Gub Gub good name?

So I am having RukoFamicon threaten to permaban me because my name is “Gub Gub” and I think that is a perfectly acceptable name for a human on MRP and nobody has said shit about it until he showed up and I think he is just trying to get me banned for some reason because legit NO ADMINS have every said shit about my name besides one time I joined as “Gub Gub GUb GUb Gub Gub GUb Gub GUb” but I shortened it to “Gub Gub” so I feel as if Gub Gub is a perfectly acceptable name for a human LOOK First name “Gub” Last Name “Gub” I see no problem with it but what I do see is an admin nitpicking like I can understand my note about the name “Gordan Freeman” on MRP but like Gub Gub is what people know me by and I can’t just switch from that like it’s stupid as hell and I don’t understand it

Threatening to permaban you because you are on the thinnest of ice as it is, and yet so far tonight you’ve been:

  • Told to change your name by two different admins
  • Found guilty of metacomms and set free because you were doing it to teach.
  • Were a terrible self-antagging captain during a greenshift

You aren’t living up to your promise very well at all right now

I just wanna know why no other admins told me to change my name because I don’t wanna be in trouble

Why not play with the name… oh I don’t know… Phoebe Stall?

I just wanna know why no other admins told me to change my name because I don’t wanna be in trouble

You literally admitted to another admin talking to you about it in our ahelp. You tried to claim they told you Gub Gub was a fine alternative to what you were using, which is impossible to believe when that’s already the name you use anyway.

@AgentStriker is the admin that already spoke with you earlier tonight.

I used “Gub Gub Gub Gub Gub Gub Gub Gub Gub Gub” and when I was Ahelped I told them to shorten it to “Gub Gub” and they did

Change your name, if you keep it you will have to play on lrp

Your name should follow your races naming rules. As for humans think, go outside, do you know anyone named “GubGubGubGubGubGubGubGubGub”

I’ll name my first born Gub Gub just to prove Ruko wrong


Rule 4. Use a lore-friendly name, and follow the naming conventions for your species. Do not use the names of famous real/fictional people/characters. Naming yourself after pop-culture items, icons, or references is also prohibited. Only clowns can use meme names.

Presuming you were not the clown, names such as Gub Gub are not MRP friendly names to have. Fact is you were warned by 2 Admins to change your name you should seriously follow their advice.

Please adhere to the rules and try not make things difficult, rules are here for a reason and allow people to enjoy the game.

mfw someone has a slightly unrealistic name and it ruins my immersion, causing me to kill 30 black kids and then myself in a racially charged hatecrime

tfw no evil incarnate


“lore friendly” what lore?


elons fucking kid is named X Æ A-12, i see no problem with gub gub, also if im right in real life you can change your name to whatever the fuck you want, now imagine space.


Just get on the name wagon we all wanna have fun , you just got unbanned just be normal like the rest of us

We don’t care about the name of a rich man’s son, we already are giving enough to you by not enforcing mrp rules, if you want to do meme shit and stuff go back to lrp pleasr

you guys do realize you’re trying to say that your immersion in a 2D space game with wizards and eldritch gods is being ruined by someone having the name “Gub Gub”


So now you’re just ignoring an actual argument because it’s inconvenient to you.


The problem is hes been unbanned and ever since has been causing issues including with his name , The name “GUB GUB GUB GUB GUB GUB GUB GUB” is really not a fucking name its more of a minge statement. Anyway its a name just make a simple one like the rest of us hes not the exception hes a player like everyone else

I’m pretty sure on MRP it’s just Gub Gub, which is two names like you’re supposed to have.

If he’s causing issues, ban him for the legitimate rulebreaks, not some flimsy excuse for one.

I’m also not saying he’s an exception, having weird names is fine with me. It’s fucking space, and a lot of the admins here are practically whining about “muh immersion” because he dares to not give himself some dime-a-dozen name.

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Saw him last night it was not Gub Gub he was forced to change it and he really did not get the message