Good SciFi Media Thread

Of course, there’s the stuff that inspired SS13:

  • Alien
  • Startrek
  • Starwars
  • The Blob
  • The Thing

What other good ones, or more recent ones, are there?

Fellas in outer paris

space station 13 is good I’ve heard


red dwarf will always have a place among my favourite sci fi media even if i can be a bit shit

40k is great.​​​​​​​​​​​​


First Starship Troopers movie is gucci

honesty i want some red dwarf references in ss13

(if one person says WYCI i’m gonna beat the shit out of you and burn your house down)

so uhhhhhhhh
WYCI my friend

where do you live i’m coming with gasoline and a lighter

ill tell you where i live WYCI

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I like Prey 2017 and FTL


The Expanse is one of my favorite recent series. But the universe gets a little old after the 4/5 books. (It also has a really good show)

Spaceballs is a great satire

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i have a real soft spot for hard sci-fi, but there aren’t a lot of shows for that kinda thing and a lot of the games for it are spreadsheet simulators.

some soft sci-fi? read the Chaos Walking books, they’re about the lives of people in horrible, horrible poverty in the far future

Steins;gate also there is a mad scientist coat ingame.

hard sci-fi

Care to give some examples?

Dead Space


children of a dead earth
the Expanse is pretty good, there’s a few unrealistic things but it’s still as close as it gets in mainstream media
atomic rockets has a lot of excerpts from hardsci media

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i love the suit and weapon designs in dead space but i’m such a pussy i physically can’t play through the games. I’ve been in the tutorial for the first for a solid year now

space station 12, duh

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