Give admins the ability to give antag rep, when people are noted/banned for ruining a antags round

We’ve all had it happen before. Some shitty thing happens, 2 minutes into the round, with a griefer. It ruins your round. You ahelp, other person gets noted/banned. But you still don’t get to play.

So why not allow admins to give antag rep? Antag tokens is a bit too much. Antag rep is the perfect middle ground! This round might have been shit, and you might not have been able to play your gimmick, but maybe you can on the next.

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Ive thought about this and think its a great idea!!

I wouldn’t be against it if I’m honest. Though it might lead to tickets where people fish for antag rep refunds, which will be a pain.


Dont tell anyone its a feature and just do it silently when someone has their round ruined!!

or else yeah people would ask for it…

already a thing


Oh shit, I was told it wasn’t by a admin - all good then!

yeah actually, you’ve got a point.

I honestly forgor about it :skull:


Uhh. They have it. Lmao.

Thread hade confused as fuck.

“Did someone delete that clause? Why?”

This tbh.

The shit is the point of remedial clauses like this if its neither known or practiced?

And you sure as hell know telling the admin “Ummmm, c-can you give me sum antag wep awfter that awwful admwin llol11 hit getkey instead of teleport to, and killed me pwease~ :3” aint gonna cut it.


no offense i am just making jokes at your expense hehe :smiling_face:

isn’t there a clause that makes it so admins should reset your antag rep to 0 were you to ask to give some, or ask to know how much you have?

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Have the ability to obtain antag rep as compensation for having round ruined by griefer, but you lose antag rep if you dare ask for it
i think it balances out to a net total of 0 antag rep gained/lost on average, so a pretty good deal imho

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Also, what the fuck is antag rep farming?? Do you mean playing the game and not rolling the most common antags because you want to try for the rarer ones??


they mean… getting their fun out of an antag round then baiting someone into attacking them and/or claiming wrongdoing so they can get rep back. that line of thinking… dunno how common of an issue this really would be… but it wouldnt surprise me if someone tried.

Or just ahelping any loss i guess and arguing for rep

My guess is that a relic policy, from a more chaotic time, like Golden. That kind of shit is absolutely something old golden players probably would have done after killing most of the station for noraisin. If the rule exists, it probably happened at some point. Often enough for it to merit being added to the actual policy.

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Admins decide on a case by case basis if they want to refund antag rep to an antagonist who’s round was just destroyed by a griefer.
It’s perfectly fine for an admin to not give antag rep for griefer ruined antag rounds as well.

It’s also perfectly fine to ask for some compensation when your antag round gets ruined 5 minutes into the round by a tesloose.

Common sense applies. An Admin is not going to ban or 0 your antag rep if your question was reasonable. But if you try to toe the lines while trying to get more antag rep then that will most likely result in you loosing all your rep. You also should not ask how much you have, or how much you’ve just gotten.

Keep in mind though that you are absolutely not entitled to receive any antagonist rep compensation. I personally only give antag rep in extreme cases of grief or sometimes during crashes.

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An important question, would I be “antag rep farming” if I was playing with all really common antags off solely to attempt to roll for the rarer ones (wizard etc) at max rep?
because, like, what the fuck exactly is “antag rep farming”

I don’t really see that as rep farming so much as being bored of more common antags and saying “I don’t want to be an antag unless it’s something new/rare”. The purpose of having antags as toggles like other roles is so that people can pick which antags they’d like to play. You’re just using the feature for it’s designed purpose of “I only want to play X antags”

Antag rep came after that system, so if new policy is such that using the antag pref system as designed is now somehow a no-no, that should be solved in code instead of in an obscure edge case of sort of antag rolling ruleswise.