Golden mourning thread

golden dies in 10 days :frowning:


Golden is dead

Long live Golden.

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Today I will join golden and ahelp for a visitor’s stamp note

this is terrible
the worst day of my life

So… do we like, have any uhh… fond memories or anything of our beloved golden? I’ll start:

Once whenmst I was new, on a day much like today, I was stationed at… you guessed it, golden. Signed up as a cook I think I was using Arnold Schpitz there, and readied for game and got pooped in as cook. Molto. The bartender within .03 seconds of the round starting says “Hey. Do not touch my monkey.” so y’know what that means, I’m gonna do a funny tee hee and drag the monkey around, maybe stir up some funny RP or something. I go about my biz and he eventually lets his guard down. Uhh I sneak in and grab monkey and put him in the kitchen. Oh man that pisses off the bartender, so he comes in with his shotgun and blasts me in chest twice, beanbag, and takes the monkey back, but not before *fart on my laying sprite, a true thrust at the heart. He went back and welded his door shut. I said “I’m gon eat that monkey” and that was it. Bartender loses his mind and unwelds his door and buys a kitchen knife and starts swinging. I say “i’m just joking around i don’t wanna do nothin except cook Jesse” and he silently sliced my ass up in the kitchen. He then drug me to medbay (gentleman) while gloating on the comms about how he beat my ass. Okay. They revive me to full health and i’m right as rain i’m goin back to kitchen, only to discover the bartender has disassembled all the equipment except for one of the fryers. He beat me fair and square and i thought we were even stevens, but this made us uneven josephs.

I entered and just said “why”, he said “lol”. So I did it y’all. I beelined for that monkey with my sharped kitchen knife behind the bar and killed it. He ran at me with a shotgun, but I big brained shoved him into his own bar door and took the shotgun and fried it lightly to perfection. He calls sec, they eventually arrive and they’re like “look just leave each other alone or we’ll brig both of ya”. I go back to cooking and he disappears, only to use his ID card to access kitchen as an unknown to toss a firebomb at me two separate times. Sec is like “then beat his ass” and left me hanging. So be it, I reckon.

I wait for him to eventually return with my single fryer and grinder, i was able to pump out some space fries for the hungry crew. He comes back in with a flamethrower. Oh hell I was expecting something less thought out. To my surprise a borg comes in and flashes him, in the flash when he dropped his flamethrower, I totally grabbed and fried that too. The borg and I guess the HoS were dragging him off to sec as the station slowly filled with ice for some reason. Bartender eventually released way later, and walks back behind bar motionless, standing there, menacingly plotting my demise 100 ways, I was but an ingredient to be served I thought, “But wait, am I not a chef?” my art drove me to action as i danced with the muses to create the ultimate friendship dish, a fried head of that monkey he really liked seasoned to perfection. A chorus of angels sang as i went behind the bar with my gift. He said “I’ll kill you if you don’t get out” as I crept up and, apparently unnoticed by him, fed him that treat of meat.

His eyes dilated in horror as he realized he just consumed his own best friend / possible lover. A cold sweat formed on both of our heads simultaneously as we shared the intense moment. He silently left and i knew now my work here was… never even started really i just made some fries. I return to the kitchen and start cooking, I figure i’ll go get some meat from the fridge and see if i can fry it up. I enter the cold room and there he is, door hacked open and he’s standing there with a fireaxe. I run out the door and into the medbay as he’s hot on my tracks kinda, i mean he was certainly there, no one seemed to care.

The doors to medbay were on emergency access and the floor was slippery because the ice, I mentioned that, right? For some reason around all the air vents, ice was just forming. He corners me finally and delivers a sick chop to my arm as I try to run around him to the door. Sec was forming somewhat into a misshapen formation of one of them was standing close by. I knew I was saved! I ran out the door bleeding as he swung again a few times. The sec officer has a glazed look on his face that can only be described as SSD. Fuck, I’m not saved. I run towards evac, slipping a few times, and I look back for my assailant, and he is coming with dat fireaxe.

We now are standing a few squares apart in evac and he charges with the axe and slips on the ice. I take my opprotunity to grab the axe and bolt! However, uhh because there was ice, I too slipped. Eventually the bartender got up and went for the axe again only to slip again, as did I. So I figure “this isn’t workin if we move” so I passive to aggressive grab him. Lucky for me he keeps slipping as I kick him over and over in the exact same spot in the kidney to death. His body lets out a deathrattle as I stand, in the frozen arrivals deck, hands frozen in blood around a pale neck of a would-be murderer over a simple co-worker fight.

then i glance at ooc: “fuck u cook”
tl;dr golden is somewhat fun like 1/10 times


Gentlemen, synchronize your death watches.



Does anybody have any screenshots from Golden? Pre-Sage shots extra appreciated.

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golden dead forever
now all the LRPers come to MRP
MRP becomes LRP
and the cycle continues

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We have 240 hours to live. For most men, no time at all. WE. Are not most men. We, are golden players. We have the concentrated autism, and the robustness to make these hours COUNT.

The clock is ticking, gentlemen.

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i have no fond memories of golden, it is a shithole and i hated every second i was on it. But it was our shithole and im sad to see it go.

me when i think of old golden and all the based individuals who played there, years of tradition and knowledge lost


wish i was there for old golden tbh, any stories about said based individuals?

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dimas valzok was there. very based man. but now he plays on furry servers so im not sure what to make of it anymore.


Hah, you wish that happened.

the only way to make us do anything is through spite and hatred of the admin team

and with a flash, the post was gone

In the age of fire and strife, there stood Dimas Valozk.
The best QM this station ever saw, terror of shitsec and savior of tiders alike.
He was taken from us in the in The Great Silencing of our time.


Okay, here goes:

Fuck dimas, Alfred Collins, and Lubricant Bob

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i’m starting to think you have a personal hatred against golden players

First server I ever played on and enjoyed, I miss the golden age of golden. Sad I won’t be able to play before I get back from my internship