Golem spawning

When you make multiple golems its hard to give all of them the same order when they spawn because you might not be there when they spawn and unless you spam your orders as an adamantine golem (and you might get ic muted) most golems wont know what to do.
So my idea is that when you start making golem shells you can give an order/directive to all of the golems that will spawn from golem shells.

Or there could be a text box that pops up when you place a complete a golem shell, thus allowing you to just C+P a directive if you wanna build a golem militia

There is something similar to that for sentient spiders. If you are the first sentient brood spider, you can create an objective for all future spiders of your lineage.

That would work, or just make it so that golems that spawn are automatically given objectives that mirror the person that created them. However that does make giving objectives to non antag golems harder.

Usually I just make golems and tell them to go to HoP and get a fuckin job. An antagonist golem army is unreliable, and since only xenobio can actually create them its easy to figure out who is pumping out the golem and mob army that is killing people. Its less risky to do like 75% of the other shit you can do as an antagonist xenobio.