Give HoP hardsuit

Every other head has one, why not give it to HoP?

not until the hop does his job and opens more job slots holy fuck that’s arguably more important than the fucking ID thing


EVA is HOP’s hardsuit

captains suit is hops suit

All suits are HoP’s suit

all other heads have an exuse for a hardsuit, hop doesnt

Captain is captain so he gets it because hes very important
Hos has it to fight nukies and other space badies
CE has it to protect from rads and fix space breaches and shit
CMO has it to save people when in space
RD has it to do toxins or some shit, dont know why rd has a suit actually
But hop only has 2 real jobs and those are changing peoples jobs and protecting Ian, so the only use for the suit would probally being able to put a pet carrier in the suit storage

Shut the fuck up Ian should be turned into corgi burgers every round.


CMOs suit also serves as disease protection.

RD doesn’t have his personal harsuit. It’s for public use in toxins.

HoP is acting sec most of the times and you give him a hardsuit?

I mean he’s also supposed to open jobs so the station doesn’t drown in greytide but what do I know