Good boys of Beestation, what is the best sauce for tendies?

I saved up my GBP all week and I can finally afford a bulk dipping sauce from Sam’s Club, but mommy says I can only get one. What sauce should I get?

Best Tendie Suace
  • Ketchup (eww normie)
  • Mustard (13 brands)
  • Mayo (Canada?)
  • Hunny Mussy (The Classic)
  • Ranch (Gigachad)
  • BBQ (Sweet and Tangy)
  • Tartar Sauce (you madman)
  • Queso (Yeehaw)
  • Boom Boom Sauce™
  • Chick Fil A Sauce (Shrigma Male)
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The unholy mixture of Ketchup and Mayo known as Ketchunaise.


We call that Pink sauce here and it fits even with the walls


You mean 1000 island dressing?

Where is buffalo sauce, the best option. How could you exclude it

Better: buffalo ranch

Imagine needing sauce, I eat tendies with no sauce. I don’t like sauces on food (few exceptions).

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You mean Burger Sauce?

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Blue Cheese or Ranch.


Brown sauce.

Mustard, be it spicy, honeyed, or vinegar-y.
All mustards are good <3


Of course the french guy would say that

Regular Honey.
Because I’m a sugar junky

There are only three real choices that I know of.

Spicy mayo - just mix your mayo with some hot sauce or get some Heinz “Mayoratcha” which is a pre-mixed Mayo-siracha

Plum sauce - also known as sweet and sour sauce, preferably the viscous kind.

Dejon or Honey Mustard - plain mustard while good is not a true standalone sauce and should thusly be set aside for either the Zesty or sweet’n’savory derivitives.

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I like pepper sauce

If you’re down for blending sauces (ask mom for a double dip in the condiments aisle) there’s also “Awesome Sauce” that’s a blend of ranch and BBQ. Devil Dawgs uses it a lot of their stuff and it’s great

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You mean fry sauce?

Uhm achtually 1000 island also has dill relish in it :nerd_face:

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So disappointed that no one has talked about the godly sauce that is Aioli, I use it on everything and anything.


Oh fuck you’re right, I never have it on hand so I hadn’t considered it.

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Hey here is the Netherlands we got Peanut Sauce used for french fries and onions are a part too of the fries, and I love it but there is no option to choose it so im tossing a google doc of never seen before midi songs as a form hate speech. LC13 PM Songs - Google Docs