Gukle Player report

CKEY: blazikenowen

Your Discord:blazikenowen

Offender’s CKEY: don’t know

LRP or MRP server: MRP

Offender’s In-Game Name: Gukle

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 6.11.2021

Round Number: 30425

Rules Broken: rp and no self antag

Incident Description: This round I was a ling nobody knew this at all anyway, I found gukle blanked took em to maint stripped em to husk em saw someone talked abit left with em, put em in locker and started taking them elsewhere upon coming back open the locker and instantly start to strangle me screaming I took there stuff where is it give it back etc, I told them I didn’t know and didn’t have it they continued to strangle me screaming I had it, chef had to help they tried to hit me with a toolbox and apparently attacked one of sec with a tool box to, apparently they were psyche doctor were not a antag.

Additional Information:

Was there some reason you targetted them for husking in particular?

I was a ling and one of my objectives was 7 genomes husking is just a result from absorbing them and them blanking out means that they become easy to absorb and nobody would think any the wiser.

You have a sting for DNA extraction, husking is not required. If every ling had to husk their targets nobody would ever escape ling rounds alive.

That said - “Spaced out” shows even if you are just afk for a while and not disconnected, Gukle would have been able to see you stripping them naked - its not really unnatural to react with hostility to snapping back to your senses naked in a locker and going ham when you see the person responsible open the locker.

Non-antag doesn’t mean pacifist by default.


I apologize, I hope this isn’t peanut posting feel free to delete it, I actually was an antag a long time ago as an abductor, and Gukle was spaced out in his office. So I figure easy squid prey right? I hop down and bap him with the stick and he instantly wakes up, and then mocks me throughout the surgery, and even back on station he alerted them to me, leadin to my death. Overall it was a great lesson in never to assume SSD means gone forever.

Attempts to unnecessarily husk a SSD player.
Is surprised when they wake naked in a locker and robust you.

I’m not sure I follow what this report is for?
Are you here to admit you broke rule 2.9?
Would you like me to close this for you?

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It’s a relatively common misconception that lings need to fully absorb someone for the genome, so I wouldn’t say it’s worth punishing blaze, that’s why I asked them how I did

While this isn’t true, if they believed it was, that’s good enough for me personally.

This is from past ling play experience (keep in mind this is from over a year ago I played ling) you HAD to husk in order to get dna genome as a dna sting only increased chems apparently that changed while i wasn’t around, also they didn’t “robust” me they grabbed me for no reason after opening the locker screaming I took there stuff give back there stuff as they strangled me even when I explained “I found them nude and was making sure they were safe”, this was around 10 mins after I had already stripped them and moved them close to the kitchen in which they then opened the locker and just went straight to strangle no escalation or anything just strangling while screaming I stole there stuff and this happened in mrp where you cannot just go agro there has to be actual escalation. also as for rule 2.9 2.9 covers being checked as antag while ssd but not covered anything by antag

While I agree that they could of seen while afk it was 10 mins after the stripping that they came back and went straight into strangling, according to another player (a sec moth) they attacked the sec moth to trying to kill them with a tool box because the sec pushed them after telling them to find someone else, even after I was checked for gukles stuff he kept claiming I stole the stuff and to give it back even after they were told someone had found the stuff.

This is not true.

Disconnected players (SSD players) may not be stripped of items -OR- searched for evidence of being an antagonist.

We tend to waive this for antagonists that are completing an objective (which is why I support your claim to be doing so) but the rule is intended to prevent people from fucking with disconnected players in general, which is why it also says:

Disconnected players should generally be moved to a cryosleep pod, as this opens their job slot for a new player to take their place.

I’ll look into them attacking sec for no reason, but their attack on you is justified if they saw evidence of being stripped and lockered by you, especially considering they didn’t kill or crit.

They didn’t crit because the chef saw it all happen from coming out the locker to strangling and grabbed me pulling me away, they did attempt to toolbox me though while chasing me, also considering how they kept claiming I “stole there stuff and give it back” I honestly do not believe they saw me strip them or they would of seen it was in the maint that anyone can access near medbay, also they would of responded when I was switching them from locker to locker before any of it happened. They hadn’t even looked or anything just opened locker and instant strangle screaming I “stole” there stuff not I stripped them very specifically stole like I took it and kept it.

I’m saying they can scroll up and read the chat where it says [Name begins stripping x off of you!]

ok but don’t they need to have rp and escalation for it instead of just screaming you stole my stuff then strangling while shouting to return it, its sage after all also if the character is blank isn’t that info that character wouldn’t of known due to ya know being blank especially as being blank is “technically” unconsious.

I’d say if you wake up naked, stuffed in a locker, in maintenance a bit of aggression/panic is warranted.
The toolboxing sec wouldn’t be without a separate justification.

They weren’t in maintenance as I stated earlier we were right infront of kitchen when it happened its why the chef saw them come out and start strangling me and pulled me away from them, they were naked yes and in the locker with the locker being moved in front of kitchen, where there was multiple witnesses so aggression wasn’t exactly warranted especially considering they wouldn’t of seen being stripped character wise as they were blanked out.

Checked logs, here’s the points I take away from it:

  1. Gukle was never disconnected, so yes he could easily have seen everything that happened by checking his log. Only three minutes passed from the first grab to them paying attention again as well. It is not an RP break to scroll up in this case any more than it is because you forgot something from an earlier time.

  2. You strangled him first when you were stripping him, likely on accident. This shows up in large red text in his chat.

  3. He did not fly out of the locker and attack you immediately - words were exchanged first, then he grabbed you, then he yelled at you several times more, then he started strangling you. Then a little further down some punches were thrown. Fight was escalated, and it never went beyond fists.

  4. He never attacked you with a toolbox. He got into a confrontation with Security because they chose to side with you over siding with him. He did throw a toolbox a lot when dealing with sec, but it was never just beating anyone over the head, and it connected with players only once.

Footnote: Strangling is 100% non-lethal unless you go all the way to crit; oxyloss damage is healed passively at a pretty rapid rate under most conditions.

Report Rejected