Grug plasmaman got badmin'd

my boy got a 1 week ban for stealing caps spare on LRP.
“oh its a council ruling that its self antag”
ok but is caps spare a unique item? no its literally just an ID with aa… i’ve stolen that shit tonnes of fuckin times and nobody done shit to me. ive hacked into hop office and robbed him and no ban… RIP to my boy Grug plasmaman

while i think that i should get baned for it, one week is too much, but bastian finally banned me so im happy for him :flushed:

Stealing IDs from the living crew as a non-antag is a self antag move. If this wasn’t the case you’d just have gangs of players forming every round to rob the Heads of their IDs.

bro why ban for greyshitting…
stealing caps spare isnt even against the rules bastian just cant read >:(

there was no cap and no living member was using it

Grug has an extensive history of tiding, toeing the line is equal to crossing it for him. Thems the rules

Just because a Captain has yet to join the round doesn’t make it not theft. This also means you had to break into the quarters to obtain it. If I was playing as a non-antag assistant and you caught me breaking into sec and stealing things from the armory would you sit back and do nothing? You know full well you’d bwoink me and if I told you “It’s okay there are no sec players” you would have banned me on the spot and rightfully so.

You know what you did was wrong.

on lrp the captains spare has always been a grey area
at one point, admins banned for it
at one point, people stopped banning for it
now looks like its bannable again

A case could be made for this being big bad, but captain’s spare is the one unique item we usually see as “OK” to take on LRP. not MRP, of course, but LRP has always been fine with it.

not always
i’ve been banned for taking caps spare on lrp at least 3 times
welll, banned once and noted a few times
but then tyrone kept stealing it for me so

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Stealing spare on LRP bannable? that’s retarded for me, on MRP okay, but on LRP it just should be IC issue, unless stealing that means people can’t get access to parts of the station because it’s low pop and proper captain is nowhere to be seen.

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Lies, the only note i have for that is for “stealing” CE stuff. And kerbin made it so is invalid

Im sure you have plenty of “killed a guy for breathing at him wrong” notes while tiding.

The only valid notes for that were on mrp while I was sec i got literally no notes for killing otherwhise :flushed:

My boi grug and me beat up a clown one time
I got banned but was worth it
R.i.p my boi Grug

based p.dude got banned, gub got banned (think hes unbanned now), and grug got banned now too

admemes release the based greyshitters back into lrp because they’re the lifeblood of it

i was ling and you were my target but you was such a good sport i just rolled with the rage cage project 10/10 round

Ily bruh
Way you helped defend my date the Ai
Then we beat a clown, was kink

Was the cage finished in my honour?

Go down, Grug
Way down in Admin land
Tell all Jannys to
Let my people go!


don’t play head if you are so unrobust that grug steals your ID