Give mentors a different OOC color

As per the topic, make all the mentors stand out a little bit, I’m not talking about anything extreme just tweak their shade a tiny bit to highlight them.

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Make them black so mentors using darkmode will be forced to switch to the one and only proper light mode :flushed:


only the strong shall survive

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i don’t like eye strain



No because it being unique makes it so that players dont confuse badmins with mentors

Which is fabricated reasoning, the real reasoning is fuck you i got mine :sunglasses: :beer:

Just be an admin :flushed:

Mentors go on strike for coloured name

they’ll just turn on OOC for sage and the mentor strike will suddenly have no potency

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considering donors have a coloured name i don’t see why not, its an incentive to becoming mentor and could help mentors ask general ooc questions

I mean Admin colors are unique, just give all the mentors the same color (Like that minty green one from Discord or something)

0,0,0 or 255,255,255

only allowed mentor colors

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Yes, random letters from their ckey either black or white, make them suffer for being a mentor :flushed:

Why? a mentors job is to answer mentorhelp questions when they arise. Why would mentors need a different colour?

Because people often ask questions in OOC who either dont know Mhelp exists (Because they are completely new.) or dont feel like checking if any mentors are on. Plus, other servers already do this, i dont see why not.

new players wont know what colour in ooc means what anyway. hell, i have like 800 hours and i still am sometimes confused by them.

You could just…give us the label mentor in chat…


Yes, labels in front of usernames a la [Patron], [Mentor] [Admin] would be way more useful than colours.

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Why not both?


Lil’ unicode icons like bay and aurora have for that, but also jobs in-game would be blessed

massive ass WYCI and WYSI Moment tho