Guide to powergaming the beecoin shop (no litterly)

see now, after some rounds you probally got a fuckton of beecoins that you will totally spend on that antag token right? well anyway, here are some items that give you an advantage, may be minor but an advantage at the least


  • scarves, slight cold protection I guess
  • prescription glasses, slowly heals eye damage

External wear

  • fur coats, cold protection and storage
  • most other jackets, storage


  • winter boots, storage
  • white shoes, slightly sterile


  • lighters, can set things on fire, also annoying to turn on and off again
  • cigs and cigars, not really useful but are cool I guess


  • pirate hat, ; ,p pirate gang?


  • you know whats in the OOC tab and we all want it

Uniforms and Casual dress

  • useless unless ya wanna crossdress or something

the beeshop cant really be powergamed besides the pirate hat (wich all greytiders should get) and is kinda useless unless you wanna get items you can already get from dorms

The Pet Collar gives 10 melee armour to the head – that’s why it costs so much and only heads get it. It’s actually robust.

it doesnt

Scarfs don’t give any cold protection and are purely cosmetic

i just checked the code, they dont.

I’m inclined to believe it was a joke.


Jabroni outfit is the only thing you need to buy, since its a limited item and only one of them spawns in the station, having it when you enter is cool and good.

I just have sombrero&poncho. Poncho can store two items, which is where i put my disabling stuff there(batong and flash)

Think there’s also jackboots for storage.

I want plushies.

Step 1: Start with Ratvar and Nar Sie plushie
Step 2: Softlock yourself by blowing yourself up at roundstart because when Nar Sie and Ratvar plushies touch each other, Rat Var gets banished and the void that it leaves behind explodes.

Thats funny. Whenever i put them together Rat Var always wins and banishes the bitch.

For me Rat Var always loses. Guess im bad at coinflips.

I hope that gets removed or at least made to require manual interaction, ruined several crates of plushies because they decided to explode.

Best way to go about it is you need to squeeze them both first. Or just have them explode non-violently and one deletes the other. Like a flashbang or confetti.

Would be very funny of it was a flashbang instead of a hole in the station. XD