Gimmick objectives suggestions

fuck you. i coded it.

as stated in my previous post i thought gimmicky objectives for tators and lings would be a fun and cool idea to help break away from the monotony of kill/steal objectives. so im adding them.

rather than giving a tator two standard objectives and escape/martyr (or one standard objective and hijack), the tator will now receive one standard objective, one gimmick objective, and escape/hijack/martyr. this should reduce le ebin stealth greentext focused gameplay and promote fun gimmicks involving other people on the station.

currently, the code is in place. the objective selects a random department and target. it then selects a random objective from a list of them - which is where the selected department/target can come in. now its just a matter of populating the gimmick list itself

a few examples of gimmick objectives:

"Pickpocket unsuspecting peoples' IDs, and later impersonate them.",

"Whenever someone is arrested, break them free. The Syndicate looks out for its own.",

"Whenever someone is arrested, kill them. The Syndicate does not tolerate failure.",

"Get everyone to hate [selected_department], through misdirection, slander, and sabotage.",

"Promote hostilities and tensions between different alien species. Pit those filthy xenos against each other!",

"Kidnap a station pet and hold them for ransom!",

"Incite a strike in [selected_department].",

"Single out a single species and make the rest of the crew hate them as much as possible.",

"We've been taking notes from the British. Get as many people on the station addicted to drugs as possible!",

"Construct an elaborate trap for [].",

"Ensure [] is demoted from their position."

here’s the department list, if you want it:









these are supposed to be available to both tators and lings. i do plan on making changeling-specific gimmicky objectives as well. i would love to hear your suggestions and implement them.


mabye an obj for lings/tots to “integrate” tech species, so for tot maybe steal a gene mutator? and for ling steal some kind of animal related thing like a pelt?, animal meat? etc.

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Adding to that heretic specific obj could be to steal the chaps soul shard? or his magic book or maybe even null rod as the point of these objs would be thematically related to the antag in question with lings being organic related, heretic magic related and traitors tech related

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Waste medbay’s time and resources with non-fatal Injuries

Steal back Syndicate contraband by security

Perform contract killing.

Waste security’s time with minor crimes and manhunts

Waste science’s research points

Waste cargo’s credits

Ensure the crew starves to get them to join the syndicate (Reduce their will)

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Waste [Department]'s time via x
Waste [Department]'s resources via x

We could also try to add the ability to put disks into chem machines/ op computers to download “secret technology” for the syndicate, expanding on the steal nodes obj as it can let you do it in med or chem mabye

Great idea. This is exactly what is needed to make rounds more interesting. Speedmerge at once.

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thank you to everyone who pitched in. i managed to create a total of 50 gimmick objectives, 10 department-targeted and 10 crew-targeted, and 30 generic ones without any specific target.

here’s hoping that it gets merged.


I have something to point out.

It would make a lot of sense of these objectives replaced escape/martyr instead of obj2 some of the time.

Antags will often refuse to do gimmicks purely out of fear for getting caught. If they know they’ve succeeded it becomes a different story and they will give in to the roleplay more often.

As it stands it’s already a massive improvement to what we had before. I just think that it can be even better if it removes their fear some of the time.

(It’s also worth noting that replacing escape/martyr all of the time is also shit. Some antags should be gimmicky, some more hardboiled, so that anyone who plays for a while can get to do both mindsets.)

(as an additional note just make sure that when it replaces escape/martyr the other 2 objs aren’t steal because then dying during your gimmick fucks you up)

HE ACTUALLY DID CODE IT I TAUGHT IT WAS A MEME. There are so good holy fuck. Like you read them and there is so much potential for RP and creativity where people don’t die.

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We also need FUN non-antag objectives. Not “insure medbay has no corpses” in it. Like… uhhhh… I don’t know. I’m not creative. I’m sure you people can think of some.

People will meta the traitor objectives and if they see you doing stuff like that, prepare to get a circular saw to the face

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Force people to stay on the station, Wall off departures, and prevent anybody from boarding the shuttle.

You are a pyromaniac! Start fires around the station.

Poison the chef’s Food.

Wall off random areas of the station

Force people to pay tolls to pass by a certain area/ Into a certain department.

Rack people up on debts, be a loanshark, break their kneecaps and their life when they refuse to pay up.

Revolt! Oust the heads of staff from their positions, out with the old, in with the New hires!


I feel the objectives would need to be relevant to specific antags. For lings it would have to be stuff that these things would actually care about.

Non-Antag Gimmicks should stay within petty crime of Space Law, arrestable but not perma/execution worthy.

Horder is a good one. “Have X number of Item Y on you at end of shift”.

Animal Appreciation. “Have X number of Y animals on the station by the end of shift.”

Job Hopper: “See how many different jobs you can get by the end of the shift.” (this would only work if there is an easy to reference list for ID changes)

Feung Shui: “Redecorate your Department”

People Person: “Perform action X on Y number of people” Hugs, handshakes, pushes, whatever.

Conga! “Be a part of a conga line for at least X minutes” (Be pulling someone while being pulled by someone else)

I’m a Model! “Change your outfit X number of times, wearing each one for at least Y minutes” It’s called Fashion, look it up.

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