[Golden] The BS miner cost changes have been reverted

BeeStation 13 Changelog

  • The BS miner cost changes have been reverted. They should’ve have been changed in the first place, sorry. - ike709

Why though? I was surprised when I read the costs were nerfed back to their original price cost. But then it got reverted again.
BS Miners were hit with two nerfs at once a few months back. They were deleted on Sage, and on Golden they’re limited to two circuits only, and their costs had dramatically increased to require high tech, diamonds and more artificial crystals than exist on the station, forcing you to mine for them.

BS miners do not influence Sage in any way. On Golden they served during low and medium pop shifts to replace miners who either don’t exist or died early on. The changes meant that BS miners became irrelevant and stopped being used at all. Either there are no miners so no ore, or there are miners and building the machines isn’t required.

For most hours of the day, Golden is very low or medium pop. Why not keep the original price to make shifts go more smoothly during those hours? Are the powers-that-be attending Golden during those times to witness the impact of the changes they’ve put in?


A while ago there where 2 PR’s. 1 limited the BS miners to only golden, another increased the costs by alot. They where both merged. I made a PR that lowerd the cost. Iam guesing that ike reverted both the cost increase and the cost decrease to keep it at what it was before.

Apperently it wasent supposed to be merged at all since it counted as a balance change.

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Issue was the unilateral merge

Balance is supposed to require two maints to sign off on it

If the idea is to just have it on golden, is there a way to code it to maybe use a config or something so it is a golden only change, or better yet depends only happens based on pop? This change is really meant for low pop, so why not only change it for low pop?

ur pr kinda shit, i made a better one