Guilleco permaban

CKEY: Guilleco

Admin’s CKEY: aeder1

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: both

Which server did the ban happen on? MRP

Ban Type: Server

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 31/10/2020

Round ID: 23264

Ban Reason: As antag killed their RD target and witness secretly. Then decided to blow all of the borgs on the station giving the reasoning of “I’ve been stopped by them before and don’t want to waste my round if I get caught by them later” and “there are too many secborgs” Did not alert anyone else and was obviously off scott free making there no reason to take these players out of the game at the time. Due to the insane history of notes this is a perma.

Appeal Reason: Im appealing this because i want to get unbanned.

Additional Information: here i will explain everything: (also i needed rd armor for obj and nodes)

so the ban reason begins like this: “As antag killed their RD target and witness secretly.” i dont know why you wrote this i didint even got to kill the rd just hardcritted him i think in the hallway because after looking for him for 20 minutes i found him at the same time i was replying to your PM and i just attacked him and then got killed for doing so in the hallway, i apptemped to kill him before and failed doing so, the first apptemtp he got teleported to ai upload because of his armor and couldnt get to him, second time i tried to attack him and a security borg started chasing me untill i got hit to crit by him then used adrenals escaped returned to robotics where rd was rd escaped i killed borg, then a skeleton chased me so i critted him and left, other assasination attmpts failed and he got away with jetpack near blob fight.

“Then decided to blow all of the borgs on the station”: the main issue of this ban is that i blew borgs, as an antagonist. To begin this, this statement is false because i did not blew borgs after killing rd, i blew them after i chased him to security and failed my assessination attempt and he said in comms after being electrocuted by ai turrets “set William Stone to arrest” and something else, after hearing this and seeing i couldn’t walk my way into ai because bolted doors even tho i had aa (doors cables were shielded and i had no fuel left in my welder after 1 door, and i imagined rd would get teleported anyways) then fearing i would get set to wanted i made my way to rd room and blew all the 4 security borgs including the others i didint saw wich module they were but i did it anywas in case they would ask to get a reset in case they were law’d 2 or ai told them to, i also have to point out that even after i blew the borgs that 1. borgs dosent remove them from the round, it would if i cremated their brains because when they blow, they just turn back into mmi or robot brain thing and can still talk in comms for someone to take them to robotics so they can get a new body, i knew i couldn’t stop the borgs from being made unless i killed all the robotics so i just let the borgs be made again wich was a mistake to do as a traitor because after that at least 2 sec borgs were made again 1 i killed the other didint see me. Also there is nowhere in the rules or the new rulings where it says i cant do something like blow borgs the closest thing to that would be: "Try to avoid unnecessary carnage that ultimately just ruins the round for other players, unless said players are your target. Subtlety goes a long way. " in this scenario i dont consider blowing borgs to be as a round ruiner because you can literally get a new cyborg body in the matter of 3 minutes if you really wanted to, if you were blown and say “oh man i dont want to be a brain i want a body” you would scream in comms or either talk to somoene passing by and tell them to take you to robotics to get a new body wich at least 2 players in that round got the body back, blowing borgs is just but a way to stop the borgs from being on my ass for the entire round looking for me, sometimes its troublesome to deal with one sec borg when you are being chased by just sec itself, but 4 SECURITY BORGS? and you expect me to not blow them before they start chasing me anywhere i go after THE RD said in comms to arrest me after i tried to throw a bola at him and kill him in the hallway to securty, i can accept saying then why did you blow the other 2 borgs that werent security, not only did i already answer to this before but the fact of an ai on the station with crewsimov seeing me do all of this and having more aviable borgs to bolt, chase me or stop me in the middle of me doing whatever i needed to do (in this case kill the rd) and their laws making them stop me because if a borg just stands there when ai is screaming in comms and robot chat for a borg to save the rd im dragging or something similar, if a borg wouldn’t do this it would be breaking its laws and therefore should be aprehended, and in this case me not blowing them all would lead to one way or the other borgs chasing after me and stopping me, wich i saw as the better and wisest option to just blow them and not worry untill they are fabricated again.

giving the reasoning of “I’ve been stopped by them before and don’t want to waste my round if I get caught by them later” and “there are too many secborgs”: in this next sentence while i was being PM’d i said that i already was stopped by borgs in other antagonist rounds wich has happend to me a lot, just because i didint have access to blow them or just forgot to do so and then regreted it after being arrested by one or being indirectly stopped by one like, me killing my objective to then a borg heal to take them clone them or heal them after i hurt them, i also said there was WAY too many security borgs, by the time i went to blew borgs there was about 4 of them, not to say at the begining of the round i was allmost killed because of the 2 ¿admin spawned? sentient beepskies in tool storage wich cuffed me when i was being chased by 2 people who i stole tools and gloves from one of them, anyways, if dealing with a borg is already a pain in my butt, 4 of them should be enough of a reason for me to blow them, and in case someone saying they had no interaction with me, 1 i was set to arrest before i tried to do my first assassination aptempt to the rd, and i had to get my wanted status ASAP so i killed the detective to then realize his id didint work on the machine, so i killed the captain because his spare id wasnt in his locker and took aa to remove it, then i went for rd, failed then blowed the borgs.

“Did not alert anyone else and was obviously off scott free making there no reason to take these players out of the game at the time”: i dont really know what you are trying to say here, if the ai or security didint care at the time when rd said in comms to arrest me for whatever reason he said and i dont remember (i chased rd all the way from science to security and then failed to kill him because of his armor) so just because the other players werent competent enough or didint care enough to hunt me down wich i would like to say securty borgs tend to valid hunt their soul out of this game, i couldn’t risk that 1 borg or the ai or a security officer decided to put me in wanted, not when i tried to kill the rd, but after or in any other moment, so i just decided to 1 if im going to be chased by security then i will just take the borgs out of the way and deal with whatever comes at me that is made of flesh and bones, because as i said, borgs are a pain in the ass to deal with. And also i didnt “ake these players out of the game” ad aeder said, they were still in the round but as a brain if they really wanted to they could be made a borg again, INCLUDING the brain i found after leaving the rd office after i blew it and then threw into disposals, even that one could’ve been brought to robotics to get a new body, this was but a mere stepback for all of those who were would’ve tried to validhunt me

“Due to the insane history of notes this is a perma.”: this is the first time ive been called out about blowing borgs, and even tho i have big ammount of notes and bans most of them are me not being an antagonist and doing stuff that an antagonist would do or against the rules, but this wasnt me murderboning the station as a traitor this was me just blowing 6 borgs as a TRAITOR because i was spotted by rd and told to be set in arrest, and because there were so many security borgs on the station at the time i decided to just blow them, my notes and previous bans have nothing to do with this ban, thats just your excuse to permanently take me off the server ive been playing for over 1500 hours and 1+year.


You don’t kill all of command and security to stop them from arresting you, so don’t blow all the borgs because there’s a chance they’ll arrest you.

You’ve had this a long time coming.

you didint even read it, you just saw the ban reason and replied, i already explained why i did it

I’m pretty sure you can if you don’t damage station too much


if all 6 borgs were having an orgy in dorms then maybe there would’ve been hull breach but because they were scattered across the station it just left a damaged floor and that was it

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Haven’t fully read it but in my opinion Guilleco should have been banned from RP a long time ago for the constant validhunting and powergaming, however in fairness for this ban the borgs were pretty validhuntey that round even on crewsimov and ignoring law 2 orders.


ive already been banned from mrp for 20 days and had a 4 day ban a few days ago, in this round the only thing i did was Blow the borgs as an antagonist

Just make it a sage ban


i havent done anything as a non antagonitst that would be considered as powergaming or valid hunting after these bans

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Can we get logs on this?

not untill an admin gets here

like i said half of what aeder said its false

Aeder does tend to put things out of context in bans so i believe you but I’m still gonna need to see those logs

i unfortunatelly closed the game after i was benned and was so pissed off after seing 9999 that i just closed everything that wasnt me making this appeal

an admin should be able to get the logs if they get the round id I think.

there it is, it was recent too

I don’t think you should be banned for blowing up those borgs, but as you are now, if Aeder were to lift it I’d suggest lifting it only from LRP.

i dont see with this would be an mrp issue, if i were to do the same in lrp and he were there, it woudl’ve been the same

I find it unfair to keep him banned for offenses that were previously punished for in the past.

n o t e s

MRP is a shitfest anyway, but we might try to make it decent