GrimlockCyber banned by Acronad

CKEY: GrimlockCyber

Admin’s CKEY: Acrnonad

Ban Type: Server

Ban Length: Perma

Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/): 2023/05/25

Round ID: 44189

Ban Reason: “Validhunt”

Appeal Reason: I was not, under any circumstances validhunting the mime. The mime was breaking into both my kitchen and botany, and when he tried to run away and blocked off the botanist. I persued him and we got into a fight. He nearly beat me to death but was stopped by a beepsky. When I was revived in medical, I was trying to bring him to security but the clown kept interfering. I then got tired of this and logged off.

Additional Information: I am so fucking tired of every god damn server, starting shit with me. I have not even been a player for a year and every time I try and do anything interesting or whatever these servers accuse me of being this malicious greifer and its so fucking exaustive. Admins will harass me all day for stuff that I haven’t even done and accuse me of the wildest shit and I have to sit there and take it. It is tiring and all I want to do is play this fucking game.

Pursuing someone after you’ve already scared them off is textbook validhunting.


I do not agree with you whatsoever.

Straight From the Escalation policy Rule page.

It’s valid hunting


Relevant clauses from the rules and policies

Full ban reason:

as a non-antag cook valid-hunted the mime, initiating a fight with the mime for no clear reason, Disconnected before I could bwoink come explain yourself on the forums.

Your ban is only permanent so that staff can discuss it with you on the forums because they either didn’t get the chance to explain what you did was wrong, or assumed you were wrong based on what they had until you could provide an explanation.

Your ban will very likely be shortened, just gotta wait for an admin to get here and discuss.


I am going to dedicate my life to getting that stupid rule removed. It has been the bane of my existance, the fact that something as arbitary as “spessman leavess screen” and the fact you persue them on an MRP server is downright malicious and idiotic.

I am not going to let some stupid self antag break into my department and get away with it.

According to the wording of the rule, it is not allowed to do this at all even if you are a security player.

If its against the rules, fine but I am not going to let it remain as a rule set. I am going to find a way to remove this stupid citation that is utterly incompatible to the spirit of the game and MRP.

It gives self antags the freedom to grief and bully players and players are not at all allowed to do anything about it.

Its a server rule. If you don’t like the rule you don’t like the server. The rule won’t change to fit your playstyle. There are other servers where you’d maybe feel like you fit better, perhaps?

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As was said before this was another to forums explanation, on that note though the very first thing i want to address is that: If you wish to leave the round please use the cryo pods and don’t just disconnect, using the cryo pods frees up your job slot in case others want to play it.

Now then

This right here, this is validhunting. You saw a threat and defended your work place, fine, whats not fine is you chasing them as a non combat trained role, you didn’t attempt to call sec you instead decided to take it upon yourself to stop the valid. You also really shouldn’t have been trying to take them to sec yourself as once again you aren’t a security role or deputy, not as bad as validhunting admittedly but still bad as it still makes you look like youre only interested in stopping the valid.

We’ve been through this whole song and dance before but I’ll ask again, are you here to role play? Or are you just here to win a game?

Consider giving our rules a careful read over again so as to avoid breaking them.

Also a reminder to everyone. Keep posts relevant to the ban appeal. If your post is not relevant to the appeal please do not post it

That is a defeatist mindset. If the admins implemented a rule that prevented or encouraged a self antag playstyle (like the one mentioned above) It should be removed. Server’s rules should ALWAYS be subject to change and not at the whim of admins.

I am here to RP like many others are. I am not going to let someone self antag in my department and ruin RP for others.

Just to be clear… are you saying that you want to play a self-antagging character here or am i misunderstanding this?

I am stating that the rule (powergaming #3) is worded in a way that encourages, and gives power to self antaggers and griefers that prevents players who do want to RP.

If a self antag wanted to run into medbay, hit a bunch of people with a chainsaw, they could then run out of the department and not be persued or punished by the medical staff.

You could argue security could do something about it but security could either be dead or persuing a much greater threat, or as it is commonly seen with security players; not looking at the radio and ignoring all instances of actual crime and harm.

edit: This also applies to regular antagonists as well.

If you believe someone to be self-antagging you should ahelp the issue immediately, same for grief. You should not break character and act in an OOC manner just because. The rules apply to everyone and are enforced on everyone, if you arent going to abide by our rules then you’re going to find your stay on beestation very short.

Back to the original point here. To recap, you saw someone breaking into botany and the kitchen, to which you go out to fight them, they run and you chased them down to fight them, resulting in you being out into crit. Later at medical you take it into your own hands to bring them to sec, rather than at any point contacting sec?


How a rule is worded or what about a rule could be changed is completely and utterly irrelevant to a ban appeal.

If you believe something about a rule or policy needs change then we‘re always open for suggestions.
But ban appeals are not the place for suggestions.

This ban appeal will be handled under the current active ruleset.

I hate to break it to you but Bee is not MRP

I did contact security. However the clown kept interfering and sec never arrived, my intention was to bring the mime’s body to outside of brig and leave him there for the warden to hopefully pick him.

Then where can I make my case against this rule?

Suggestions section of the forums.