GradusNL/Elias Marshall Player Report

In-game report:

   Title: [Offender’s CKEY] Player Report
   CKEY: WhyIsCaeciliusTaken

   Your Discord: SunTzuSaidThat#3754

   Offender’s CKEY: GradusNL

   LRP or MRP server: LRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Elias Marshall

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 01-04-2020

   Round Number: 11062

   Rules Broken: 1, 2, 3

incident Description: As captain, Elias committed a wide variety of invalid kills and imprisonments:
1: He permagulagged an assistant for being let into EVA by a borg
2: He cremated me, a nonantag clown, over (admittedly correct) hearsay that I had built two walls in front of the brig, blocking the doors.
3: On the shuttle, he hardcritted a miner using a combat shotgun for breaking the sec area window.

Additional Information: N/A
edited with correct ckey

Wog seething, this post was brought to you by not seething gang.


1: I set his point count to the default 200. Not my fault gulag is bugged. Completely invalid.
2: I personally saw you throw metal foam grenades at the brig. This makes it logical that you were walling it off too. You also were trying to prevent me from making an arrest by slipping me. Doing all this during a fucking ling round made it seem like you were a ling being lowkey so I cremated your ass. Stay salty greytider. Don’t claim you are “nonantag” when you are selfantag.
3: That was honestly a mistake, I forgot I loaded the riot shotgun with buckshot instead of rubber shot. It was a riot shotgun by the way, not combat. By the time I realized my mistake the miner was already being dragged off and getting healed. Only point in this list with some validity, but nothing banworthy, maybe a note.

P.S. Get my fucking CKEY right, retardius.

Slipping you once with soap, throwing two metal foam grenades and building two walls as a clown is a capital offence


Slipping me during an arrest, throwing two metal foam grenades at the brig blocking it and building two walls blocking the brig. Stop fucking selfantagging and maybe you won’t get treated like an antag. How easy to make it seem like anything is reasonable when you take out all context.

Stay salty.

Neither of those three things are selfantag, especially not for a clown, and they’re definately not executable offences.

  • Metal foam is instantly removable with any non force 0 object
  • Walls can be deconned in under 30s, and I did not fully block off the brig, I left 4 different entrances intact.

At best, you got the clown for resisting arrest and obstruction of a work place, (though the clowns job more or less is that) neither of which are capital crimes and justify execution.

Why exactly would you gulag an assistant who was let into EVA?

I gulag’d them cause I saw them breaking out and they stole shit from EVA. I also don’t give a shit about people being let into places by the AI or borgs. It’s still trespassing since they don’t have access or a justifiable reason to be there. AI or borgs have to provide access. I gulag’d him 2 minutes worth of points.

Being a clown doesn’t justify constantly harrasing sec and forcing them to deal with their dumb shit. Sec had to constantly deal with you blocking brig and removing the shit you were placing there. You didn’t just slip me once and fucked off again. You continued trying to slip me causing a potentially deadly situation. All it would take was an antag with a fireaxe to come by or the guy I was trying to arrest to pull a weapon and I would be dead with you cheering on the fucking radio like the greytider you are.
You know this shit as well as I do. You also know how far to go before you lose the plausible deniability of “Just being a clown honk honk”. You’ve got all 3 examples of selfantag down without doing it so much it is obvious.
Damage to the station? Check, repeatedly blocking the sec hallway.
Attacking other players without a valid reason? Check, slipping me in a combat situation.
Subverting the chain of command? Check, targeting sec and command with your shittery.
My point with this is that your counter-argument is going to be “just clown things”. And there we have how you are pushing the rules just so far without breaking them. I killed your ass for it, cry some fucking more.

It should also be pointed out how your salty ass blew me up, dealing with it ingame.

I’m still unsure if you’re serious or not. Are you seriously trying to argue that slipping the captain with soap once during an arrest is selfantag? Or blocking the main entrance to the brig twice?

By this logic every assistant ever should be banned or valided for “selfantag” for breaking into tech storage for insulated gloves, or disconnecting the flasher in the gulag shuttle/HoPline, as would anyone who shoved a sec officer and stole their baton.

“destroying the station” refers to bombing, arson and mass vandalism, such as randomly breaking every window in the brig. I know that, almost all of the server knows that but apparently not you.

“subverting the chain of command” refers to mutinies and similar, not annoying the captain.

“attacking people” is not slipping them once during an arrest. “but a fireaxe wielding antag could have turned up and attacked me” is not an argument because by that logic shoving the captain over once is selfantag.

Your lack of understanding of the rules (or perhaps deliberate linetoeing to get “muh valids”) is nothing short of astounding.

You keep trying to separate those actions. They all combined. You kept harassing sec the entire round. Stop trying to separate them as if you can’t consider them combined. Those other examples aren’t of somebody harassing sec the entire round so not the fucking same and you know it. The rest of your post is just the expected deflection. I already said it isn’t the exact same as that obvious shit. It’s lowkey shit that doesn’t reach that level because you are pushing it but not breaking it.

…it’s clown.

  • Slipping someone is not self antag. Hell, you could’ve arrested them for doing it mid-arrest, but it’s not something worth validing someone for.
  • Using a metal foam grenade on a hallway is not self antag since that stuff can literally be removed with one to three hits from anything that’s slightly robust, even your emergency oxygen tank.
  • You can’t cremate someone without any actual proof of them being lings.

Don’t insult the admin.

Still grounds for arrest, not outright killing someone for.

Putting down a wall does not equal damage to the station.

If he were to, say, fireaxe windows leading to space, or literally expose station to space, or break machinery, weld vents and such, then yes. Building a wall is not damages to the station.

Slipping does no damage unless you slip on lube and fly 200 mph into a wall.

Do you know what subverting means?

Him fucking with command staff and security does not equal to subverting the chain of command.

It would be subverting CoC if he somehow tried to ACTUALLY do shit that would require the permission of a head of staff to do, or being a head of staff to do it. Or trying to overthrow you, for example.

You separated them on the first place, though.

Like, the funniest part of all of this is that you could’ve literally arrested him for so many charges yet you went for killing him when he wasn’t valid.

IF we follow spess law (which ain’t canon and more of a guidelines, so take it with a grain of salt);

  • Building walls/barricades to X workplace? Counts as Sabotage.
  • Fucking with you while you arrest someone that is a known criminal to the entire crew? Aiding and Abetting. Same sentence as the guy he tried to prevent an arrest for.

None of the shit he did was worthy of a visit to the cremator.

He’s just clown, honk honk. Exactly what I already said is his excuse for harassing sec. You using it too to excuse his fucking behaviour. I never said what he did is the same as blowing the station up or any of the obvious versions, he’s just doing lowkey versions of it that don’t reach the punishable levels. Can’t blow sec up? Let’s block it. Can’t kill sec? Let’s slip them in combat and leave them vulnerable. Can’t overthrow sec and command? Let’s just force them to deal with me harassing them the entire round. Lowkey versions of the same shit that isn’t punishable by the rules. I caught him in the middle of a bunch of lings getting arrested so I cremated his ass too for being a suspicious shit all round. No fucking regrets, you can put that in the description.

Also, if he doesn’t care enough or respect me enough to get my fucking name right I am going to insult him right back. Stop white knighting. Admins greytiding get no fucking respect for me either. Shining examples of good player behaviour they are. Toxic admins deserve toxic players. Wonder how most of the server is either greytide or shitsec…

Being annoying as clown is not against the rules.

It was a single letter.

So you admit on acknowledging that you killed him for no valid reason other than “wrong place wrong time”, plus growing tired of him doing non-valid stuff that’s not against the rules?

I admit to cremating him for being a ling based on the string of lings found at the time and his suspicious behaviour all round targeting sec and command. My suspicion turned out to be wrong, too bad, no regrets.

[Curb Your Enthusiasm starts playing]

Me, a trialmin and a seniormin agreed on giving you a week long server ban due to the fact that half of your notes are literally about overescalation/killing someone that isn’t valid, and we are slapping a month long heads of staff and security role ban until you actually understand how validity and Chain of Command works.

I’ll be closing this report in a few minutes. Feel free to add any comment/s.

Sure, how about you deal with all these fucking greytiders. Greytiders can do whatever shit they want, rulelawyering all day. I crack down on them and I get a ban. Your fucking admins are greytiders and you got greytiders applying for council. Hippie atleast manages to acknowledge the greytide and take steps to curb it in some way. Get your shit together.

Gonna drop my input since I’m the trialmin he’s talking about. I literally banned you for something similar like two weeks ago as HoP. I put just an HoP ban in place hoping that you’d quit valid hunting as a head role. It was a three day server ban for delegging a person for literally breaking one glass panel to the HoP office because you were ignoring him. Quit looking for any way to valid people.

Fuck greytiders. You try playing head roles and not get to the point you want to fucking valid any greytider you see. I’ll go be a greytider too then since that shit seems to be fine and dandy. Encouraged even since shitmins are doing it.

…Do you know the ‘concept’ of greytiding?

I sense…a new grog