Guys, I messed up cooking


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looks like a skill issue to me


Skill issue.

Repeat the process with human organs.

should have just used the crafting menu smh

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Culinary sin detected, go to jail for 500 years.

All the fucking heart less people saying “skill issue”, fuck you :sob:
Keep it up, you will get this another time :bangbang:

I have to ask what did you even try to cook

happens to the best of us…
anyone saying they havent fucked up while learning to cook are liars and should be drawn and quartered

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its only right the most toxic person on bee, the same person that had to literally become John Doe in order to avoid the bullying, also cannot cook

Shouldn’t you be permabanned for griefing?

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Perma’d for malpractice.

firstly, ask yourself “what was I cooking and how much attention does it require to cook?”
Secondly ask yourself “did I dedicate enough of my attention to what I was cooking.”

Why is this important?
compare stir fry to baked potatoes.
Stir fry - cook time within the low minutes mark - high probability to burn if not stirred near constantly.
Baked potatoes - cook time exceeding an hour - low probability to burn unless time cooking exceeds 1 hour and 20 minutes.

the safest bet is to put down whatever it is you’re doing and just focus on the task of preparing what you intend on eating.

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