Guide to xenobio tator

  1. Become science man

  2. Spreedrun light pink slimes and gold slimes

  3. Create an army of loyal servants, and also steal rds bugget for incase of sec. (bribe em) and remeber to use blood on gold slimes, and use grinded plasma on light pink extract.

  4. You want a migo army, and atlesst a nurse spider (Nurse spiders have green eyes)

  5. Now get maintacess and build your self a lair it has to be secreative the best place is located in abandoned hyrdo just secret wall the entrances.

  6. Build a comms console, a upload console, and also get robotics console to blow borgs Optional: Security cams.

  7. Now, you can recall shuttle if you have rd acess.

  8. Now, you are set and now can start terrorising ss13.

  1. Get meta grudged by one of the creatures you give sentience to and have your round ruined :o)
  2. no admins online

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Imagine not turning yourself into a changeling once headslugs get re-added to the pool

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Hot 20


  • Become slimeperson + split
  • Get chilling sepia crossbreeds
  • Give to your clone
  • Link them with your main body
  • Activate one and swap to main body
  • Everyone else except you is frozen for 30s
  • Waltz in the armoury and clean it out
  • Swap back to body with extracts every 30s to activate another one
  • Do all your objectives by literally walking in the front door becuase nobody else can move, talk or act.

i feel like id get banned for that