Git Dat Disc Player Report

In-game report:

CKEY: jonnysalami

Your Discord: kiekat

Offender’s CKEY: Git Dat Disc

Offender’s In-Game Name: Advanced Space Carp (234)

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2024-04-02

Round Number: 48227

Rules Broken: R14, vaguely R8

Incident Description: Space dragon causing enough trouble for shuttle to be called, carp (234) grabs a plasma canister from toxins and drags it onto the shuttle. It goes in through the eva room, then breaks the canister to plasma flood. When a paramedic tries to get in through space, it starts eatin the door to the bridge to release the plasma.

Additional Information:

carp cant read and dont know what plasma is lieutenant dan

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Possible Peanut

If I am not mistaken the arguement is that these are sentient and intelligent creatures and therefore can make logical deductions. It is the same how Xenomorphs are not reported or punished for borderline metagaming for destroying critical machines such as techfabs, ore silo and other things alike. Also, in Space Carps’ case, if I am not mistaken they literally speak common English and are magical beings.

If you wish to bring in the unmoderated Wikipedia article of this.

The Space Wizard here has studied the station together with the Space Dragon. Would it be a far fetch to assume the Space Dragons’ children also know this?

You can’t compare destruction of equipment with direct intent to murder as much crew as possible in a completely non-engaging way (nobody can fight back against a plasma flood during evac, the time to grab the tools for response is too long compared to when the shuttle is leaving, and the shuttle is a very tight space). The dragon and carp gain nothing from plasma flooding the shuttle except shitting on people. Unless the space dragon had given orders to the carp along the lines of doing this, the carp is just going out of their way to be a nuisance.

This is more R13 (antagonist conduct) than R14 (metagaming) report in my opinion though. R8 fits since the apparent intent is being as disruptive and awful as possible.

Player has two plasma-oriented bans as well.


There were no orders by the dragon to my knowledge other than telling the carp to go to the shuttle.

The dragon did bring a CO2 cannister to evac, but there was nothing explicit to my memory.