Greyshirts guide to easy but weird murder: part 1

so you want to do a fucking murder? are you hopelessly unrobust and/or unable to get conventionally murder weapons? well, this is the guide for you! these murder methods may not be the best, but they are efficent-ish.

1. The power of the e-cig.
The E-cig most people think its just a shitty smoke machine, but to me its a multi-use smoke grenade, the amount of things you can put in it is pretty crazy, here are some

  • Got a cult? put some holy water in
  • an ipc? put some poison inside
  • are a cult? put unholy water in it

2. Plant pots, just plant pots
Plant pots to most are just useless decoration, but to me they are okay-ish weapons spread around the station to kill anyone who thinks that crowbars are a good weapon

3.The power of running away
you may think running away is a bad thing, but a strategic flee is always better than an un-strategic death, so if you are being hunted by someone or something just run the fuck away, they cant melee from afar and its harder to hit shots when your a hallway across, and if they are even the SLIGHTEST bit slower than you, you have a good chance to go away

4. Mid-battle rests
This only applies to when fighting someone whos shooting you but has bad aim so he just shoots in your general direction, but if you see someone doing that, rest hell have a bad time trying to shoot you and by the time he realises he has to directly click on you its when you strike and go for either a disarm or a counterattack of your own, or maybe a strategic retreat

A stun or two can be the difference between life and death, especially when the opponent has a high damage weapon, some good stuns are

  • A creampie
  • A flash (not very effective on security and nukies)
  • Water splashes
  • and the old shove

so now Mr. unrobust go on and get killed as these methods are sub-par and willy inefficient!

part 2: Unrobust greyshits guide to being a bit less unrobust: part 2 electric boogaloo