Guilleco Last Straw MRP Permaban

Title: Guilleco Last Straw MRP Permaban

CKEY: Guilleco

Admin’s CKEY: Ruko

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: MRP

Which server did the ban happen on? Sage

Ban Type: Server

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 10/1/2021

Round ID: 25942

Ban Reason: Using mime as an excuse to light-grief has gone on long enough. You’ve been warned and given many chances but your primary gimmick remains to be fucking with everyone instead of trying to entertain them.

Appeal Reason: Im appealing this because apparently there was a player report of me like 10 hours ago i didint see because i was sleeping and then at work, then i come to see i cant log into bee, and say, huh, this is taking a while, server might be down, and see i am indeed banned. So i am here now because i wasnt there before and was not notified of this in any way.

Additional Information: so this was yesterday, i remember starting the round leaving theatre and seeing bartender backroom open so i took the sunglasses for free from the vendor, then i dont remember much after this i dont have the logs, its not like i could go through every single detail now, if i could i would, but i remember doing some noise on hop line, like shoving and sliping the usual, and also slipping an engi who just arrived, that engi decided to validhunt me after making cuffs and bolas, and him alongside some doctor both cuffed me, tabled me shoved me, stole cake hat from me, then destroyed it or something to mock me, then i was in jail for, i dont remember why, but sec diddint arrest me it was engi who made cuffs, then while time was on the jail someone walked in i shoved them played arround then jumped in disposals and escaped, then i was caught again shortly after taking my cake hat back from the doctor, then he took it again and destroyed it for good i asume, then security GIVES me the tableport armor, i dont resist against that so i keep it, also i knew at this point it was greenshift, as 30 minutes or 40 minutes had gone by and nothing had happend except sm blowing up wich happens every single round, i dont know at what point i took the sec headset? but i guess i took it even though i wasnt flashbanged that much anyways, then i think i saw someone else who was a hulk and thought, hm hulk+lube= no stun, my main idea was to use hulk and walk by my own lube as others slipped and nothing else, but guess the armor sec gave me was more annoying to them making it so i didint get stunned after tableported, at this point i made my main form of entretainment to play arround with security who was either chasing me or me just being infront of brig teleporting everytime i was shot or touched, while slipping. round ended with me being shot with mutdaone injection and being cuffed after i was teleported into space and had no internals on me because my bag was in brig, then i was put into a locker, then i took a shower (irl) and i came back to see the welded locked locker i was in, now, in space.

So yeah, to summ it all up: 2 people valid hunted me for slipping them bola/cuffs on the engi (i self defended by tabling them/ shoving them/ cuffing them with their own cuffs), then after my sentence ended or i escaped i dont remember wich, i went straight for the doctor who had my hat, tabled or shoved him long enough for me to get my hat back did that, got arrested sec gives me talbeport, then makes me teleport outside my cell, i escape, i get lube, then i see someone walking arround with hulk, i get hulk too, and spend 30 to 40 minutes of the round being an unstoppable mime walking infront of brig while sprinting over my lube as security slips untill i get teleported into space, crit, get stuffed into a locker, and spaced.

i do not know how me “Using mime as an excuse to light-grief” goes into this, i dont see any grief in this, the player report said “He griefed to such an extent, that an officer actually said he’s going to cryo because it made the round insufferable for them.” him wanting to cryo for what, not being able to arrest me, has pretty much nothing to do with me making him want to cryo, its the same thing as going to cryo because hes bored and has nothing to do in greenshift as a security officer, i was literally the only thing of entretainment to the entire security department during that shift no matter how you look at it, nothing of this would’ve happend if it wasnt for the 2 people who i slipped started to valid hunt me and brought the entire station to a manhunt for literally no reason whatsoever.

the only “My Fault” things i can see and knew at the moment, “hmm if i do this then…” was when i got hulk and sec headset wich both can be seen as powergaming. I would also like to point out that THIS: “[MRP]2 reinforced bolas, armored vest,5 throwing stars, full set of tools, flash -just in case. Also shoved and stole x-01 multiphase gun from HoS while being arrested. auth: PowerfulBacon” is my one and only powergaming ban ive had on mrp, i cant recall if i have notes about it,

In the end i only broke rule 9 Do not run around with all of the genetic powers: Hulk and Do not collect dangerous items: in this case sec headset to avoid flashbang

and maybe rule 4 Respect space law and standard operating procedures. Committing minor crimes is justifiable through roleplay, but major crimes should typically be avoided. This entire thing started because i was jailed for no reason other than sliping people with soap, of whom 2 validhunted me and brought me to sec where i was jailed.

To end things off, i want to say, i enjoy playing mime, and doing the stuff i do like walking arround slip and repeat untill something of intrest happens, but after i was banned for a month of the “meme” roles, i followed ruko advise and played sec, ive been sec for these last 3 weeks (and sometimes engi) i would still like to know a few oppininons of other admins in the take about security powergaming as i recived a note about it before wich i did not knew it was possible, but anyways. I dont know if this ban will be either removed and or reduced to a permanent job ban, i just know, i dont want to play on LRP and i can enjoy most of my time on MRP even if im not Mimo. (hell, i never used to play mime untill people started saying i was robust when i was antag so i played it so much because 1 i was recognized and 2 because i had more fun than being a clown (also small 3 mime walls were superb as antag, they got nerfed but i never played it for that main reason anyways)).

So yeah, umm i dont got much more to say, i guess now ill be more present than last time due to me not even knowing i was player reported and banned untill an hour ago so here it goes

im waiting for a reply of wich i can respond this time @Ruko

No. Give Golden a try, you’ll fit right in.


This whole appeal you have admitted to being a shitter teasing sec slipping and table slamming people and power gaming.

so you are just going to ignore everything else i said and just go straight ahead to what i actually admit of doing wrong

The only thing that happened to you was you got cuffed and brought to sec with your hat taken. Given your record of doing really annoying shit on an mrp server I don’t blame them

my previous records have nothing to do with the ongoing round or else it would mean metagrudge, its the same thing as someone who got banned for plasmaflooding then gets arrested because he decides to be an atmos

i got validhunted by 2 non security players who used powergaming gear on me and got me arrested for crimes i did not commit as far as i know slipping somoene isin’t a crime

So because someone else broke the rules you can to?

what rules did i break before the entire hulk issue

Slipping people is a crime, a medium crime.

Good examples of this crime involves accidentally causing a plasma leak, slipping hazard, accidently electrifying doors, breaking windows to space, or Security personnel not keeping their equipment secure.

You were arrested for a crime you did commit and used that as an excuse to steal a bowman headset and annoy security.

Come to Golden, you can steal bowmen all you want over here. You aren’t banned from LRP, only MRP. You don’t intend to roleplay, so you don’t get to play there. You aren’t entitled to play.

Sunglasses are power gaming. Also have you tried a gimmick other then annoying people? Maybe if you weren’t constantly slipping people and table slamming you wouldn’t be hunted down by others. Maybe you should try to rp on the rp server. You should play golden before coming back imo

They lost that chance ages ago. They have been sent to Brazil.

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What was even your end goal here? You spent all that effort to gear up, grief and evade security and in then end when you get caught you just alt tab and go shower?

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ill answer later gotta do some stuff now

If you are valid hunted by non-sec players, the smartest thing to do is to ahelp or to make a player report if no admin is online. Instead you went and took hulk mutation and sec headset to gain the upper hand.
On nearly every single MRP round I play I see you running around doing things like this. When sec tries to stop you, you use the opportunity to steal their weapons. I really think your playstyle fits LRP much better.

so i slipped about more than 10 people if we take into account that repeated offenses increase the sentence then you can send me to perma for literally sliping someone in the hallway with a bar of soap.
you are also putting in the same place me slipping someone to the same level of intentionally breaking a window into space depresurizeing the entire space where that window was broken.

the sunglasses are powergaming i already went into a full on rambling issue in another player report and inround me asking admins if sunglasses and taking them from vendors or open places are considered as powergaming or not, in the end we reached a point where if you walk into lawyer open office and steal sunglasses was low powergamery but breaking in to take it was, and i did not walk in lawyer office nor broke in i just bought them from a vendor wich are sold for free to all bar service members. i only table slam others if i have a reason to do so like in this case where i was being harrased after just sliping somone, it reached a point where i had to do so because the other guy was also doing the same and more

I’m not sure what the end goal was here.

Taking advantage of other Sage players following the escalation rules to tide, disrupt whole departments, and soft-grief everyone in your path without consequence got you perma-banned from the roleplay server.

Consider trying LRP where there’s more consequences for your gimmick. Unless your gimmick could only work on MRP…? :thinking:


what effort, all i did was take the sec headset that was laying on the floor and walked into an open genetics where hulk was being given.

i evade security because i wasnt going to be sent to jail and or worse because me just sliping someone and then shoving them to take back what they stole from me, then it reached a point where i was hunted so much i just played along and made myself unarrestable.

if i have to go do other stuff with my life other than playing space man game i will, i will cryo if i can, if im a head and or antag i will ahelp and if i cant cryo ill just hide in a locker or something untill im done and if by that point im not dead or the round hasnt ended ill keep being there