Grandps ban appeal

Title: [CKEY] banned by [Admin’s CKEY]

CKEY:Grandps (I changed it to KingStrongMan for the sake of getting my usernames the same between platforms .)

Admin’s CKEY: RukoFanCon

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:Both

Which server did the ban happen on? Mrp i think.

Ban Type:indefinite

Ban Length:Till the next big bang or ganb gib as the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy puts it

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):04-12-2020

Round ID:is ban id the same thing as round id? uh ill put both Round: 14551, Ban: 13018

Ban Reason:Self antaging reallly hard. i set up a bomb during a greenshift out of bordem

Appeal Reason:What I did was really fucking stupid and i just wanna play on this codebase again

Additional Information:Its been over a year since ive played on this server. What I did was fucking dumb and the ban was deserved. sorry if i fucked up this format im doing it with a broken screen so i can only see half of it


have you been playing on any other servers while you have been away from Bee?

Neutral party posting CC record: CentCom | View Bans

User has 2 active Perma bans.

Likely not related but there is a duplicate account under grandps1 that has a separate ban history

Yeah grandps1 was me but honestly ive basically stopped playing ss13 as whole. last server i played on was the new fallout 13 server but my character got raped and i was not feeling playing more ss13 after that.

We require a vouch from another reputable server in order to lift your ban here. You’ll have to play somewhere else long enough for staff there to be willing to put a good word in for you when you ask.