Guilleco (again) (again) Player Report

In-game report:

   Title: Guilleco (again) (again) Player Report

   Your Discord:Bungo#9580

   Offender’s CKEY:Guilleco

   LRP or MRP server:MRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name:Mimo, william stone

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY):multiple

   Round Number:multiple

   Rules Broken: 3 4 5 9 14

   Incident Description: Constant grief, self antag and powergaming. rushing soap, spray cans, cakehat and flashes every round antag or not. breaking into high-security areas for no actual reason other than to steal RCD, metal and glass. breaking into the lawyer's office to steal the shades. If he takes a head role. he validhunts and just fucks around with the access he has. multiple people have ahelped and made reports on it in the past but nothing has happened about it, why are the admins ignoring it when other people have been banned for this shit in the past?

   Additional Information: this is just a report for multiple rounds. will update with more round ids and info when i get it. other people can also vouch for this. hes a known shitter that belongs on LRP

Said he has 3 notes for powergaming, how in the fuck is he not banned yet considering he’s completely ignoring the notes and keeps doing the same thing over and over again. As soon as shift starts he steals clown’s PDA if there is one, takes all the pies from bar area, takes soap, get nuka cola from vendor, gets tools, breaks into lawyer office for adv sunglasses, next if there is an officer around him he will a) throw pie at him b) slip him with soap/clown pda and attempt to steal some of his items, and he does this every single round.

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Collecting common accessible items like soap and cream pies is allowed, however he consistently breaks into Tech Storage to steal a flash and insulated gloves, then breaks into either the lawyer’s office or bartender’s to collect sunglasses. This sort of powergaming is only permissible on LRP, however the logs don’t show breaking and entering which is why he hasn’t been banned for it yet.

I’d also agree that within the first five minutes he almost always commits an additional Major crime as well, usually Major Trespass by going into the Brig or Captain’s office as well. To be honest with his “roleplay gimmick” just being an annoying criminal I don’t get why he plays on MRP in the first place.

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generally nothing against mimo but his playstyle doesnt work on MRP because we are unrobust.

also because mostly everyone doesn’t rush powergame items, which leads to a quite big gap of “power” because people doesn’t want to get a slap on the wrist for powergaming while few individuals gear up and proceeds to basically wail on us defenseless babies.

my problem isnt really that he gets the cakehat, the creampies or W/E but its the way it’s systematically done every single round. like, if you shove him and take his spraycan as a mime he panics and full on tilts as if he doesnt know what to do… same if you just enable the throw mode round start and catch his creampies he just panics, its all a recipe.

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I am just gonna go ahead and say it, there is 200% something going on behind the scenes with the Admins and him. Out of every single fucking person that has ever played on Bee, he has gotten away with the most shit ever. The amount of player reports and bans, and the fact he is still allowed to play on MRP is a fucking joke and a half.

And take a close look at the people that defend his actions, those in the past have always been the same people who get in trouble a lot. “Haha guys Mimo based btw! He only stole AA, got flash, cakehat, spraycans, RCD and way more shit first 5 minutes into the game! Very epic based person.”

Powergaming and shitting all over new players on a MRP server, including the large majority of people who do not like being near him is all just extremely annoying.

But as usual, i will say it again. These posts will start a discussion, Admins might be like “YEAH YOU GUYS ARE RIGHT, BUUUUT…” and then a big long post from Mimo himself will end up in nothing happening or maybe yet another short ban, then we will all move on. As is tradition at this point.

Okay so first off, ill begin with the rules broken thing

-Rule 3:Be Excellent to Each Other
i dont see where i could even broke rule 3 i am patient with other players, and maybe if im an antag and my blood bro or cultist isint doing what i expect an experienced player to do i may get on the nerve and call it out and if im told this person hasn’t got experience in it i accept it and move along, because i know whatever happend probably wasnt intentional.
I do not harass any player in ooc, in any case the only times i do something that could come close to this is when i defend myself from being acuseed of something i haven’t done.
toeing the line: this one is what i could think maybe why you brought rule 3 up, because my style of playing is that of a lrp player so although i still follow the rules and dont powergame (this will have an extended explanation in the following rules) i tend to allmost reach a faint point of powergaming when there is need of it, for example throwing a pie at a clown and throwing him in disposals afterwards for him retaliating and shoving me back, and then said clown tries to kill me by punching using potted plants to attack me and after being bested 3 more times i just make zipties and cuff him and send him to disposals (have to say after cuffing him i took off his unifrom and put him in blue sailor girl uniform along with cat ears). So i avoid powergaming "Do not collect dangerous items, weapons, or tools “just in case”. Do not wear a hardsuit, riot suit, or similar bulky/uncomfortable armor for the entire round. " if im forced to it i will take the agressor flash and use it against him or use something of my surroundings like a fire extinguisher and make him slip to take the upper hand in a fight wich i personally dont think would be considered toeing the line but that is the closest thing i could think of me doing something similar to it.
Racial and homophobic slurs are not permitted (i admit saying the n-word when only golden was up at the begining of the setth tide but i never really intended to use it to offend anybody ingame and homophobic i supose its reffered to that f-word and i gotta say i dont swear ingame nor irl so i never used it)

-Rule 4:You Must Roleplay
I do roleplay, i dont break my role most of the time and by that i mean that sometimes i am asked to join security and i become a deputy, and this mime with no backstory sudenly becomes a death machine to any antagonist in sight, but when im not a deputy and something like that happens, for example a cultist runs up to me with halo and sword so i slip him or shove him against the wall and then permastun him with a table untill i can curbstomp and smash his neck against the table or just kill him with whatever is on me that is similar to a weapon, I do not break my role as a mime (in this case not speaking, wich is something i keep or try to keep consistant, except when i have to die or cryo because irl issues).
Netspeak: this is a complicated one, Netspeak like REALLY HARD but the chat of mrp censors it so it actually saves me a lot when i sometimes say smh or something similar.
using emotes to speak, well i have to admit, i sometimes as mime use emotes to say bruh when i literally cant even hold back from saying it irl so ill give you that.
Use a lore-friendly name, Yup.
Have knowledge of your role Mime 315h (28%) Mhmm.
Respect space law and standard operating procedures: This one is eeeee, complicated too, i admit most of my roundstarts hacking into hop office if there is one to pie him in the face, or breaking into brig to do the same to hos, or to slip the entire security department but appart from that i would say i break the space law to hack into bartender backroom to get sunglasses if he dosent let me in or lawyer office if i dont see anybody arround and ai wont aswer to me. and maybe i hacked into engieneering to get a toolbelt more than once because the one in tool storage was already taken, but appart from that i can remember hacking into eva today to get materials for an empty autolathe to make like 40 spray cans for then to be killed by hangyul kim and a detective more than uuuum 15 times? i think? but thats another story that has nothing to do with this.

-Rule 5:Don’t Self Antag
self-antagging includes (but is not limited to) damaging the station (intentionally damaging the station integrity like reinforced windows or airlocks that lead into space and can cause hull breaches i dont do but the random wall or table thats on my way when im doing something i can deconstruct and if need to i would construct again if it was really necessary), attacking other players without reason (this i cant accept anybody saying i do this, its very usual people just randomly attack me because im mimo and thats it, there is no reason to it just happens beacuse what i am, i admit slipping people and throwing pies at them but i never attack them if there isint a true reason for it.), and subverting the established chain of command as a non-antagonist role (this i dont do, i admit breaking into hop office and throiwng a pie at him and then taking the id of his console as a non antagonist and then when he gets up from his stun i throw it at his face showing him how easy it would’ve been for me to do so if i were an antagonist, wich is somethig i often do as one (ive already been warned of taking AA without conset and have not done it ever since if it hasn’t been war ops or red alert or given to me by hop or cap.)). You need a reason justified by roleplay to cause harm to others (if i harm someone you bet your ass i got a reason to do so. if not ahelp the instant i do it, because i may do the same when it happens to me next time).

Rule 9: No Powergaming
Here it is the rule you’ve all been waiting for, lets begin.
As a non-security & non-command crewmember, you’re not an experienced soldier. Do not rush into danger without reason.= this is true, i dont rush into danger unless there is a real reason for it (i dont consider walking into brig where there is 5 security officers warden and hos in there all with guns just to slip them and piss them off as rushing into danger), in this case, war ops, fluke ops, blob, cult or when my life is in danger and i cant run away for whatever reason i must face danger head on.
Do not collect dangerous items, weapons, or tools “just in case”. Do not wear a hardsuit, riot suit, or similar bulky/uncomfortable armor for the entire round. (this is the one yall been waiting folks) dangerous items, by dangerous items i assume stuff like explosives, and things that can harm others and are not considered as weapons, the only instance of me doing this, is when im a chemist and i make bombs as a non antag for when we arrive at centcom and detonate them, i do not use them for anything else if i see i can put others in danger. Weapons by weapons i assume anything out of the ordynary broken glass toolbox or o2 tank that can be on my person, like a baton, laser balistic weapon, or chaplain holy item, (i MUST point out i do not consider cake hat as a weapon, i consider it a cosmetic wich identifies the Mimo or my character, if i see someone else wear it, if im a mime, and i really feel like wearing it at the moment i will steal it and thats it, i sometimes get chased arround for doing so and i avoid confrontation for it but in some instances it has escaleted for other reasons.) i admit sometimes as a non antagonist when im being chased by security i would slip them with either soap that spawn on theatre or using a fire extinguisher and then taking their baton or disabler to stun them and then throw it at them and run afterwards without taking it, it has happend that ive been chased while holding the hos weapon wich he dropped in a fight where there were over 4 people in hop line and in the middle of all that i took it and ran to then get arrested for taking it, and using it (disabler mode) while runing away and before having the chance of throwing it getting arrested. Tools, by tools i assume not regular tools that appear in the tool storage in this case i assume it refers to flashes, cuffs and bolas and other stuff similar to it, because several admins when asked ingame about powergaming and such have told me that regular tools are not considered as powergaming. And to this my response is the following: I DO NOT Take flashes or bolas from the theatre spawn anymore, and i say ANYMORE because i used to do so along with armor from bartender machine untill i got banned from powergaming after that i have not stolen the flash from the room near engieneering or the mounted flash in hop line without a reason behind it or when i am antag wich I MUST POINT OUT HERE AND NOW IF YOU SEE ME WITH A FLASH ARMOR SEC GEAR AND OTHER POWERGAMING ITEMS IT MEANS IM AN ANTAGONIST dont come at me crying because ive done it once when i am allowed to do so, as if i did when i wasnt an antagonist. And i dont take armor unless its necesarry, war ops, red alert or antag.
Use reasonable self-defense; subdue, but do not try to revenge-kill, any assailants. This, this i hate, because i use resonable self defense and i ALLWAYS avoid harm confrontation thats why i allways shove instead of harm intent then grab and permastun against table, because if i were to crit you and then you succumb making it so i killed you i dont want that to have nothing to do with me uless you’ve tried to kill me or crit me first. Ive also had several people coming back as ghost roles to revenge kill me, and me after being borged have revenge killed a ling witch in my laws were to be killed and i had knowledge of him being a ling so i found him and killed him as a borg because my laws told me to and i could do so (also have to say that round i was an antag and i got borged after killing 2 but not being able to cremate them i did it as a borg tho)
Do not run around with all of the genetic powers, three buffing viruses and the entire armory in your backpack. This is an example of severe powergaming. I do not go arround searching for genetic powers unselss a) they are dwarfisim or gigantisim wich are the ones i like the most, b) when im an atag, c) when its red alret, war ops or sever threat to station.
Antags are exempt from this rule. :wink:

-14. Do Your Job
Non-antagonists are required to perform their assigned job in good faith. Breaks are fine, but ignoring your department and obligations is not. This goes especially true for Silicons, Heads of Staff, and Security.
As a head of staff i allways try to do my job unless i dont know how to and quit being a head of staff (that one time i got ce and threw poly into the sm and then didint know how to fix the sm (i got 15 day head job ban for that so i learnt my lesson and ce is on never now)) i dont see this being an issue with the jobs of clown or mime or assistant in this case, because their job is to entretain, my way of doing so is somewhat different to the usal mime,and ive heard people often enjoy seeing me as the mime when im doing something like literally having the entire security personneel following me arround the station for kidnaping ian or something like that, my pranks usually are a bit over the line but ey, they are still fun to see.
As people are expected to do their job, you are also expected to let people do theirs. If someone is manning a department, you must make a reasonable effort to solicit them for the service you require of them. If they are absent or unwilling to provide a necessary service or item, you are permitted to attempt to do it yourself, at the risk of IC consequences.
this one, well, i usually avoid interveening with security when they are arresting someone unless they are arresting some guy for a stupid reason wich i would take the guy and try to escape with him but usually dosent work the way i want to and i get jailed too, but appart from that, the only way this could happen is when security is focusing on me instead of dealing with actaul EoS wich could not be the best thing to do so well they can allways just do their job better and not letting me escape when they forget to flash me when uncuffing me from my cell, or some stuff like that, sec can allways do theri job better.
Being an assistant is not a free pass to ignore any part of this rule. Assistants are expected to help around the station, not immediately rush all the supplies that aren’t nailed down or behind locked doors - Ask for whatever supplies you need from the department(s) you’re helping.
mm when im an assistant i usually wander arround the station with tools and wait for something to happen infront of me, like a traitor killing someone infront of me and me rescuing the remains of what he has killed behind him or wander arround maint with access i dont have as a mime and finding and eating all the maintpills i find, then diying because the pill gave me a heart attack, but as an assistant i dont usally ask hop for a job change, sometimes i ask for space exploration but thas it.

Before i finish this i must clear some stuff out: "
Incident Description: Constant grief, self antag and powergaming. rushing soap, spray cans, cakehat and flashes every round antag or not. breaking into high-security areas for no actual reason other than to steal RCD, metal and glass. breaking into the lawyer’s office to steal the shades. If he takes a head role. he validhunts and just fucks around with the access he has. multiple people have ahelped and made reports on it in the past but nothing has happened about it, why are the admins ignoring it when other people have been banned for this shit in the past?"

Rushing soap: well, if i spawn in the theatre as a mime whats the difference betwen me rushing for a soap and the clown rushing to get a cream pie or his megaphone? its literally an item that spawns there and is not considered as a powergaming tool
Rushing spray cans: i literally spawn with a sparay can for my quirk, its usefull when i need a window to be tainted black or when im getting killed and i dont have any other stunlike item on me, consider it a last resort
cakehat: i already gave my opininon on cake hat while i was on the powergaming rule
Flash: like i said i never have a flash on me unless my aggresor had one and i took it from him or when situation requires it like red alert cult war etc
breaking into high security areas to steal: the only time i do this is when either a) hop dosent want to give me access to said area (eva for materials) so i break in and take them (ive done this today twice because i wanted the materials wich werent in the autolathe when i needed them so i did the job myself and did it, and then used them to make over 40 spray cans to paint the station a single color this happend when i asked an admin for help and i showed him a bug wich makes a spray can never run out) b) there is no hop and no other way of me to get said resources
RCD: i havent taken rcd as mime to be used as a tool to deconstruct the station, maybe the times i have used it were for projects like building a shuttle or making myself a house in evac but thats int and it wasnt even this month, and if i have taken rcd it probably was because i was an antag and ai probably keept bolting doors when i hacked into them
Shades: i usually avoid hacking into lawyer room so i just wait for them to open the door and see if they havent taken them so ill just walk in and take those who have not been taken, (there are 2 pair of sunglasses there) and if there isint shades in lawyer room i would’ve gone and taken them from bartender backroom where they are free for the mime and clown.) i dont consider sunglasses as powergaming and neither do the admins i have asked it to because i remember asking in ahelps about these kind of stuff and if i were to said that shades are powergaming unless you spawn with them i would probalby have done something else to avoid getting flashed like a blindfold or welding helmet.
If he takes a head role. he validhunts and just fucks around with the access he has. ?¿?¿¿? are you mad? when have you ever seen me do this, even if im having dinner and im the hop i still do my job, i dont have either captain or hos as job selected, i have hop and thats it yesterday i got hop and because nobody came to my line i decided to kill my dog and ask for centcom for a new one wich i got and nothing else happend, i dont know where tf you are getting this from but you are just making things up by this point.

so yea think thats it.


Mimo is mega gey. One time he sprayed me and set on fire trying to crit me, just because i got the cake hat before him. Then when i almost killed him with the synide cards and let him go, he came back while i was talking to some cargo tech, and killed me. Mimo is robust, but also annoying as all hell. On the other hand, i saw multiple times the entire crew hunting him down just for existing, and him getting killed for " cargo bounty - mimo’s head". Despite this, i think he earned his reputation as the annoying shitter mime quite justly. Its quite obvious he comes to MRP just to murderbone and annoy people baiting their reactions. I think a long ass MRP ban or even perma should solve the issue.

Well thats a lie, i saw you criting clowns into disposals multiple times roundstart. It once happened to me. You stole my megaphone, aggro grabed me, tabled to crit, and then disposal time.

HAHAHAHAHAHAH, LOOK AT THIS DUDE. You have 315h on just mime, and you dont consider cake hat as a weapon, LMAO. We all know that cake hat is very fucking robust and pairs well with your favorite combo : spray face, and cakehat to crit while your target burns from soft crit to death. I hate people playing dumb, so have the balls to admit that you powergame.

I get meming on cringe sec, but you are doing far more than hehehe, funny mime prank. All you do all shift is walk around, bait people to attack you so you can crit their asses and have this justified as " muh self defense". Like i stated before, if you have the balls to act like a big robust shitter, have the balls to say out loud that you are indeed, nothing more than valid baiting, power gaming lrper looking for some cheap and quick fun on mrp.

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Nuh uh bro, i see how i could spray you to take the hat, and if you piss me off i may go the extra mile and burn hit you once with a lighter so you either resist and give me the chance to stun you and take the hat or you just tank it wich is what i assume you did because i dont remember this too well, anyways syndie cards hurt more the more you have the longer you have them so if you used them against me i probably drank my bottle of nothing wich gives me a passive heal before getting critted after that i healed and took them off elseway i would’ve died there so you bet your ass i came back for you when i got healed and critted you with the same cards you embeded on me, if you died there then thats on you because i would’ve died too if it wasnt for quick thinking.
i come to mrp because lrp is a mess, i got tired of everyone breaking into cap room roundstart and murderboning on 20 player rounds for hours, thas it.

This man tries to rob you, and if you dare resist he tries to kill you. Its not his fault, its yours for trying to defend yourself and resisting his attempt at peaceful valuables disposal. Shame on you.


wow. i just read that wall of text from mimo… its full of lies, not ONE thing he said was true. like bruh


After reading your bible, I’ve got a few questions

The grenades you make as chemist, which you shouldn’t make (you know this), but it’s acceptable since their intended use is EORG (End of round grief); what if they get used for something else, and were made prior to having the knowledge of a covert threat to the station (stealth ops, unknown cult), and you end up using your grenade for these? Wouldn’t that still be power-gaming? You’d be playing a very risky game by this.

You have gotten in trouble over the cakehat before, what was the given verdict about cakehat?

Sprays are on the same level as flashes, if your enemy does not have spray protection, it’s over for them. I’m not sure if picking quirks for power gaming is a thing, but I won’t get to that level and will let quirks by quirky.

I’m not too sure about sunglasses or what the admins said, what was the exact rule behind them? Powergaming unless revs or the like?

Attacking people for their cakehat is not allowed in MRP as far as I know, even if it’s just stam damage, as you’re starting a fight as non antag. How often does this escalate into a full out fight where it gets broken up by security or one of you dies / gets critted?

Overall as a mime, there’s no things that would benefit the station, but your favorite hobby is having all of security chasing you, so the net negative is pretty large and detrimental, even for a “haha funny” role, I wouldn’t be too upset about this but the extents you go to are not cool.

You should not break into high-security areas just because you weren’t allowed into them, or break into anywhere for that matter. Personally, if you’re gonna break into somewhere to do an actual prank, then I don’t see why not, but you break into areas for stuff. (Mime can’t even do actual good pranks as he doesn’t even make the epic clown noises when punches or walks).

tabling someone to crit, means stamina damage, you recover from it unless you get stunned again in the next 10 seconds

cake hat got nerfed because it got used so often, at this point it does less damage than a toolbox or welding tool so you may as well use fist instead of the hat, if i were to use the cake hat as a weapon now, it would probably be because i wouldn’t want to waste my welder fuel on someones face instead of a wall or an airlock

I just go arround when im not an antagonist finding something to do each round, if i crit someone for good its because they actually tried to kill me, unless that happens i just stun to stamina crit and throw you into disposals, if im forced to it i will make cuffs and and try to do something so you wont come chasing for me again like maybe grabing a saw from medbay and cutting your leg off, i already adressed i dont powergame, and when i did i already got banned for doing so " 2020-06-07 15:59:45 | bs_sage | Naevi

Banned from the server for 3 days - [MRP]2 reinforced bolas, armored vest,5 throwing stars, full set of tools, flash -just in case. Also shove and stole x-01 multiphase gun from HoS while being arrested. auth: PowerfulBacon"

if that were the case, and cult were to be confirmed wich is a threat to the entire station so if i didint make it before i would’ve made it after i had knolwledge of the cult and used it either when they summon or if their base were to be found, i dont think that reached a red alert level threat things like powergaming dont apply the same way, admins even said that if red alert level is reached you are allowed to give yourself all access.

i still see cake hat as an accessory more than a weapon, yeah i can still use it and its useful and whatnot but after having it on my head for so many hours its more like a part of the mimo character, you can use it as a weapon right, but it does the same damage as a toolbox, and if i use it to kill someone, i just do it as a faster way than just stunning them to crit stamina and then curbstomp and neck table them wich does arround 65 dmg if done at the same time

a spray only has 3 uses if used on a person, a flash has 15, you could see the spray as a easy way to win a fight or just to disengage and then run away, ive been using the tagger quirk ever since i saw i could paint everything black (before sage was a thing) and i remember playing several rounds abusing the infinite spray can bug and painting every window door and item pitch black, if you think a quirk is really against the rules you maybe want to make a post and ask to remove it or nerf it so it just the same effect as when eye protected, that still wont stop the fact of being burned after being sprayed wich if done while fight and the other guy rolls midfight is game over.

as far as im told sunglasses arent a powergaming item, thats what ive been told when i ahelped and asked on discord(?)

well, fights happens for many reasons, the fights ive had over the cake hat well, the most recent one i missclicked and hit a guy with a toolbox in the head instead of spraying him then i stole the hat and he proceeded to throw throwing stars at me, it allmost killed me but i took them out before going to crit, the ones i took out i threw back at him and he got critted, then i ran, after that i think it was revs? dont remember but i was mindshielding people as deputy hos mime and the guy stunned me (already both mindshielded) and killed me then left, i got a note for that 2020-08-16 11:19:28 | bs_sage | PowerfulBacon | Expires 2020-12-16 11:19:29

Hit someone with a toolbox starting a fight were they were overescalated against. While accidents are allowed, this note is to make sure things like this where fights are ‘accidently’ started do not happen again.
the guy thought i started the fight by hiting him in the head when i only wanted the hat, then he escalated every step of the way

its not really like that? security just has a thing for me id say, i admit pissing them off by slipping them throwing pies and then do minor crimes like vandalisim painting their windows black or something like that, or maybe doing some noise in the hop line for then sec have a warrant on me and i just run away, things escalate when i get thrown to jail, i like how when im getting arrested i make walls in cells and they get supper pissed off, to the point sometimes they increase my sentence or just kill me if i was an antag and did it, i remember once pissing hos off for not letting him gulag me in 200 points and he then stunned me properly and then gave me 1000, then i did those 1000 points so fast sec saw me get out and arrested me again.

i can see this point, if i for example am let into lawyer room and i yoink those spare glasses or ask bartender for it and get them then its okay, its also okay for me to hack into hop or captain room just to throw a pie at his face, then skiddadle off and probably be sent to perma for major tresspass and B&E of a Restricted Area

resist? i mean you gotta know how to escalate a fight, you cant just throw a lethal item at the guy who just stole a hat from you, and allmost kill them and expect him to just act like nothing happend, i just threw back at you what you threw at me literally because i had the exact same cards you emmbeded on me and i lived.

I have no idea how you can write that much and have such poor unreadable formatting, jesus this was a struggle to reply to.

This isn’t roleplay, it’s just boasting about being robust.

Note that your only example of non-deputy “roleplay” is explaining how you fight an antag. That you see your only roleplay on MRP being how you robust antags in self-defence (and certainly not validhunting of course) it’s pretty indicative that you think roleplay = robusting, which is not the case.

You’re not the clown.

Like I said in my earlier post, he breaks into these areas consistently, of which two would be Major Trespass.

Whether it be stunning people with pies, table slamming, spraycan to the face, pepperspray, whatever, all of these things are assault. People aren’t going to throw up a fuss over one person being shoved over during a shift because they were in the way, but if you consistently all the time take every opportunity to assault people then it’s clear you are indeed attacking players for no reason. The context matters.

…and I can’t be bothered to read through the formatting for the rest. I get that you don’t like LRP at the moment because of the spare rushing hell, but your behaviour is way too LRP for a time when the server is especially suffering from too many LRP players on it.

Locking this, will investigate when I get home.

There is nothing specific to investigate. As per the last one - I need a specific round ID and specific instance of trouble caused to investigate. I can’t ban someone just for being robust, and I can’t prove anything said here without a round ID.

Report specific incidents which occur in which he is not an antag acting justifiably.