GooseyGooser/(Drip Goku) has thrown the chemical grenade (Engineering (113, 72, 2))
[2021-01-21 08:29:40.553] GAME: GooseyGooser/(Drip Goku) has died (BRUTE: 213.1, BURN: 45, TOX: 0, OXY: 12, CLONE: 0) (Engineering (113, 73, 2))

Also I don’t understand how the traitor asked you to help, can you tell me what they said?

Also who was the traitor?

Nothing about your infractions are miniscule - Metacomms alone is worth a permanent ban on every server. (Talking with friends outside of the game, such as using discord or a voice chat while playing in a current round)

Griefing the station is worth a permanent ban on every server. (Destroying a vital part of the station for no reason, forcing the round to end)

Self-antag is worth a moderate ban on most servers, depending on the severity and conditions. (Acting like an antagonist, or knowingly helping an antagonist in their goals)

You are expected to find and read the rules of a server before joining it. Links are available in various locations.

This isn’t your first ban, and I’m hard pressed to believe this is not your first account because you already had the “haha funny racism” thing going when you first started playing with a character named “Ni**** Joe”

I withhold my opinion to lift or deny for now, but I’m leaning heavily on deny because you don’t seem like the kind of player we want in the first place.

do yall have no communication with each other? I told ro5490 that I am black irl… like ok I get that the name n*gga jim is kinda meant to come off as racist but like, its our word bro, chill.

Regarding the rest on the quotes you picked out. read the whole thread. I already touched on all the topics you flagged me on. I said I’m sorry like what else do you need?

Hugh J Amos was the traitor. I admitted to metacomm (which I told yall I didn’t know was a bannable offence. like look at it from my perspective, why the hell would I think off a whim that I cant talk to my bud over discord?)
I recieved the grenade from hugh. I had ZERO contact with the chemist. idk if you can see shit like that through logs but hugh dropped the grenade for me.