Gun suggestions

sawn off energy and laser guns: Less ammo capacity, but can fit in bag.

Shotgun speedloader added

Hacked autolathe produces .357 speedloaders instead of casings.

Power cells can be removed from energy weapons, and insert new better ones like stun batons.

Badass training: you can wield pistols dual wielding and suffer an accuracy buff, and more firefrate because badass

port makeshift laser rifle from yog.

Improvised revolver: pistol grip, craft with 5 wood planks, modular reciever, pipe, matter bin *For area to store bullets) Surgical drill: to drill holes

sawn off laser guns

guns were specifically nerfed because people were hording them like crazy. Now that BoH isn’t widely available it might be reasonable to un-nerf their size instead of adding this. Shrug.

Shotgun speedloader. Autolathe speeloader.

Too strong. A constant spray of spread shots is incredibly stupid and unreasonable to play against. The autolathe suggestion is even worse.

Badass training

Making security slightly better with guns sounds reasonable. Slightly. No fire rate. Just accuracy and maybe the dual wielding if the accuracy becomes awful in exchange. That’s it.

Makeshift laser rifle

Better than makeshift shotgun existing. If it has a comparable power level it’s fine.

Improvised revolver

No, simply for the sake of improvised weapons generally being too big to carry unless they’re knives. Thus it’s unbalanced.

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Being able to reload lasers would fuck up numerous things and only serve to make guns even more annoying and powerful, and that doesn’t even mention the upgraded cells.