Guide to un-wrenching a filled pipe without leaking its contents into the room

  1. Place a holofirelock on the pipe that you plan to unwrench.
  2. Alt-Click the tile that the pipe is on, you now have a new tab in the chat-half of the game where you can interact with the stuff on the tile.
  3. Unwrench the pipe, all of the contents of the pipe will be trapped on the tile because of the holofirelock.
  4. Get a portable scrubber, activate it, and shove it under the holofirelock.
  5. Done.

This will not work with fire.

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you should also becareful not to stand right next to it when your setting your RPD(only incase of plasma), since the ignition will cause the gas inside the holo to burn up, which lets the gas to break out through your holo

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and that would be unfortunate but also quite funny

I’ve seen the entire station get accidentally killed all at once because someone tried this trick on a pipe containing live fusion back when we still had fast atmos. So yeah, don’t do it with fire.

Tip: Drag a canister behind you when you unwrench, The pushback will be stopped.

Also, you can use the “AI” selection on the water backpack to send 1 glob on 1 tile to reset that tile back to “normal”.

Also remember that magboots will cancel out the airblast.

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