Grief is not LRP

Netspeak is not LRP. Grief is not LRP. Wordless violence is not LRP. It isn’t roleplay at all. You can’t have a roleplay server where everyone thinks that they’re roleplaying by simply not griefing or referencing among us. There’s a huge problem with people saying “but I was in character and acting how he would act” when banned for LRP because everyone keeps conflating grief with LRP. Stop it. People walk in, see phrases like “welderbombing and other LRP actions” and think good roleplay is just… playing the game.

This is how we get people with thousands of hours suddenly finding out they aren’t playing correctly and feeling hurt because of it. This is how we get ban appeals that say “but I was roleplaying”. This is how we get a server of silent job-doers who wander the halls silently, who don’t ask you for your service, who act shocked that nobody will talk to them.

Stop saying Grief is what LRP, bad roleplay is.


I know there are people who are doing the right thing, but the vast majority of people seem to think otherwise.


LRP = More focus on Player Freedom then Player Experience
MRP = Player Freedom and Player Experience have the same focus
HRP = More focus on Player Experience then Player Freedom


Only in how TG does it. LRP is still roleplay. Think of High Fantasy vs Low Fantasy. LRP allows for more shenanigans, as long as you adhere to a character. MRP allows for a little silliness, but is more grounded. And HRP I presume is almost entirely just realism.


yeah I totally agree with you

This, I like this, how do we get this front paged or given a page on the wiki guides.

I think part of rhe problem is literally everyone has ALL the metaknowledge and instantly knows exactly what is going on for the rest of the round.

Except me because I have a RL JOB. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah you pretty much nailed it. LRP is pretty wild and fun when it’s actually LRP and not NRP.


separating roleplay as lrp mrp or hrp is stupid tbh


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