Give pAI the ability to ventcrawl

I mean why shouldn’t they be able to?

Because ventcrawling is a badly implemented mechanic that has practically no counters once an atmos immune mob is in vents.

because pai don’t die from the oxyloss

also on the note of ventcrawling you should lose certain items if you drop them over a vent

why do you need to counter pAI?


Because printing scout holoparasites is overpowered.


It’s interesting to see that they’ve developed pAI’s to be able to move free of their owner. Unless I’m remembering this incorrectly, they used to be bound to their host card and could only holo out a certain distance away. (This was Yogscode)

I agree that they shouldn’t be able to vent crawl because from what I understand of pAI’s they were only supposed to be a somewhat useful gimmick, not a tool. Even their doorjack takes half of forever and screams bloody murder. Allowing them freedom to access almost any area and report back findings is a bit overpowered in my eyes.

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