Greentext and memetext bragging

this post should be self explanatory to you

Floating around as a ghost one round, doing ghost things.
Suddenly, “do you want to play as a syndicate Saboteur cyborg?”
Pick yes. I get the role, cool.
The operatives had declared war and they were preparing to move in.
Saboteur cyborgs were on discount, So I was with two other borgies.
20 minutes is up, we climb aboard the shuttle and fly off to the station. The crew seems moderately well armed this time.
Suddenly I get an idea.
Activate my chameleon projector, disguising me as Bishop the engineering cyborg.
Stroll past armed crew members, subvert another borg on the way.
Begin prying up crowbars in the central primary hallway.
Place down disposal pipes, forming a loop with a single entry chute.
A moth stares and walks past me. Nothing to see here miss.
Begin to put my plan in action. Replace the floor tiles.
Buckle unsuspecting crewmembers to my chassis, *spin to make them fly off in front of me into the disposal loop.
Some assistants cluelessly walk into the loop on their own.
Catch 8-12 victims, including the HOS, in my disposal loop, they are all terribly confused.
The common radio is full of “HELP US” and “KILL THE BORG”. My entire chat is spammed with CLONG
Suddenly an explosion occurs nearby. A syndicate bomb destroys the entire loop and everyone inside. It also breaks my disguise, causing me to die quickly.
Neutral victory because the captain didn’t get to the shuttle in time, and a single Saboteur cyborg remained.

  • floating around as a ghost
  • “do you want to play as a syndicate sabetour cyborg”

all of dead chat knows that there is only two ways this round is going to end

there’s two kinds of people here today, people with loaded guns, and people who dig

so its not greentext but still, it was wizord round, ghosts became visible and were emmiting light, so i got killed by shadowling, GUESS WHAT, i called all my ghost buddies, and we all spectated shadowling, and that killed him, cause we all emitted light and shit, bruh

I was in that round, an admin pulled us away from his body because our holy ghost auras prevented him from reviving.

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oh i didnt know that haha, thats even more funny

@MarkSuckerberg we got them pizzas good, brother

here comes a long one, boys

be me
“okay, standard chemist setup, lets just make some hea–”
assassinate two people
lowpop, literally less than 10 people
okay, easy enough

“Hey, where’s the station engineer?”
“They’re SSD.”
ez clap
get engineer over to medbay, for “safekeeping”
already built small room in medbay maint (literally only needed to open one door to find the area, very shitty hiding spot, but it was my first time as traitor)
(going along with this, i literally did not realize how to use my uplink, i only used chemistry to do all this shit)
remove everything on engineer, ziptie and buckle to chair
go do some other chemistry shit to maintain inconspicuousness
come back with morphine n shit
engi is awake
inject full of morphine to overdose
engi whispers in their last breath “asshole”
gg no re
shove body into locker inside maintenance area

go along for a long time doing regular chemistry stuff
next target comes into medbay to get help with surgery, both alone inside surgery room
“Hey, I got into Virology and made a healing virus. You can use this syringe.”
“Oh, cool. Sure.”
syringe actually has more morphine
target goes horizontal, asleep
drag into maintenance room, blindfolded, ziptied, and buckled to chair
speak way too much and delay fucking murdering them via lethal injection
target gets brain damage from how much shit ive been injecting them with
decide to finally end them after cringy roleplay and general stalling
now, we wait

later in, shuttle is called
get ready to leave
but then, wizard comes in
immediate panic, but apparently wiznerd is friendly
apparently wiznerd has gimmick of hating chemistry (totally not metagrudge hurr)
ask him to gib the geneticist monkeys with immovable rod, after they break my chemistry stuff by immovable rodding into chemistry
does so, accidentally crashes into locker containing the two assassination targets of mine
“Hey doctor, are these your patients?”
“Huh? Don’t know where those came from.”
wiznerd shoots me with fireball
i die
i do not greentext
i was on the verge of greatness, i was this close

this round kinda got me into traitor antag because on my second antag play i realized how to use the uplink, and not using my uplink also brought me into deciding to make my antag plays stealth, but now i have the access to TATOR GEAR to upgrade my meme experience

still debating on whether that wiznerd was metagrudging or not but i dont care i had fun with legal murder

yeah sleepy pen works great with chems, it holds 45 units and injects people instantly, you can grind some food, and inject people it, and you will have fatties

Killing pepole when there is less than 10 pepole. Shame on you what will those pepole do for 2 hours

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silence, they were fucking nerds anyways i didnt like how they performed their jobs and also i am CHEMIS

I have a good one.

Be me.
Roll medical doctor
Roll traitor.
Crap, im still new at the game.
Read wiki for like 10 minutes
Ok, i need to kill some one, and steal the hos gun
Target literally dies without me ever seeing him.
Shuttle is called
At 1 min mark till shuttle arrives, i emag my way into hos room, hoping he left it in his locker.
He didn’t
Go to shuttle, end up in command zone with hos and RD
I start plotting how i’ll get hos gun
He drops it on the floor

He literally just drops the gun with zero ammo on the floor.
I pick it up and greentext

Also, stealth traitor is best traitor. Murderbone lame.


I have one that was laughably easy
Log on
No one else online
Pick engi
Becomes traitor
Steal 2 things
Break into caps office gets aa
Walk in and pick up the things
Set up power
Go to the white ship
Go afk
Return and hour later
They just called shuttle
Sit tight
Get greentext

i mean mrp is really easy cause low pop

Oga: Exists
Antags that are not aware that cameras exist: fuck

Be me
Medical Doctor
”Time to do surger-“
Wisky, Ekko, Wisky, Lima,Alpha,Delta,
Aight traitor time, should I just-
Fucking @windowserrors is traitor QM and already emagged his megaphone roundstart to brag about traitor QM rights
I waste no fucking time and haul my ass towards Cargo
Buy briefcases of money
Buy nullcrates
Keep some gloves of the north star, syringe gun and chem kit for myself, the rest i don’t really care

FFWD a lil’ bit
Fucking Zane validhunts but decides to spare us in exchange of syndie stuff
I’m just walking around getting AA
Fuck no
Emag my way into cap’s office
He’s there
Cracks IPC knuckles
ATx200 Cap’s ass
Recall shuttle
I slam his ass into crit
Curbstomp into submission
Destroy comms console
Roll for charisma
nat 20
I tell him the hulk killed cap, and I just killed the hulk
Walk away sweating bullets

AI calls for human harm
Lizard validhunter is trying to kill Oga and human Warden
My time to shine has come
Rush to dorms, syringe gun loaded with Curare with malicious intent
For those who don’t know: literally paralyzes you after like 9 ticks until it leaves your body
0.15 units per tick
15 units means a long ass time paralyzed
Lizard Inari is there
Guy has probably the entire armory on his bag
Shoot syringe
Guy inmediately disables me
I have no armor and I’m an IPC, he pulls out a riot shotgun, probably filled with buckshot
I close my eyes and accept my fate

Guy forgot to load the shotgun and pump out the used shell
manages to put a shell in before falling onto the floor
I get up
Spam leftclick until *deathgasp
Curbstomp for good measure

Frankly I can’t remember if Oga even lived, let alone if I greentexted, but Warden did live. But damn that was a nice round.


server crashed that round

inari wasnt an antagonist

he fucking killed like half of sec and looted armory

gets dabbed on by an actual antagonist

next time leave the armory sucking and security killing to the actual antagonists, fucking greytiding scum


Yeah, everyone who does that is valid, thougg Inari gets killed by doing that often.

It was fucking fun to ATx100 him though

two of them were little bitchass vampires who thought they could bat form out of everything

they tried to insult my intelligence by bat form ventcrawling into the captains office and taking the jetpack

they tried to bat form ventcrawl into my office with an armblade

needless to say they both got the receiving end of 5 incendiary shells, and one managed to bat form ventcrawl away, before the other promptly dusted into a pile of bones in the hallway outside sec

there is a certain mindset that i am indoctrinated into when the changelings have the “impersonate security department” team objective, and the only security happens to be me and the late join detective who committed suicide on the arrivals shuttle

a mindset where i acknowledge the fact that that i am the only thing preventing them from murderboning the entire station


Sir, this is McDonald’s. Please keep your Compact Combat Shotgun away from the children.

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