Great waiting 5 days for admins to awnser will be soo fun, ban appeal by kate bishop

**CKEY:**kate bishop

**Admin’s CKEY:**ethenius

**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:**mrp

**Which server did the ban happen on?**mrp

**Ban Type:**server

**Ban Length:**a week lmao

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**2020-05-24 01:34

**Round ID:**16309

**Ban Reason:**On Sage during a greenshift, tried to subvert the chain of command as chap by trying to be Captain. Authed by Aeder

Appeal Reason:
Be promoted by captain for some ungodly reason>literally dont do shit whit AA other than shit announcements>new cap busts into my office, i tell him hes a faker>he battons me and gets shoot whit blue pew pew lasers about 11 times>make a shit stars wars reference on an announcement>be banned.

Additional Information:
waiting 20 years for admins to respond only for them to give a shit reason about the ban will be SOOO fun.

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20 characters read logs the next time

Obvious metafriending from the cap’s side however why did Kate accept the promotion when the cap was blatantly metafriending and breaking a rule and then proceed to attack the new cap for trying to detain them when they see a chaplain masquerading as cap
This is clearly a completely legitimate ban and Kate should know better than to metafriend and self antag like that

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How were there two caps?
Bureaucratic error event?
Original cap cryoed?

Sounds like you were being a shitter and cap whined when he wasnt robust enough to fuck your face for it. Seems like a legit ban to me tho

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no he made me cap before cryoing, literally i was the new cap.

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If you’re not going to take the appeal format or posts seriously why should we?

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and yes that breaks the chain of command but THE CAPTAIN broke it NOT ME.

if you arent going to read the logs and you are banning on pure hearsay, why should i?

Ruh Roh shaggy

New council member already getting themselves banned.

I’m guessing that was in response of what @anon60218928 posted

This is literally the most serious i’ve ever seen him be.

Kinda cringe chief.


Special treatment my ass. Everyone is expected to make a ban appeal. Why are you different?


because, if you where walking someone offered you 100$ and you took it, imediatelly after a sec officer busts in and detains you b saying you stole those 100$, would you want to undergo trial or try to explain the situation.

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do you really think the metafriend thing is serious, i literally dont know the captain nor did i self antag.

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If he pursued you to make you captain then you cant be at blame but not sure why you didn’t handover captain back to the actual captain when you were a actual chaplain

because isntead of calmly asking me he went directly to battoning me.

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But that’s not a right comparison.

Going to trial is inevitable, and you can defend yourself there.

You’re just acting like the law doesn’t apply to you.

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literally a “oi why are you here” would have explained the situation.

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read be4 u post…

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the law does and you can avoid a trial by proving that whats is in your car is powder milk and not cocaine.

cap also doesnt know me.

literally a rando that came to be and seems fairly new