GothamMoth baned by hollandaise

CKEY: GothamMoth

Admin’s CKEY: hollandaise

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: dont know

Which server did the ban happen on? lrp

Ban Type: forever

Ban Length: until 9999

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 3/6/2021

Round ID: 27664

Ban Reason: Brand new account making maxcaps, appeal if you care.

Appeal Reason: I started playing the game yesterday because a friend got me into it,and i was playing a round and asked the RD how to make bombs,he showed me how to make a bomb so i made one as cult and blew up security.Next round they said in ooc that there will be alot of antags so i thought that i could make 1 bomb and hide it and use it to suicide blow them up but i got deleted when i left it in toxins and started to exit science.Admin said i was gonna place them around station and then baned me.

Additional Information: I was only wanting to suicide bomb bad mangs

Can you get a vouch from your friend? I mean, assuming they’re not imaginary and you’re not ban evading.

what do you mean vouch from a friend?

You said your friend got you into the game. Could you maybe get your friend to verify that what you’re saying is true, and that you just happen to be a fast learner?

Umm verify which part,my friend only taught me some basic things and told me to ask around.I can provide a picture of the bomb rd taught me to make when i bombed security.

One of which was maxcaps, the most dangerous and banworthy things in the game and also one of the more complex things for a brand new player.

Either you’re lying and you’re not new, or your “friend” basically set you up to be banned.

Honestly all you have to do to make this ban go away is get that friend to show up and say “yeah I taught him how to make maxcaps.” It can’t be that hard. It’s a permanent ban otherwise, surely your friend can help you out?

No he didnt tell me how to make bombs,the rd in the previous round did.

Know the RD player’s name then? Surely they can vouch that they taught you how to make maxcaps?

Honestly have no idea,i wasnt really paying attention to that.

Also i think you are confused,the RD and my friend are 2 seperate people.I think it would be pretty hard contacting or finding the RD’s name as i have no acces o the game.

Uhhhh not to peanut post,but i was just skimming through the wiki and it seems that the bombs can be activated by a remote.I did not put any remote on the bomb before hiding it so the admins accusation falls off short.

I find this fairly hard to believe tbh if the player satistics are correct you haven’t even put an hour into this game and you’ve already managed to make a maxcap in your first 40 minutes of playing. Even if I give you the benefit of the doubt I don’t think suiciding with a maxcap to kill one antag is even allowed. due to the damage it would cause.

Again im not sure you read that right,i didnt suicide to kill an antag,i was cult and killed all of sec.Also i played some other server for a bit then i saw this one on the hub.

It would be really cool if people could stop peanut posting 20 replies because they are dyslexic and unable to read what i wrote,beside that you 2 are not admins and i really do not care about what you have to say please refrain from clogging up the thread thank you.

Making toxins bomb isn’t that easy.

This is element that is exclusive to space station, you won’t find it anywhere else.
I don’t believe you are able to master making maxcaps in your first 40 minutes and then wrap and hide it.

This should be denied.

Again i have no idea what is a maxcap,im 99% sure i havent mastered anything.I was just trying to do what rd taught me last round and i got suddenly deleted.I didnt wrap it and hide it,i just tried to put some packing paper i found on it.

This seems pretty overblown for making a bomb,i didnt even learn to make it myself.I read the rules and nothing says im prohibited from attempting to make stuff.

it took me 2-3 days to realise how to open a box in ss13 I don’t think someone could learn to make a maxcap in their first 40 minutes even with guidance.


When you asked the RD how to make bombs, they responded with:

You already knew how to make them, and how to make tritium on the start of your “very first” round, how to wrench canisters, etc. etc.

This appeal is a farce