Guys what's the best gun in Battlefield 1?

I’ve been using the Selbstlader M1916, it’s pretty cool.

The AA12 with frag rounds.

Wrong game :- (


Austro-Hungarian Gasser Revolver was my favorite back when I played.

Not like it is good or anything, its just so bulky and fun to use

I always liked the Russian machinegun that you just chuck stripper clips into a hopper. Suppressing fire for days. Other than that, playing recon with unmagnified rifles for maximum LARP is fun too.

Obviously its the Kolibri.


The trench gun is pretty fun, with almost no recoil and good damage.


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Martini-henry or chauchat

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That mini pistol, forgot its name

Kolibri. I already mentioned it.

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too real
also pp2000

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Ah my bad

Late replies be like

Best gun

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