Guide to being an anti-shitsec warden

see now, everyone thinks warden is meant to deal with prisoners and the armoury but your WRONG, warden SOLEY exists to stop shitsec

ill show ya the wardens arsenal and show ya how to use em against shitsec

  1. Krav Maga.
    these handy little gloves are actually quite shit at apprehending criminals, but they are amazing at stopping shitsec, see someone beating a criminal for no reason? do a legsweep. see them yell at innocent civilians? thought chop. see them just THINKING about being shitsec? lung punch
    only other use for Krav Maga is to beat criminals or antagonistic behaviour, which are 1. shitsec and 2. impossible
    feel free to silence an annoying felinids you see tough

  2. compact shotgun
    it’s a shotgun, load with non-lethals and shoot shitsec, not that hard to understand

  3. the armoury
    a very simple and easy thing to do, just DONT give your officers big guns, look at them seethe

  4. authority
    the most powerful tool you have, authority over the basic secoff, lower a brig timer because it’s too long, release perma prisoners, every single crime can be considered a smaller crime, attempted murder can be manslaughter or hell even just assault

that kids is my wardens anti-shitsec guide


Based and lawyer pilled

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How to get demoted to assistant: the guide.

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step 1: dont be a catgirl

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whos going to demote you? the captain? already in jail


You forgot the part where you build and hack an autolathe so you can endlessly print slugs before they’re even researched :flushed:

can’t you unlock shit like slugs without hacking using new UI by swiping your ID?

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not like hacking an autolathe is any challenge, it can’t even shock you
Not sure gotta check out ID swiping

oh I forget a very important thing to do!

always buy out all the jumpskirts and have the chaplain incinerate them

a good man of God will incinerate them without question


wow jimmy bwickets you are trying really hard to swing in the opposite direction

I wonder when the pendulum is gonna swing back and you get banned for ERP again

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I never was banned for ERP? I litterly never ERPed? I’m a sex repulsed asexual, why the fuck would I ever ERP?

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Are you confusing him for Blueturbo ?

blueturbo, jimmy bwickets, desmond wywe… they’re all the same guy to me.


you used to play a catgirl so I too will assume you are an erper :smug:

I’ve played every race at least once, you just never knew it was me because naming conventions are different and I’m not allowed to be “Michiru the Plasmagirl” or “Michiru the Ethereal”

never touched lizard, never touched moth, never touched plasmeme, never touched felinid, never touched apid, never touched flyman

i don’t touch CRINGE!!

Dullahan should be roundstart race.


same, those races are CRINGE, except for tenry the etheral

Ethereal is funny because of [REDACTED]
IPC is cool IG, the screens are neat.

i once play felinid, I immediately felt my soul being drained away, Grasp on life getting weaker