Gorilla is insanely underpowered

Whereas monke can literally walk on tables like any other tile, gorilla can’t even climb onto them. He can’t break tables or things either. Why does he have massive strength levels when hitting mobs but he can’t do anything to tables, windows, or cameras? It’s rediculous. What if you get gorilla as chef or bartender. WHOOPS, no climbing tables for you. Better hope your id didn’t fly off somewhere when you gibbed. Like if the Gorilla is supposed to be this huge rampaging animal, why does a fucking table stop it? Why do I need to find a fireaxe or something just to be able to go through windows or doors? It makes absolutely no sense.


That’s pretty fucked

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Wow that was a fast like

Yeah. I rolled Monke as chef one round, made some very basic donk pockets so crew wouldn’t go hungry… and transformed into a raging, rabid, super-powerful gorilla!!! …that had to search for an ID card to leave the kitchen because there was a table in the way and he couldn’t leave.