GUI Poll 20char

  • Gooey
  • Gee you eye

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I’m pretty sure you’d get bullied in literally any business/software environment for saying gee you eye

fight the system basically and be a martyr.


Wat? I know plenty of people who pronounce it as G.U.I. instead of shorthanding it. It’s pretty common, actually. I personally switch between the two pretty often, depends on who I’m talking to.

No one has the time to say gee you eye. Just say Gui like a sane person.

Who is the person who voted for both options lol?

Oh no, I thought the normal pronounciation was G.U.I… :flushed:

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That’s strange, I don’t think I’ve ever heard it like that then :thinking:

No martyrdom available then, time to find another hill to die on.

tea gooey

Me, since I use both options and know several people who do the same. They’re both correct. :man_shrugging:

Crossed, I meant to make the votes viewable, but I cannot change it after 5minutes. Can you check the box for me?

results=always public=true

I laugh at anyone who pronounces it as “Gooey”


Nobody can edit polls after 5 minutes.

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what, do you also say “ahtem” for atm machines?


:confounded: The machine wins again

then get Nobody in here smh my smh


Hes Br*tish :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:
Prolly does

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But you can’t be on both sides of the war at the same time!!! That’s not fair!

Its pronounced G.U.I. idiots. You cant assign words to abbreviations. Its an abbreviation. Not a word. Just say the damned abbreviation.

Laser, taser, scruba, radar
cope and seethe

Wtf is a “scruba”? I am aware of the others.

I was making a joke. Not a point.